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The Kingdom of Bigany Political Map

The Kingdom Of Bigany Political Map

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The names of Bigany’s mainland territories, the political block to which they belong and their official designations are listed below. The list is comprised primarily of Duchies and Grand Duchies but a few notable counties and baronies have also been included.

1. The Heartlands (Kinnett Grand Duchy)
2. Koltham County (Crown County)
3. Grand Duchy of Branch Hill (Torc Grand Duchy)
4. Duchy of Orion (Crown Duchy)
5. Duchy of Jurius (Crown Duchy)
6. Province of Tarkus (Kinnett Grand Duchy)
7. Beastwood Preserve (Crown Duchy)
8. Principality of Ezokar (Torc Duchy)
9. Duchy of Tillow (Forc Duchy)
10. Duchy of Stormhaven (Mome Duchy)
11. Duchy of The Gods (Church Duchy)
12. Provincio Del Vecchio (Vec Grand Duchy)
13. Province of Momentus (Mome Grand Duchy)
14. Duchy of Talkus Minor (Torc Duchy)
15. Province of Forticus (Forc Duchy)
16. Duchy of Southlake (Mome Duchy)
17. The Golden Duchy (Kinnett Duchy)
18. The Duchy of Westlake (Forc Grand Duchy)
19. West Elleria (Kinnett Duchy)
20. Duchy of Vecberg (Vec Duchy)
21. Duchy of Peaks (Torc Duchy)
22. South Elleria (Crown Duchy)
23. Duchy of Cartulus (Kinnett Duchy)
24. Duchy of Swords (Forc Duchy)
25. East Elleria (Crown Duchy)
26. North Elleria (Crown Duchy)
27. Quietwood County (Crown County)
28. Barony of Highvale (Mome Barony)
29. Barony of Doune (Forc Barony)
30. Valaff’s Isle (Torc County)
31. Principio Di Scerni (Vec Duchy)