The Peering Eye

The Church in Daily Life

Religious Matters
Priests of Croi perform marriages, priests of Bas perform the Rite of Passage to the afterlife.
All know of and fear The Inquisition who ensure that the will of The Church Of The Moons is adhered to, and few remark the exquisitely subtle work of the priests of Stiuradh.

Mundane Matters
The majority of The Church's priests, are heavily involved in the day to day affairs of Talamh. This is most apparent in matters of trade, magic and warfare. The work of priests of Tionscail keeps the world’s economy on an even keel. In the harbours intimidating priests of Uisce bless seagoing vessels and in the forges short tempered priests of Tine bless the fires of the worlds smiths. Priest of Charon guide the training of the worlds armies.

Guiding The Flock
Some argue that this involvement is not only essential to the survival of The Church, but through guidance of the flock, these priests’ activities are an instrument of the Gods and therefore the will of the Gods. Whatever their reasons, The Church's influence is strong wherever it chooses to exert itself.

While peace reigns and magic is controlled by Shale academies, The Church enjoys favourable trade advantages throughout Talamh primarily due to the work of The Order of Tionscail. The hub of The Church's trade activities is The Great Temple of Bigany. Thanks to the large number of magical Gates constructed there over the past centuries, trade items from all over the world and beyond are moved into and out of Bigany city.


Vow Of Charon.

Renounce the Mental.
All tasks are performed using the body or basic tools.
The subject may not use Powers without the weapon keyword, particularly healing spells during combat unless his own life is in danger.
If the subject fulfills his vows perfectly the might of the Gods of Charon will sustain them.
[4th Ed: The subject may not use Arcane or Divine Powers or powers with the Psychic Keyword. The subject may only use Melee powers. Once per day as a minor the subject may use a Compleasc Surge gaining benefits as if they had used a Second Wind.]

Vow Of Shale.

Renounce the Physical.
All tasks are performed using the mind or magic.
The subject moves closer to trancedence to being a cerebral entity.
If the subject fulfills his vows perfectly an Unseen Servant is sent to them by the Gods of Shale.
[4th Ed: The subject may not use melee powers]

Vow Of The Cycles

Renounce Imbalance.
All tasks are tackled with an equal measure of The Mental and The Physical.
The subject adheres to balance in all things. Every move is carefully considered in order to ensure that it is in harmony with The Balance.
If the subject fulfills their vows perfectly, they are gifted with great insight into the workings of The Cycles of The Universe.
[4th Ed: The subject balance their use of Arcane, Divine and Martial powers. If the subject chooses to act last in initiative order before initiative is rolled, they receive a bonus to their first attack or skill roll equal to their wisdom modifier.]