The Peering Eye


Lady of Storms,
The Cruel Lady,
The Queen of Frost,
Sweet Revenge

The Goddess of the seas and storms, rain and rivers. She is an ancient primordial who sided with Cogadh during The Chaining. She barely recognises his rule and is, as often as not, only answerable to her own whims. Her motives and indeed her nature seem unknowable. Her moods are violently unpredictable.

Ranger 20, Barbarian 20, Primordial 20, Deity 11

Centered Chosen (Chaotic)

Water, Cold, Seas, Storms, Rivers, Rain, Revenge, Rebellion, Freedom.

Favoured Weapon

Sailors, Rebels, Az-Ylar Nomads, Sahuagin, Merfolk, Locatha, White Dragons.


Fear the Lifegiver
Water gives life but fear it or you will die.
A Head for an Eye
The Justice of the Sea.
Find balance or death
A man with too little water is dust and a man with too much is drowned.

Clergy and Temples
Uisce requires little from her worshippers, having little time for mortals, but she will occasionally answer prayers. 
Uisce's cruelty to those who have displeased her is legendary and even the other Chosen Gods avoid her ire.
The High Temple of Uisce is in Stormhaven Firth on the seabed. Not in Bigany.
Temples to Uisce are usually found in ports, submerged under the docs.
The magic of Uisce Temples prevent those who enter from drowning.
Priests of Uisce demand great respect aboard ship.
It is a terrible honor and a great fortune to have an Uisce priest on board.
Uisce Clerics do not respect the authority of the Church.
Uisce Paladins attempt to provoke Tine priests and are openly hostile to Aer priests. 
Tensions between the Church in Biagny and the Stormhaven High Priestess are at an all time high.
The Champion of Uisce is a Paladin called High Reave Byron Kelvin Joy. 
High Reave Joy is incredibly powerful, dangerous and the implement of Uisce's vengeance.
A Solar called Duriel was recently release from imprisoment on Cania by the Grand Vizier's favourites Silan and Impega.
Duriel became an Avatar of Uisce's Vengeance and The Angel of Retribution.
The Arch Angel Duriel often works with High Byron Kelvin Reave Joy.
Priests of Uisce are not called Reaves unlike other Charon Churches. They are called Setesh.
This title comes from the times of The Godswar when Uisce stole the powers of the Gods of Chaos, Change, Deserts and Storms and almost managed to kill her greatest Primordial rival Aer.
The High Cleric in Stormhaven Firth is High Setesh Hyacinth Crimsontide XIII. A female sea elf from Mirala.