The Peering Eye

Vitruesi, Senator Habius

Grand Master of the Order of Dreams,
High Priest of Dreams,
Consul Imperius.

Evidence suggests that Habius is almost quarter of a millennium old. If this is the case he has lived through some of the most interesting times of the senate. As a child he would have heard with a sense of immediacy of the fall of the Elven lands to the north. It is likely that ten years later as a young man that when the northern barbarians threatened Torland itself he would have travelled with the northern legions to raise the siege of Torland. As a middle aged man travelling to the capital as senator he would have seen the great peninsula wall newly completed. As a sprightly if ageing man he was declared Consul.
Forty years later he saw a mad emperor plunge the empire into bloodshed for the sake of his bloodlust. As the elder statesman of Torlandish politics he returned from retirement, swapping his priests robes for those of a Consul, one of only two living. It was he who led the party of dissent that attempted to call back from abroad the legions. He it was as last of that party who fought off the assassins who ended the last vestiges of the republic.
What he has been doing for the last one hundred and sixty years, what webs of deceit he has woven to secure his secrecy are unknown.

Vitruesi, Lord Maximus

Lord of the Vitreusi Family. Maximus is a brash and likeable sort of person. The latest in a long and distinguished line of senators and their heirs he is doing his best to live up to the role. Never of a bookish orientation he took to the more martial traditions in his family. Although he has never seen active service in the army he is an able commander and performs his duties as commander of the regional militia with enthusiasm. The Vitreusi Militia is thought to be one of the best-armed and trained militias in the empire. As commander of the regular army in Vitrus Citadel he has revamped the defences and started to remove the civilian buildings from the killing grounds.
Despite his obvious eligibility Maximus has not been approached by the usual plethora of families seeking alliances. The rumoured curse, which falls upon all women who marry into the family, seems to be believed by those who hear it.

Vitruesi, Phillippa

Sister to Maximus, Priestess of Seilig, Fiancée of Constance Mome.
Those who heard of Constance Mome's initial visit to Vitrus laughed when they heard of the audacity of his proposal. He sought no less than to marry into the Vitrus line. More he sought to marry the younger sister of the heir elect to the Vitrus Senatorial crown, unworn in living memory.
Whatever his chances of Marrying a Vitrus, Phillippa would certainly not consent. Those who had worked in the house knew her as a wilful and wild young woman. She would likely never marry, especially not to a mere merchant, besides there was the curse.
There was surprise when a family representative agreed to enter negotiations with Constance. Greater surprise again when she agreed to the wedding herself.
Spending most of her time hunting or otherwise wandering the woods, despite the strangeness that was to be found there, Phillippa remains a mystery to most of the staff of the house. Few know anything about her, and what they do know seems not to fit with her actions.

Vitruesi, Barus

Fallen Human Male Cleric 9 (Tromlaí)

Cousin to Maximus, governor of the northern estates
Several Generations ago the lines split and Maximus Line carried the title. Barus' line took the northern estates, the lands that stretched for several days north of the city. From their home there the Northern Branch have ruled that land as their own fiefdom, though its revenues theoretically are part of the family fortune.
There are ancient arguments between the lines, questions of a birth or a death -Something that drove a wedge between them. Either way Barus has always seemed a fair man to those who have dealt with him. It is thought by many that his appearance at this family event may be an attempt to bridge ancient wounds and resume more friendly relations.

Scacchi, Tribune Glutinous

Male Human Aristocrat 6
The Tribune of Vitruesi and Eastern Torland

Borzia, Black Jack

Male Halfling Rogue 6, Assassin 4
Proprietor of Black Jack Inn-Vitrus (aka Halfling Hit Contractor)
This luckless halfling had the recent misfortune of arranging some business on behalf of a business that thought he had been slighted. The mistake nearly cost him his life at the hands of the intended victims and certainly cost the assassins theirs.
He is known as a fixer and doer and can generally get anything done in the city of Vitrus that requires a more casual approach to law and order. The authorities tolerate him as he generally keeps his operatives in line. He is also suspected of selling information to them.

Porchesi, Oghrim Aramathea

Male Human Cleric 5 (Brionglóid).
Priest of the Shrine of Brionglóid on the Vitreusi Estate. He is a relatively humble and un-supposing man for such an exalted position. He does however a have a penchant for the foods of the Vitrus households table. Otherwise he tends the shrine and its occasional visitors with the care that might be expected.
It would seem that his rank in the church is more related to the position he holds than any personal power.

Quixth'Sin, Thesh'Exir

Female Succubus. First Identified by Halmonde Mome at a Ball, which he attended in the Vitreusi town house, it is unclear how long she was operating in the Vitrus area. She is now a captive of the Church of the Moons and in the hands of the Inquisition.
The authorities in Vitrus have conducted an extensive investigation and discovered a number of disappearances connected with her plans.

Napolini, Lord Decimus

The Vengeful Noble.

Felt slighted by the Heroes of Highvale and so plotted revenge against them. In return for this plot he was terrified by the Heroes and vowed never to cross them again.

Skyroar, Sillinthiliak

The Cloud Giant that was slain by the Heroes of Highvale after going mad and attacking them. He was subsequently resurrected to continue his battle with the Fallen.