The Peering Eye


The Barrier Reefs are part of a series of ‘natural’ barriers the rings the entire world of Radharc. Between Talamh and Sioc the barrier is primarily composed of The Great Barrier Reefs.

Relations with the World
The Reefs are inhabited by several bands of pirates. Most of the islands in the barrier are incapable of supporting any settlements greater than a village due to the difficulties with trade, the unsuitability of the soil for agriculture.

Pirate Havens
The Pirate bands have cleverly concealed hideout and raid across the settlements demanding tribute. More aggressive and well organised pirates raid shipping along the northern coasts and often tangle with Bigany’s Grey Force Navy, Torland’s Imperial Fleet and Elledrin’s Armada. Some of the Pirates are allied under more powerful leaders and all of the pirate factions war against each other as they see fit.

The Great Whirlpool
Another notable feature of the barrier is an enormous whirlpool known as The Well of The World. It is said that there is a sphere of annihilation at the bottom of the well.

Getting there
Sail south from Bigany. Ensure that your vessel is well able to protect itself.


The Poison Belcher
Another notable feature of the barrier is the volcano known as The Poison Belcher. Until recent years the volcano was extremely active. It still constantly pours thousands of tons of poisonous ash into the air and blasts the surrounding area with blistering heat and chunks of semi-molten lava. The ash from the Belcher, not only chokes all life under it’s grey powdery weight, but it is also extremely toxic, killing all that touch it’s vile excretions. Some sages believe that there is a gate to the plane of Ash inside the Poison Belcher, other say that there is a shattered remnant of the chain gate surviving there and that is maintains a connection to a plane so vile that it contaminates all matter surrounding it. The ash from the Poison Belcher acts as a contact poison DC18 (1d6 CON/ 3d6 CON). It is extremely difficult to collect this ash as contact with it is inevitable and most people trying to collect it are killed in the attempt. Constant exposure to the ash either through immersion in contaminated water or breathing of contaminated air requires a saving throw each round. Each round the DC of FORT saving throw increases by 1 point. The only recorded successful collection of Belcher Ash was by a fallen cleric who summoned a demon to collect it for him. It is said that this cleric now resides within the Temple of Feo in the Iron Giant Mountain.

Mantorok Island
This is a beautiful tropical island paradise. It’s only landing is at a boathouse that acts are a gateway to the massive Torland style villa at it’s centre.

Red Hammer Island
This island is dominated by a massive extinct volcano known as The Iron Giant. Years ago the Dwarven Clan Red Hammer mined rich veins of iron ore inside the volcano until they were forced out by overwhelming numbers of invaders. Few of the Red Hammer Clan survived, but they swore to reclaim the mines one day. The Red Hammer Strongholds are now occupied by the forces of elemental cults.
The largest trading village on Red Hammer has less than a hundred inhabitants. These are primarily humans and dwarves with a scattering of other races. There are very few elves on the Island. The main populations on the island, are a large gathering of half orcs and an even larger tribe of Orcs. Orcs breed very quickly.
Murant is an orc barbarian, who leads the orcs within the Red Hammer Mine. He was personally instructed and indoctrinated by the leader of the orc villagers, who sent him to infiltrate the mines and harass the fallen priests inside.
The orc tribe is lead by a Seilig priest who killed the previous tribal adept, a Fallen shaman of the Blinded Eye, over a decade ago. This orc priest is a visionary among his kind and has turned the orcs away from pillage and murder and towards the joys of civilisation: pillaging the temple and the mines and murdering the fallen priests. This Orc-priest, Abbot Nathaniel "Tharg Ogre-Hunter" Evergreen, has not kept a low profile. He ‘educated’ the islands orcs and brokered multi-racial peace between the orc half-orc and human islanders. This peace allowed the islanders to keep all marauding pirates at bay. The recent arrival of Hobgoblin pirate reinforcements could spell trouble for the islanders though..
Another new arrival is Alexandrus Von Westfold who is an Inquisitor in charge of a task force to reclaim the Red Hammer mines and the temples therein. This force includes Clerics of Charon, Shale and The Cycles. They maintain a base camp within the mines and a warship on which they travelled from Bigany via Blood Skull Pass.

There are rumours of a well defended Fallen Temple situated in the center of the Iron Giant, that is teaming with evil monsters.