The Peering Eye

Xinomen Ellrohariad

"It is I, Xinomen The Magnificent!"

He is a classic looking Torc wizard with violent purple robes, slightly singed, festooned with gold stars, slightly melted, topped with a huge collar, slightly chewed and a shock of red frizzy hair and matching beard, also slightly singed.
While Xinomen is nominally the head of the House Ellrohariad, a house with a long illustrious association with the Elves of Elledrin, he is subtly but firmly left out of every single aspect of running it affairs.
This is not surprising as he is appallingly fond of taking outrageous risks. Many consider Xinomen to be completely insane. They are probably right. Others consider him to be a raving lunatic, who should be locked up for his own safety and the safety of anyone within several miles of him.
Xinomen's reputation is well deserved. His fiasco with The Tower of Aer is a now taught by the Church of Draiocht as a perfect example of how not to handle magical containmment fields.
The infighting between the other scions of House Ellrohariad, is one of the main reasons that he has not been replaced. That coupled with the fact that he allows competent underlings to do their jobs and the fact the he is a frighteningly dangerous arcane master when he is angry.