The Peering Eye

Exploding Cheese

Captain Maris Piper of The Grand Army of Bigany is fanatical about The Kingdom of Bigany and cheese. As a member of the Crucible Sappers division she has been trained as a military alchemist. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it explains, to a small degree, why someone would make high explosive from cheese.

Created through a complex alchemical process this cheese is delicious and perfectly safe, until a primer made of special truffle oil is added. This starts a chemical reaction that causes the cheese to explode violently once it is complete. One drop causes an explosion within an hour, two drops reduce the delay to a minute, three drops to a round and four or more drops make it explode immediately.

The explosion of one wedge of cheese causes 3d6 force and fire damage to all within 5' of the origin square. A Dexterity saving throw DC12 halves the damage.

A wedge weighs 1lb. Captain Maris Piper often carries a 'wheel' of cheese made of 16 wedges. Many tyromaniacs delight in detonating multiple wedges at once. For each additional wedge detonated the damage increases by 1d6 up to a maximum of 8d6. Additional wedges added cause the radius to increase by 5' per five wedges up to a maximum of 20' radius.

A wheel of cheese deals 8d6 damage in a 15' radius.

Warning: DO NOT ingest truffle oil primer after eating an exploding cheese. Symptoms include extreme flatulence, scorching indigestion, fatigue, and hot flushes. If you experience death as a result of ingesting exploding cheese and primer, please discontinue use.