The Peering Eye



A Mome Duchy in the Kingdom of Bigany. Famous for great trading houses, privateers and legendary revelry. Despite being the original seat of Mome power many lesser houses thrive here. The Hunt, Swift and Norfolk being the most romanticised and dangerous.

Places of Interest

Borkin Island

Borkin is known for fishermen, crustacean harvesters, beachcombers, pirates, and Sahuagin. The island large but very shallow and suffers terribly in storms. There is no decent deepwater harbour. There is one passable harbour on the northeast coats called Gambit harbour. Gambit is named for the bets that locals take on whether the sand currents will beach any moored vessels. Smaller pirate vessels dock there regularly for illegal trade, but they do not stay because Borkin is too close to Karst Navy and the Sahuagin. The biggest resource is a local crustacean that resembles a cross between a crab and a lobster called a borkin. They are delicious. The locals delight in calling them Borkin borkins and they are harvested for miles when the tide is out. There is a tall lonely keep on the highest point of the low island called Wayland’s folly, which acts as a lighthouse. When Sahuagin attack the islanders flee to either Gambit or Wayland’s folly

Randals Mill

The outpost is in a simple hamlet with a mill, an inn and warehouse, a farm, a few houses and a small dock for small fishing boats. It is ten miles from Karst on the western shore of Hunt Bay. It is at the top of a 40 foot cliff and has both a switchback stair and a winch to allow access to the top. The settlement is will protected from storms  There are about 30 people living here.  The inn is called The Hum and Drum and is a modest affair with six bedrooms and a common area. It is not very clean and the food is not great but it is not dangerous. The barman Case Notower is a sea elf who was injured in battles long ago.