The Peering Eye

The Bonum Letter

To my immortal beloved, those who stole this letter and those I wanted to steal this letter,


I have put into your grasp words that will change the world. To me, thus spake Stiuradh:


“I saw the answer to our dread question: Talamh has become too Risen. Neither The Fallen nor The Risen are truly to blame, in fact it is The Chosen who have caused this problem. And there is proof.


Perched on the shoulder of Aer on the night of The Peering Eye, while others watched the pantomime of King Edgar’s abduction, I gazed deeply upon the world. 


Consider the domains of Man: The Kingdom of Bigany and the Empire of Torland are both at peace, too well protected and too stable. Nothing of significance changes, there is no conflict and nothing drives The Cycles of the world. 


Consider The Church: Unification has been an unprecedented success. There are few pockets of religious defiance but none openly challenge The Church. Even the hordes that once followed The Fallen have been shackled to Chosen Gods. There are no schisms with any substance, there are no rival religions, the Fallen and Risen Gods have little support. The Inquisition is everywhere.


Consider The Chosen Gods: They bicker and snipe on occasion but they are committed to upholding the edicts of The Great lest they be destroyed. Even the primordials are at peace. 


So nothing changes.


If this Risen Aspect is not addressed, the cosmic pendulum will swing back into Balance but then surge through, into a Time of The Fallen as it did once before. But The Great will not forgive a second time.


What must be done?


The Primordials must be nudged to follow their unruly ways. Uisce wants to break free. I will help her. Aer is not of a mind to seize back control of her power over thunder and wind and storm. I will embolden her. She is far stronger than she remembers. Tine needs little encouragement.


Hyacinth Crimsontide wants to move the seat of Uisce’s Temple to Stormhaven. Make that happen.


Jurius Kinnett has preserved his Empire for centuries and has earned his immortailty. I will grant it to him. But there will be a final and terrible price. He must end his guardianship of his realm. He must leave the horn mountains and join The Chosen of Shale.


To end his guardianship, The Crown must be taken from Bigany. Freeing the lands from it’s tyrannical domination. Freeing the Five Families from submission. Freeing the beasts and hordes and powerful in The Crown’s domains from their incarceration. The King of Bigany will stand on his own merits or not at all.


Suluuk Poten wishes to become The Arch Duke of Stormwatch, head of The Sixth Family. A misguided dream but a potent symbol for change. Pull the appropriate strands of your looms to make this come to pass. The followers of Áisnéis sense it. Inform Yaardrigg that his time has come.


The Church, the mortal realms and the Chosen will be shaken from their Ivory Towers. Victory will be in doubt. It will be a time for heroes.


Rejoice, for you live in interesting times!”


This is the Word of Stiuradh.


Arch Vedic Maius Bonum of Stiuradh E.O.T.A.W.


Enter. Observe. Think. Act. Win.