The Peering Eye

The Fireborn

The Fireborn are an order of Paladins dedicated to Tine. Dragonborn form the largest race within this order but Tieflings are also very common, as are humans. A variety of other races are happily accepted by the order as long as the embrace The Creeds of Fire, with appropriate enthusiasm.

The Order Worship's Tine's Dragon Aspect, as shown in the image, rather than his humanoid or flame aspect. This has been accepted by the inquisition as "non-inflagranti de legitano", The Paladin's of Tine has no idea what they mean by this and don't really care.

The Order exists primarily to hunt down and destroy undead under the influence of Feo. They have no issue with the undead minions of Bas however. The Order has a history of battling incursions of Feo's undead from the Shadowfell.

They were originally founded by fire breathing dragonborn in the Empire of Torland, but the popularity of the order has spread to many other nations. It is a well respected order within The Church Of The Moons in Bigany. The Order Recognises The High Ohgrim of Tine as their religious leader and so in turn defer to the High Ohgrim of Draiocht and the Valroi of Croi.