The Peering Eye

Book I - The Great

The Great dreamt the first Gods.
The Great exhaled the planes.
The Great is all and ever all.
The Power never wanes.

Peering through the mists of Time
before Time ever was
And sang the Song of Elcantré
And wove The Jewel strong.

Book II - The Gods

The Gods awoke in formlessness,
And spoke the Jewels Song,
They chose Their forms to suit Their Will,
They spoke of Right and Wrong.

To Feo there came no Difference,
To Croga there came right,
To Croí and Draíocht indifference,
To Cogadh there came might.

Book III - Talamh

The First Born were unfettered then,
Draíocht the Elder, wise,
Croí and Feo, first groom and bride,
Cogadh, Cróga bright.

They witnessed what The Great had wought,
Creation filled their hearts,
They made 'Talamh' by their craft,
Their touch in all it's parts.

By Cróga's touch the world was safe,
No Age nor Season change,
No one died nor change of tide,
But others thought it strange.

Book IV - The Fall of Feo

Feo and Croí, the cycles wrought,
Seasons, Death and Tides.
Croí bore a God for Feo her Love,
And Death from Him did smile.

And Bás was the infants name,
Twin Sáol, his sister/wife
And by their hand Talamh moved,
With mortals forced to strive.

Changes wrought by Croí and Feo,
Did all the Gods excite.
Mortals saw their works and sought,
To worship Godly Might.

As their works and Faiths increased,
Godchildren They did bear.
Feo crafted laws of Entropy,
His mind began to tear.

He saw that Death was not enough.
But Corruption and Decay,
And Rot and Aging: Entropy!
Drove the Living Day.

He saw that Hate and Jealousy,
Rage, Revenge and Lust,
Were what made mortals push themsleves,
Feo did what he must

Cróga saw that Feo was Mad,
And tried to cure his mind,
With other Gods He challenged Him,
Feo raged against their bind.

Feo saw that they were blinded,
His was not the crime
Betrayal Fury raged white hot,
But Feo bided his time.

He swore to them repentance,
He swore his 'madness' gone,
Then seduced the younger Gods,
And secrets vile began.

Races, Places , Time: corrupt.
While others made the Wheel,
They made Abyss and they made Hell.
Fire and Ash and Steel.

Hoards they bred for mortal maim,
And Hoards for deicide.
Feo waited, watched, schemed and smiled,
Eons Gods abide.

Book V - The Hoards of Horror

His time had come the Mad one said,
To Call on Evil Things,
The Hoards of Horror did descend.
On Talamh, Gods and Kings.

But Cróga pierced the veils of Feo,
And He had lain in wait.
And Cróga stood against the Hoard,
In shining Mithral Plate.

Misneach Brave, was Cróga's son,
He loved the Mortal World,
While delving deep with Dwarven Clans
He met the Evil Hoard.

The Gods were quick to join the fray,
Matching Feo with Might,
Misneach lone on Talamh fought,
And wept as Mortals Died.

Seas did Boil and Earth did Crack,
Mountains claimed the seas,
And Talamh ran with fire and blood.
Conquest none could Seize.

And far beyond the Mortal Realm,
The Godswar crushed the planes.
The Song was twisted on itself,
Then The Jewel screamed.

Book VI - Return of The Great

The Great returned.

The Great Word banished armies,
To The Abyss and Hell.
And cast on Feo the Collar Great,
In the Dark Citadel.

Once more The Song of Elcantré,
Issued from The Great.
The Jewel was healed and shone again.
Free of Feo's black Hate.

The Gods were fastened to the Will,
And essence of The Great.
Talamh to the Jewel was joined,
As it's eternal mate.

Their Music burnt Feo's raging soul,
His mind it consumed,
In His madness he was lost,
All the Gods presumed.

The Song demanded Balance
The Gods now understood.
They listened and they each took in,
What wisdom they could.

Work complete, The Great Withrew,
Mysterious to all.
Feo did howl in Sorrow Deep,
In dark and lonely halls.

Book VII - Fallen, Risen, Chosen

Cogadh, Croí and Draíocht; Three,
Sang the Balance Song.
Gods they bade choose their fates.
Where did they belong.
Some Gods rejected, all Feo's works,
And joined the growing Song.
Some Gods fought against it's Will,
Balance they felt wrong.

Gods who fought The Balance Song,
They remained untamed.
It cast them all to the Abyss.
The Fallen they were named.

Some listened to The Great Song and,
Let it work it's Will.
Ascended to the Heaven Stars,
The Risen watch us still.

The Singers of The Great Song were,
Harmoniously voiced.
The Glory of The Great they felt,
The Chosen all rejoiced.

Book VIII- Gods of The Moons

The Song of Chosen Trinity,
Is unified and split.
Cogadh, Croí and Draíocht; Three,
Served the Jewel's writ.

Cogadh Roared the Charon Verse,
And Lit The Shining Moon.
Draíocht Chanted Spells of Shale,
Cloaked The Darkened Moon.

And so Croí Leadg,
The Palace of the Sun.
They felt encroaching emptiness,
As The Song was Done.

So Fileadh Sang The Ever Song,
And Sings it to this day.
And so He moves the Sun and Moons,
Into The Peering Eye.