The Peering Eye

Baphen Hide

The Baphen is a large bovine quadruped from the Stormwatch continent. It’s hide is striped green and black and can be tanned to produce a high quality leather.

Researching Baphen Hide Items (DC above 20 require alchemy, DC above 25 require alchemy lab):

DC Discovery Result
12 How to make basic Leather items.
13 How to make hide armor.
15 How to make leather armor.
16 Discover that it could be superior to leather.
17 How to make masterwork leather armor.
18 Discover that it can be used to make superior leathere
19 Discover that alchemy is needed to unlock the secrets of the leather.
20 Discover that the hairs it can be used to make silk.
25 How to make Baphen leather armor, properties as per mithral.
27 How to make masterwork Baphen leather armor
30 How to make Silk Armour, which gives an AC armour bonus of +1 but doesn't count as armour.

Crafting Baphen Leather Items has standard DCs for leather items.


Kellum is a priceless and exceedingly rare metal that produces extremely powerful magic enhancements when used in magic item creation.

Normal state
Brittle rusty, flaky: Hardness 5, hp/inch 5

Reduces the XP cost by half
Adds +1 to caster's level

When imbued with magic
Red and Black oily smooth doesn't rust
Hardness 30, hp/inch 30
Resistance vs. elements 30.
Difficult to work, craft DC +10
(DC -10 with Fabricate)
Cost = 10gp

Weapons: Naturally Keen
Armor: Medium & Heavy Naturally +2 AC +2 Saves Vs Elements.

Constructs: Naturally Augmented