The Peering Eye

Chapter 9 – The Mountain and The Dragon

They are attacked in the middle of the night while Kismet and Gwen are on guard duty. Owl bears maul Kismet and Gwen before they are rescued by Lady Maris and Armand. Captain Scorpion rolls over in bed and hearing the commotion shoots one of the owl bears in the eye before telling the others to be quiet and get back to bed. Knicklepump snorts and stays asleep.

The route to the glade high in the mountain is blocked by a forested area which is magically overgrown and smells of chlorine. They carefully navigate through the maze of bushes and brambles until they are ambushed by a Green Dragon! It is more powerful and more aggressive than the one they faced in The Warrens on Skelton’s Hope. It breathes a noxious cloud of chlorine gas on them and they are all badly injured by the fumes. But the party fights on, Maris is particularly vicious and Kismet hits it with a lightning bolt. Gwen peppers it with arrows and calls on Croí to heal Knicklepump who in turn raises a beacon of hope to heal the party including Armand. Armand sets his wolves on it and Scorpion shoots it with this signature pistol. Their tactics, skill and ability to work together has improved dramatically and they defeat the powerful creature with relative ease. It flees for it's life, leaving Kismet fuming.

They heal up and press on into the cave. They are again ambushed by the dragon who has recovered somewhat. It uses walls of thorns and other lair magic as well as it's breath weapon to attack them but is ultimately slain by another lightning bolt for Kismet after a vicious fight. Interestingly the power it holds over the jungle is far greater than it should given it’s age and size. Something else is afoot here.

When they search the body they find a jade dragon figurine. When Kismet examines it, it dissolves into his hand, travels up along his arm and appears in the middle of his forehead as a tattoo of a dragon. His other normal tattoos part to accommodate it. Shrugging this off as yet another Kismet oddity, they return to Androdonnis' pool to rest.

Eventually as they climb higher into the mountains Gwen finds the scent of the flower on an isolated ledge pressed carefully between a collection several rocks. Armand finds a mysterious set of four Druidic magical stones among these rocks. Identify reveals little of the stones, but it has divination and transmutation magic and seems to hold an earth spirit. He determines that he needs to attune to it in a druidic grove.

With the mountain vestige in hand they return to the pool, ready to face their next challenge. Armand luxuriates in the pool enjoying the restorative powers of the water. He slowly drifts in to dreams filled with Wolves, lightning and the smell of blood, many would describe it as a nightmare. Armand smiles in his sleep and Bear twitches and wags his tail.