The Peering Eye

The D├ęDannan Tower

Created in a bygone age long before to the rise of the Jurius Kinnett, this tower lay toppled in its side for a millennia.

With the return of high magic the Torc family have invested vastly in the restoration of this ancient marvel. It is boasted by reckless young wizards that once complete, its dormant core will flare into life and form a multifaceted arcane focus.

This will allow hundreds of wizards to pool their magical energy. The most boastful claim, in these hushed voices, is that this power would even rival The King’s strongest coteries. If this is true, it would be a terribly dangerous secret, known to only a handful of the most powerful Torc wizards. If it were true it would tip the balance of power in The Kingdom and possibly the world.

An ancient times this tower was created by DéDannan Ogres to rival the power of Táin MacLir. In recent times the tower became known as Prunella’s Folly.