The Peering Eye

Dolmen Stones

When you place these three stones in the correct configuration and offer a prayer to the God of Nature Naduir, they grow in size to form a 15 foot tall stone dolmen for the duration. The effect ends if you leave its area. The effect lasts for 8 hours.
Nine creatures of Medium size or smaller can fit under the dolmen with you. The magic fails if its area includes a larger creature or more than nine creatures. Creatures and objects within the dolmen when you create it can move in and out of it freely. All other creatures and objects are barred from entry. Spells and other magical effects can’t extend into or out of the dolmen or be cast into or out of it. The atmosphere inside the dolmen is comfortable and dry, regardless of the weather outside.
When the effect is created a crude stone plate sits in the centre of the floor with a spring of mistletoe and nine goodberries in it. The disappear if they are not used before the end of the effect.
Until the effect ends, you can command the interior to become dimly lit or dark. The dolmen appears empty from the outside and appears to have appropriate lighting to the exterior conditions.

You can cast druidcraft as a bonus action while in posession of these stones or while within 120 feet of the dolmen.
While inside the dolmen a druid of cleric of Naduir can cast sending 3 times to talk to a druid, a cleric of Naduir or any being that is located insode of a henge or druidic grove.
These stones are often used as the foundation of a druids grove and are rarely found without a druid protecting them. A dolmen is sacred ground for both druids and cleric of Naduir.

When Dolmen Stones have a fourth stone, it allows the user to summon an Earth elemental to protect the dolmen once per moon.