The Peering Eye


The History of The Peering eye is rich and varied. Starting some 10 Million years ago, there are many cataclysmic events that have created and destroyed Gods, Races and Civilisations, shaped planes and landscapes and become the home for many adventurous heroes!

The three moons which form The Peering Eye were created and The Church founded, bringing devout followers, some vast in power, and also bought comlift on a huge scale.

Long eras of war have established different empires and domains which still exist. Rulers have come and gone, with profound consequences and leaving a lasting impression.

Adventurers to this day still look to turn back the pages of history, to delve deeply into events that shaped the universe, into the underbelly of The Fallen Gods...

The First Ages

First Age

10,000,000 years ago in the Multiverse
Creation is completed by The Great

Second Age

5,000,000 years ago in Radharc
The God Children are born.

1,000,000 years ago in Radharc
Talamh is created by The Gods.

100,000 years ago in Radharc
The Godswar - The Chosen Sing.

10,000 years ago on Talamh
The Height of the Great Races, most notably the DeDannan

The Third Age

-4,500: Talamh
Destruction of the Chain Gate - Ebb of Great Races and their Civilisations

-4,500: Torland
The Torish Humans are rescued from the Fallen host and taken to the Tor peninsula by a god.

-4,500: Talamh
The Church Founded - Peering Eye

-4,000: Torland
The Torish people start using agriculture rather than Hunter gatherer

-3,500: Torland
Village Settlements throughout Tor Peninsula

-3,000: Torland
Bronze discovered by Errull Tribe who come to dominate the peninsula over the next 100 years.

-2,500: Talamh
Unification of The Church after 2,000 years war - Peering Eye

-2,250: Torland
City of Tor founded by Errisyl I of the Errull tribe

-1,750: Torland
First encounters between Torland people and nomadic tribes from mainland

-1,500: Torland
Encounters with Elves.
Art of Shipbuilding learned.

-1,250: Torland
Disputed Succession leads to Civil war in Torland

-1,000: Torland
Torland fragmented into City states.
Start Era of the city state

-480: Torland
Tacticus Maximus I comes to power in the city of Tor.
Revamps the army and declares himself emperor

-470: Torland
Khyr, the last free city state on the Tor peninsula is conquered and razed.

-470: Torland
Legions I - XX are founded

-450: Torland
Emperor Tacticus Maximus I dies on campaign in the south.
End of Southern expansion

-420: Torland
Empire size has stabilised with some reduction in size.
Imperial senate founded, grows in power.

-400: Torland
Beginning, era of peace.
Tor follows non aggression towards its neighbours.

-300: Torland
Depleted through inactivity the Torland armies are overrun by a barbarian horde from the north.
Tor is razed.
Turmoil in the regions

-280: Torland
Regional powers have grown to the level of warlords.
Gaius Regimentus I declared emperor.

-275: Torland
Emperor Gaius Regimentus I subdues the provinces.
Rebuilds army, trade.
Navy created.

-275: Torland
Start of period of Colonisation.
Naval Domination.
Coastal colonies established.

-250: Torland
Tribune Primus Vitrus founds the Western most colony of the empire.
The province is named Vitruesi.
It is formed with both military and mercenary aid.

-150: Torland
Emperor Julius Dominus X extends the main body of the empire westward to join the Vitreusi province.

-120: Torland
Twin brothers are born to the Emperor's wife who dies in childbirth.
Both live, the first born: Victus is declared heir.
His brother is accorded special rights and named Cartulus Bellicus Imperius

-100: Torland
General Cartulus Belllicus gathers a group of disaffected younger children of the wealthy and sets out to conquer new lands.
He is granted the Dirt Legion due to his imperial status and raises a large army of Mercenaries.

-95: Bigany
Cartulus Belllicus conquers the new province of Elleria Minor around the Great Lake and receives formal recognition as Duke of the Western Realm, Senatorial Consul

-95: Bigany
Julius Kinnus, a bastard son of Bellicus, is born to a Dirt Legion officer.
She keeps the father's identity secret from all.
As per tradition the son is raised as a Dirt Legionaire.
He is named after his grandfather and his father's aspirations for kingship.

-94: Torland
Emperor Julius Dominus X, his son Prince Victus Dominus I are killed in a boating accident near Lakeport, the new Capital of Elleria Minor.

-93: Torland
Empress Verosia Dominus I, wife of Victus, seizes power on behalf of her infant son Verus Dominus I becoming the first empress of Torland

-70: Torland
Summer of Blood.
Attempted assassination of the emperor in waiting.
Empress Verosia Domius I loses her grip on sanity and imposes martial law.

-69: Torland
Civil unrest, riots in Tor, the senate.
Cartulus Belllicus openly defies Empress Verosia in the senate.

-69: Bigany
Julius Kinnus deserts the Dirt Legion during riots in Tor and returns to Elleria with four close friends.
They settle on a small island where the 'Big One' river meets the Branch river.
The Island settlement becomes known and the 'Big One Y' Keep.
Due to the shape of the rivers.

-67: Bigany
The Five Lords' of Bigany Keep, as Julius Kinnus, Cassius Momentus, Larcenus Veccio, Ibrahim 'Fabulous' Talkus and Maximus Forticus call themselves, start charging a toll on ships using the Big One and Branch rivers.
They enforce this toll from their substantially fortified keep using ballista technology gained from the Torlandish Army.

-65: Torland
General Cartulus Belllicus is arrested, tried and executed for treason.

-65: Bigany
Cartulus Bellicus Imperius II renounces his name and resigns his senatorial seat.
He crowns himself King Cartulus Kinnus I of Elleria He declares Elleria's full independence from the Torlandish Empire.

-60: Bigany
After long and frustrating years of Diplomacy an ageing Empress Verosia marches on Elleria to reclaim Torlandish Lands.
A bitter war ensues.

-58: Bigany
The Five Lords of Bigany Keep, raise a mercenary army and lift the siege of Lakeport where King Cartulus Kinnus I is trapped.
The King of Elleria formally recognises his brother thanks to intervention from an Aisneis Priest.
Elleria officially recognises Bigany as an independant domain despite it's humble size.

-55: Torland
Empress Verosia Dominus dies in Vitrus on her way back to Tor.
She is the last emperor to set foot in the town.

-55: Torland
Emperor Verus Dominus takes the crown of Torland.
He still refuses to recognise either Elleria or Bigany but lacks the military power to enforce his will.

-50: Bigany
Bigany grows to be a properous Town with trading posts along the banks of the river.
After initial violence, the tolls have been paid without issue for many years.
Bigany town provides security and shelter in return for the toll exacted.
Trade is brisk especially once the Elleria wars end.

-45: Torland
The Senate takes control of crumbling empire from the hands of Emperor Verus Dominus.

-35: Bigany
Lord Orion Kinnus, Julius' Son, is formally acknowledged as the leader of the Five Lords of Bigany Town.
He changes his name to Kinnett in order to start a new 'Noble' line and to reinforce Bigany's independence from Elleria and Torland.

-7: Bigany
Lord Jurius Kinnett disappears into the Horn mountains on a quest given to him by a priest of Aisneis.

-2 : Bigany
Lord Jurius Kinnett returns.
He has incredible personal powers at his disposal.
He declares himself King Jurius Kinnett I, Ruler of The Kingdom of Bigany.
He claims all lands south of the mountains to be his.
This domain includes Elven, Ellerian, Torlandish and freehold lands.
All the Lords of Bigany, including the current ruler of Bigany, his father Lord Orion attempt to assassinate him.
Jurius easily stops them and brings them into a private session.
After an few minutes they reappear and declare full support for the new King.
The Church of The Moons, at the request of the Cult of Aisneis, supports Jurius completely.

-2: Bigany
King Jurius Kinnett I visits the Elledrin and Tor and returns with treaties recognising The Kingdom of Bigany.

-1: Bigany
King Cartulus Kinnus III of Elleria invades Bigany to crush the upstart King Jurius.
This is exactly what Jurius wants.
On the day of battle near Bigany Town Jurius appears in the air beside Cartulus.
The King of Elleria is a famous Knight of prodigious strength and consumate skill, known for his battle prowess and many military victories.
Jurius uses the indomitable power his mind and easily crushes Cartulus' will to exact an Oath of Obediance.
Cartulus becomes the Captain of Jurius' Personal body guard, The Black Guard.
The lands and cities of Elleria are ceeded to Bigany and Jurius divides them among the Lords of Bigany.
The existing nobles align themselves with the five families for fear of Jurius Kinnett.

The Fourth Age

0: Bigany
King Jurius Kinnett I is formally crowned by The Val-Roi of Croi.
She orders the construction of The Great Temple.
A Cathedral of colosal size in Bigany town.
In return for a massive land grant from the King, The Church grants Bigany a city charter and pledges The Church's protection to the City.

2: Bigany
The Black Guard is transformed into a fearsome unit.
BAs, The Trainer, The Crown and The King all work in unison on the transformation.

5: Bigany
The Citadel is Started

25: Torland
Several provinces have ceded from the empire, central power is crumbling

55: Bigany
The Citadel is Completed

100: Bigany
King Jurius Kinnett I dies, having been succeeded on the throne by his son, grandson and great grandson.
While never too far from the seat of power he trained his successors well and Bigany prospered.

101: Torland
The Dominus Imperial line dies out.
Senate takes full power and declares a republic.

150: Torland
Khyler family takes control of the senate become high consuls

200: Torland
Exeros Kyler I Declared Emperor by the senate

200: Bigany
Bigany City Walls & Sewers Completed

240: Torland
Elven Realm of Nagaranthialleth falls to an unnamed dragon.
Treaty of Nagaranthialleth signed

250: Torland
Barbarians displaced by the invasion of Nagaranthialleth raid deep into Torland, reaching the edge of the Tor Peninsula.
Battle of Tor Bay.The Peninsula wall is started

275: Torland
The Peninsula wall is completed

290: Torland
Vitrus Senator declared consul

300: Bigany
The Val-Roi of The Church Of The Moons moves the Church Seat to The Great Temple in Bigany City

310: Bigany
Expansion of The Great Temple.
The land grant is fully used so extradimensional space becomes widely used.
Portals to other churches, The Moons and to other planes are created.

330: Torland
Emperor Javian launches ill fated eastern colonial expansion.

333: Torland
Riots in Tor, Senate over eastern expansion

335: Torland
Senate attempts to overrule emperor regarding the eastern expansion

338: Torland
Senators who attempted to overrule the emperor are killed.
Many flee the capital.
End of Vitrus family ascendance.

353: Torland
Collapse of the Eastern Colony.
Javian Dies in suspicious circumstances.
Jarius takes the crown

360: Torland
South Sea Pirates encountered.

360: Torland
Southern campaign commences, attempt to crush the power of the South sea Pirates

370: Bigany
A Torlandish Invasion of Bigany is Broken at Lakeport.

371: Bigany
Lakeport, Bigany and The Great Temple begin a series of fortification initiatives, most notably the new citadel and the formation of the six armies.

380: Torland
South Sea War ends with truce of Free Port

385: Bigany
Creation of the Bigany Navy, heavily supported by the Mome familly.
Rise of the Mome Merchant Navy.

400: Elledrin
Temple of Elemental Evil Defeated

420: Bigany
The New Citadel is completed.

450: Bigany
Gold is discovered in Torc lands at the source of the Branch River.
The Branch Hill mines are opened.

450: Bigany
Torland invades Bigany driven back following battle of Rebrick Bridge

480: Stormwatch
Stormwatch Colony Founded

485: Torland
Emperor Autarchus crowned emperor of Torland at the age of 25.
Focus on Arts and Philosophy within the empire

500: Bigany
The Demon Night in Bigany, King Darius Kinnett XIV taken captive.
100 Blackguard Plane Shift to The Abyss to rescue the King

500: Bigany
Misneach is Raised - Peering Eye.
The Paladins of Misneach enjoy a resurgence among the Dwarves.
Tionscail Priests oppose this new movement, but the Dwarvern nation still hold a deep love and respect for Misneach.

500: Bigany
Torland Invades Bigany but is driven off by the Black Guard

501: Bigany
Yet another Torland invasion of Bigany is driven back at Redbrick bridge by a unified Black Army

501: Bigany
Edgar Kinnett escapes from Ko-Shaar and is crowned King Edgar I of The Kingdom of Bigany and The Colonies

502: Bigany
Foundation of Highvale Barony by Lord Maaji Halmonde Mome I

504: Torland
Assault on the Dragon by Bigany, Torland and The Church

504: Bigany
Biganford demon incursion

504: Elledrin
Temple of Elemental Evil Converted

505: The Barrier
Assault of Temple of All Consumption

506: McDuff Isle
Nadine McDuff Crowned Queen of McDuff Isle

510: Stormwatch
The Metarex is Destroyed

510: Stormwatch
Foundation of Woodhaven.
Appointment of Ambassador Verity Kinnett and General Azaz Vakar