The Peering Eye


Ruler: Earl Suluuk Poten IV of Stormwatch on behalf of King Edgar Kinnett I of Bigany of The Colonies.

Temperate (Stormy). 50 foot tides. 8 seasons per year.
The Storm Coast suffers far more frequent and violent storms than can be explained by mere geography. Several Tempests (MMII p193) reside in the skies along the coast, enjoying and exaggerating the naturally stormy conditions of the climate. These creatures frequently have running battles with Colossal Thunder worms (FF p176).

King Edgar Kinnett I has granted the settlers freehold status under the protection of the Bigany Crown.
Settlers may present land claims at Stormwatch City to obtain ownership of colonial territory. They must provide proof that they can defend the claim from the realms enemies and exploit it's resources fully.
Under these laws the frontier villages and towns are founded, with generous loans from the Bigany Families or the Poten Family.

Torland has also founded a colony on this continent and it is only a matter of time before the conflict between both powers is resolved. Troops and spies watch each other constantly.
The King has also invited Queen Nadine McDuff to join a Bigany lead commonwealth.
The Dragon wants to draw Bigany into a protracted resource draining war with the Lizardfolk and/or Torland.

Earl Suluuk Poten IV, founded the Stormwatch Colony in the name of Bigany 30 years ago after Torland withdrew it's forces from the area around The Dark Swamp. At that time he was merely a landless Baron with no ties to any of the five families.
The Earl was swift to exploit the exceptionally fertile lands around the green river as well as the Blackstone cliffs along the coast and gold deposits in Dark river. He made vast wealth for the Poten family and brought them to a position of strong influence within the Kingdom.

The success of the colony has merited his promotion by various Bigany Kings. It has been rumoured for several years that Suluuk will be granted the title of Duke by the King and that as a result the five families will become the six families. This would result in a massive shift in power within the kingdom of Bigany as various lesser houses realigned with the new Family. This would also result in an influx of investment and people into the newly legitimised colony. Rumour also has it that Suluuk will not pass the reigns of power to his son Uthuur Poten II until the Dukedom has been confirmed.
More sinister rumours suggest that Earl Poten may swear allegiance to Torland as an Imperial Governor, if the King doesn't grant him the Dukedom. Those hearing such talk, often quail, imagining at the wrath of the Crown if that came to pass.

Power Groups
The Earl - Count Arkthuus Poten II of Darkkeep, Count Ulthuu Poten I of Darkbridge, Chief Constable Massimo Vec of Darkbridge,
The Crown - General Azaz Vakar, Royal Ambassador Lord Verity Kinnett
The Church - High Reave Derfel Forc, Koohd'Natnih, Prince Mantorok of Bás, Vedic Serena Mome
The Seekers - Bard 'Famous' alter ego, The Drowned Lord, Shella Waterweaver
Torland - Governor Optimus Vecchio
The Dragon - 'Dark Tide', Optimus
The Entity - Demon Qu'krad Shaq'orzhid
The Lizardfolk - Wild Marsh Druid 'Dark Tide'
The Paladins - Paul of Cróga
The Thieves - The Dark Horn, Commissioner Chantilly Vegas
The Guilds - Lord Ezechial Torc, Captain Vitorio Garibaldi, Count Windsor Mome III, Lord Royce Mome

Poten Nobles
This is a small house recently formed by Suluuk. Other vassal 'noble' houses are being officially recognized by Suluuk when it suits him. Not all meet the criteria laid down by the Bigany kings. Some do not even meet Jurius Law (fealty beyond question to king and country and respect for the church). The High Reave has refused to recognise several of the newer houses. House names have tended towards eastern European sounding names Karilinev, Markov, Sharwicz, Kovach, Andropov, etc.

The Stormwatch colony is rich in rare metals, and fertile land. It has many sources of unusual materials (pointing to a dangerously magical ancient history), such as Dark Wood, especially near Woodhaven, Iron Stone from the Ironstone cliffs, there is even a mithral mine. But many coastal nobles and merchants from Torland, Elledrin and Bigany have taken a great interest in truly unique items from the Storm Coast. Most highly sought after are the simple but highly fashionable crafts of the Yurians (FF p198) of Calmwater bay.
Other unique items would probably generate exceptional interest in the current market.

The currency used in Stormwatch is minted in the citadel of Bigany and which is guarded by the king's guard. If bulk coin is required it is transported magically to Stormwatch. However most coins now arrive in Stormwatch by trade.
Each of the Major houses of Bigany guard the seals and stamps for one of the five coins minted by the Kingdom.

Family Coin Type Coin Name Value
Kinnett Platinum Royal 500 cp (5 gp)
Vec Gold Eye 100 cp (1 gp)
Forc Electrum Tide 50 cp (5 sp)
Mome Silver Corona 10 cp (1 sp)
Torc Copper Tik 1 cp (1 cp)

The Poten's have petitioned the King for the right to mint Mithral Pieces. But issues of sovereignty, economics and political power have meant that so far the request is under consideration. These coins were used in ancient times by the DéDannan of the Storm Coast and some have been found in ruins and burial mounds.
The more realistic Torc family requested and was granted the right to mint copper coins in Stormwatch under the supervision of the King's Garrison.

Family Coin Type Coin Name Value
Poten Mithral Storm 5000cp (50 gp)

Armed Forces
The King has a standing Army of 1,000 soldiers in the Storm Coast under the command of Earl Poten I. 500 soldiers are housed in a fortified Garrison within the walls of Stormwatch. 200 are stationed at Darkbridge. The remainder are stationed at three Forts around the Storm Coast. These units are moved periodically. This army is usually involved in keeping the peace around the colony.
The mobile units contain numbers of rangers and scouts as well as a handful of Charon Priests and are primarily light cavalry.
Knight Commander General Azaz Vakar has assumed Command of this force. With the assistance of 5 Blackguard. One assigned to each mobile unit and one to each town. The City Watch in Stormwatch has 200 town guards. They are housed in the watch towers and jail houses around the city.
Earl Poten has a “Personal Guard” of 200 soldiers, some these are the original soldiers who founded the colony but most are their descendants. They are noted for their loyalty to their leader and they are treated as favoured citizens of Stormwatch.

Naval Forces
In addition Grey Force Navy ships pay regular visits to the colony. There are 10 Warships assigned to Stormwatch 2 of which are in port at all times. The others are assigned to escort merchant and colonist ships or to eliminate specific threats on the seas.
Privateers have also been given letters of Marquee by the Navy to allow them to attack Torlandish Navy and Merchant fleets. In response Torland Naval activity has increased in the region and they have commissioned their own privateers.
There are only a few independent pirates in the region due to the rich terms of the letters of marquee.
All shipping is suffering under a plague of attacks by various unusual sea creatures. The Sahuagin of Stormwatch bay are behind these attacks, using the power of their Druids to control and Summon the monsters of the deep.

Stormwatch knights
There are increasing numbers of poorer knights coming from Bigany coming to Stormwatch to seek their fortune. However many of them are merely looking for plunder, be it from settlements, outlaws, humanoid tribes or wherever. This could cause bigger problems with the lizardfolk or cause settlements to fail or impact the PCs directly.

Church and State
The relationship between The Reave of Stormwatch Derfel Torc IX and the Earl is far from the harmonious relationship found in the Capital. Earl Poten has not granted the Church the authority to collect a tithe within Stormwatch and so they must rely on donations from the flock. This has slowed the growth of the Church in the colony. The colonial church still receives the full and considerable support of the Bigany Church. The tension between Poten and Torc is one of the obstacles to the adoption of the colony into Bigany.

The Druidic Council
The Druidic Council has several members in the area:
Shella Waterweaver (Triton Female Druid 7 CR9 ECL12) is the druid guardian of Darkbridge. Her grove is beneath the bridge itself. She is a member of the druidic council and has met the wild marsh druid several times. She believes that he has strayed from the true path. Her animal companion is a Large Water Elemental.

Storm Coast Water Druids:
The Drowned Lord Male Sahuagin Druid 13 (CR15 ECL17)
Plip Blib Dool Female Skum Druid 11 (CR13 ECL16)
Kelpwart Male Scrag Druid 9 (CR14 ECL20)
Gurlik Kurr'kick Female Yurian Druid 8 (CR10 ECL12)
Shella Waterweaver Female Triton Druid 7 (CR9 ECL12)
Waterfly Nixie Female Druid 6 Bard 2 (CR9 ECL12)
Kruthunk Male Kapocinth Druid 5 (CR9 ECL14)
Sherah Rhan'itherin Female Merfolk Bard 6 Druid 4 (CR10 ECL12)
Mellowdrift Male Locatha Druid 4 (CR4 ECL7 )
Water Delver Female Merrow Barbarian 3, Ranger 2 Druid 3 (CR11 ECL14)