The Peering Eye

Duke Hezekiah Torc IV

A foolhardy young Torc noble took too much offense at a comment made by King Edgar at a feast several months ago. The noble, Hezekiah Torc IV, would heed no sane counsel and pursued a course of petty sleights against the King. Edgar ignored these until Hezekiah verbally attacked him in public. The King silenced him with the power of The Skill and forced him to make a humiliating public apology. Then Edgar let the matter rest. Hezekiah spent several months preparing a surprise for the King. He gathered information on the Kings movements and hired assassins of the black brotherhood in the Torlandish Empire. Only the great price offered and the detail of the Kings schedule made the assassins even consider the contract.

While the King was alone the assassins made their move. To their credit they managed to get within ten paces of King Edgar. Then the King unleashed his trap. The Black Guard Captain Ogre Champion Garrol appeared from out of thin air and slew two with a swing of his enormous great sword. The King killed the rest moments later without disturbing his meditation or even opening his eyes.

A day later Hezekiah Torc strolled happily into a feast hastily organized to celebrate a great royal announcement. He chatted to some friends and made little attempt to disguise his contempt for his liege.

The King stared at him with obvious distaste as he entered with his entourage. He proclaimed that Hezekiah had a special announcement to make. Shocked Hezekiah began to stutter. Then he stood up proudly and exclaimed that he had hired assassins to kill the King, that he was guilty of treason and should be executed. Flaring into uncharacteristic anger  the King unleashed a bolt of pure green fire from his palm and incinerated the young treacherous noble where he stood. To add to the shocked horror of the nobles present the failing corpse screamed long live the king before it disintegrated into smouldering ash on the floor.

The King said simply 'You have been warned.' and once again under his usual regal calm he strode from the room.

News of the event spread throughout the Kingdom within hours.