The Peering Eye

Vakar, General Azaz

Male Elf Blackguard-Constuct 5, Rogue 3, Fighter 4

Azaz the twice dead. Lost, and thought dead, the Half Elf Assassin Azaz Vakar turned up a short time later in the uniform of the Black Guard. Mind and body altered beyond recognition. He was no longer a cut throat. Why stop at the throat when cutting the entire neck would give you the head. A head was such a convenient package.

Azaz died on campaign. His body could not be found. His adventuring companions were certain he would not rise again. But he returned, his body walking doggedly into the open gates of the citadel, to once more serve the Crown.

Azaz Vakar is a Black Guard General, in the service of the King of Bigany.
He was personally involved in the downfall of Golthaca, The Chimera of Bigany, and the recovery of King Edgar I of Bigany from the Clutches of Ko-Shaar.
He was one of the Bigany Crown's agents which defeated the ancient Illithid Empire at the Battle of The Metarex.
Most recently Azaz was sent to Assist Ambassador Verity Kinnett with the lizardfolk war in Stormmwatch.

As an insight into the mind of General Vakar, read the following report to the previous King of Bigany Darius Kinnett XIV early in his career:

Sgt Azaz Vakar Report on the Chimera Golthaca

Your Highness,

Your loyal servant reports recent events in the hills between Bigany City and Branch hill.

Firstly I must state that the following occured, during personal recreation, with members of the adventuers guild, calling themselves The Company of Wolves. But I believe that what I have discovered could turn out to be a major threat to the people of the Kingdom. We decided that we should eradicate the chimera menace Golthaca. When we set out we were aware of a group of Bugbears (40-50) led by an ogre, a kobold and a Bugbear Mage, that were guarding her lair.

We managed to take out around 20-25 bugbears but when we went in for the kill a very strange thing happened. The air started to crackle and where nothing was before, a winged demon appeared (Ylena Zodac identified the thing as a Vrock). A few seconds later another appeared. I managed to destroy one but the other one was to fast (even for me). It took Damondred and disappeared.
The dedannan ogre with the troop seems to be a skilled fighter from what I have seen and he appears to be taking orders from the kobold!

The Chimera has not been too bothersome but we know where its layer is and haven't decided what we are going to do about that yet.

Please advise or send reinforcements this is not a simple group.

Your loyal Servant

Sgt Vakar.

Note: The Ogre to which Azaz refers, was Garroll who eventually replaced Sascha Bellicose as the leader of the Black Guard.