The Peering Eye

Baroness Prunella Beltorc

Female Torc Human Wizard

The gorgeous Prunella Torc was born Prunella Vec a minor noble from The Duchy of Vecberg before she married her husband Baron Melkior Beltorc a minor noble from neighbouring Duchy of Peaks. After her marriage she rapidly rose to popularity in the Ducal Court and became fast friends with Duchess Cybillah Torc.

Prunella is an intelligent and ambitious woman. Not only did she develop strong ties to the Ducal family but she also studied the arcane arts with great passion and surprising speed. Some whispered that the speed with which she acquired her knowledge was unnatural.

While accomplishing these feats, she also managed to find the time to raise serval children. Matiss, Manjella, Solomon, Inanna and Caleb.

Recently Prunella has become obsessed with a great magical project high in the mountains. She is attempting to raise an ancient ruined tower, though no one can understand why. This endeavour will costs hundreds of thousands of gold pieces and take many years to complete. It would be far easier to build a new one. For this reason the tower has been called Prunella’s Folly by many in the kingdom.