The Peering Eye


Lady of Storms, Stoirm, The Cruel Lady, The Queen of Frost, Sweet Revenge



When Feo attempted to destroy the universe Uisce was displeased. He had not consulted her and much of what he intended to destory belonged to Her. So she sided with Croí, Cogadh and Draíocht and fought him. After His defeat and The Chaining of The Fallen, The Four Primordials (Aer, Tine, Uisce, Cré) joined The Chosen Gods. Uisce aligned with Cogadh and The Church of Charon. 

Over the millenia she claimed a vast domain. As The Primoridal of Water, She claimed cold and ice, the seas, lakes and rivers. She claimed that their inhabitants were hers by right, so She also claimed sea elves, sahuagin, merfolk, tritons and many other races. She claimed thunder, lightning and storms from Aer. She claimed earthquakes from Cré. She has been attempting to wrest vengeance from Seilig for millenia.



Usice’s moods appear violently unpredictable. She barely recognises the authority of either Cogadh or Croí and is, as often as not, only answerable to her own whims. Her motives and indeed her nature seem unknowable. Croí claims that Uisce is merely following a predictable natural cycle. This displeases Uisce greatly. 

One of Uisce’s favourite aspects is the powerfully built white bearded Titan: Stoirm, God of Storms. When in this form she revels in titanic chaotic destruction.

In her benign aspect, Uisce creates new islands and offers calm seas. When offended or ignored, she frequently strikes the ground with her trident and causes titanic geysers, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks. Sailors pray to Uisce for a safe voyage, sometimes drowning horses as a sacrifice. 



A popular tale amongst Stormhaven sailors centers on a legendary hero of the Mome Family, Wratherby Onasis. During a sea-voyage, returning home to Stormhaven from Honoria, Wratherby provoked Uisce's fury by blinding Her son, a Cyclops named Polyphemus. Uisce punished him with storms, the complete loss of his ship and companions, and a ten-year struggle to get home, before she commanded Her High Priestess to drown him in the fountain in Stormhaven town square. The drowning lasted for 13 days.

According to carvings in the Lakeport Uisce temple, King Jurius Kinnett paused there while at war with Torland at the founding of The Kingdom of Bigany. “Before the climactic battle of Elleria he prayed. He invoked Uisce the water-goddess, and he ordered a four-horse chariot to be cast into the lake”.

The Cult of Uisce claim that Uisce supported the Bigany Navy against the Torlandish invaders during the First Torlandish War. Uisce is also the subject of many hymns. Mome marines often sing hymns to Uisce on the eve of battle.

According to Setesh Hecate Pausanias IX, Uisce was the caretaker of the oases of Az-Ylar before until a disagreement with The Grand Vizier.



Uisce is the protector of seafarers and desert nomads, and of many Bigany cities and colonies. She is venerated as the chief deity in Stormhaven, Karst and Freeport. She is a major civic god of several other cities including, Durban, ByWater and Lakeport, Vercelone and Honoria. She is also a very influential deity far to the West in the colonies of Stormwatch.

Croí has persuaded Uisce to work with Her in colonisation, irrigation, and provision of lustral holy water for all religious festivals, especially those of foundation and sacrifice. 

Though in truth, Uisce cares little for mortals unless they beseech her for vengeance or they disrespect Her. It is unwise to disrespect Uisce.

Under the sea she is the chief Goddess of Mirala and also deeply revered by the Triton and Merfolk Kingdoms. The city of Mirala was once Uisce's domain, before she descended into the Depths. Until recently she was worshipped almost exclusively by the Sahuagin her chosen race, but this has changed. They have turned their backs on her and become minions of The Fallen.

She is furious at this betrayal and will bring an apocalypse down upon them. This will move Uisce into the realm of The Fallen.


Class: Barbarian 40, Primordial 20, Deity 11 

Alignment: Centered Chosen (Chaotic) 

Portfolio: Water, Cold, Seas, Storms, Rivers, Rain, Revenge, Rebellion, Freedom.

Favoured Weapon: Trident 

Worshippers: Seafarers, Rebels, Desert Nomads, Sea Elves, Sahuagin, Merfolk, Locatha, White Dragons. 

Domains: Nature, Tempest, War



Fear the Lifegiver

Water gives life but fear it or you will die.


A Head for an Eye

The Justice of the Sea.


Find balance or death

A man with too little water is dust and a man with too much is drowned.


Clergy and Temples


Uisce requires little from her worshippers, having little time for mortals, but she will occasionally answer prayers. Uisce's cruelty to those who have displeased her is legendary and even the other Chosen Gods avoid her ire.

High Priests of Uisce are not called Reavers unlike other Charon Churches. They are called Setesh. This title comes from the times of The Godswar when Uisce stole the powers of the Gods of Chaos, Change, Deserts and Storms and almost managed to kill her greatest Primordial rival Aer. The High Cleric in Stormhaven Firth is High Setesh Hyacinth Crimsontide XIII. A female sea elf from Mirala.


Church Rituals

Libation: A libation is an offering involving the ritual pouring out of a liquid.

Animal Sacrifice: A key aspect of ceremonial life is the sacrificing of domestic animals. 

Pharmakos: The ritualistic sacrifice of a sentient humanoid. This is frowned upon by most civilised authorities and is only performed in secret or in times of great need.

Weddings: Rituals are performed before the wedding itself. A bath of purification, offerings and sacrifices made at the temple and a prenuptial feast. Wedding vows mean very little in the eyes of Uisce. 

Funerals: Burial traditions vary, some cast bodies into the sea, others feed them to sharks and yet others still, disolve the bodies into a clear liquid.

Oath Binding: Sacred Oaths taken in the name of Uisce can only be broken if there is a great betrayal by one party. Breaking an Oath to Uisce risks invoking her Anger.

Mystery Cult Rituals: For initiates only.



The High Temple of Uisce is in Stormhaven Firth on the seabed. Not in Bigany. Temples to Uisce are usually found in ports, submerged under the docs. The magic of Uisce Temples prevent those who enter from drowning.

Priests of Uisce demand great respect aboard ship. It is a terrible honor and a great fortune to have an Uisce priest on board.

Uisce Clerics do not respect the authority of the Church. Uisce Paladins attempt to provoke Tine priests and are openly hostile to Aer priests.  Tensions between the Church in Biagny and the Stormhaven High Priestess are at an all time high.



The Champion of Uisce is a Paladin called High Reave Byron Kelvin Joy. 

High Reave Joy is incredibly powerful, dangerous and the implement of Uisce's vengeance.

A Solar called Duriel was recently release from imprisoment on Cania by the Grand Vizier's favourites Silan and Impega.

Duriel became an Avatar of Uisce's Vengeance and The Angel of Retribution.

The Arch Angel Duriel often works with High Byron Kelvin Reave Joy.