The Peering Eye

Chapter 8 – The Jungle and The Sphinx

Before they use the ziggurat to plane shift to the feywild they decide to seek the jungle vestige Seguin mentioned. Gwen can make out it’s faint traces on the wind, so they set out to find it, trusting her unerring woodland skills. Astonishingly she tracks the vestige of the flower hidden to a chunk of amber in the belly of a huge jungle beast. They easily slay the beast, known to some as a tyrannosaurus and take the amber chunk they need.

They proceed to the Skelton’s Hope ziggurat which, though it is wreathed in lightning and seething with menace, does not attack them this time. The ziggurat’s summit holds a portal which transports them to an asteroid on the feywild. On the feywild side, in place of the ziggurat, is a wide silvery pool in the middle of a marble henge.
Once he steps through the portal Armand can feel that the feywild version of the asteroid is alive with fey, nymphs, dryads, dinosaurs and a dragon. Kismet can sense that the pool is a fey nexus and allows travel to many places and Gwen can detect the faint but distinctive scent of Sheppard's Light on the breeze.
The marble henge is guarded by an Androsphinx named Androdonnis, who only allows travellers to cross to Sangreluna if they are worthy.
Androdonnis senses the importance of Armand’s mission and so asks simple riddles to ensure they can pass. They answer them with ease.

Androdonnis' riddles
I am the hole in the night, the ever watchful eye, I return in a cycle, to enlighten the sky. The moon.
If I fly to the moon in a ship and on the way I meet thirteen ships each with 66 crew who each have 6 slaves. How many in all are flying to the moon. One
I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. Fear.

Gwen notes that four patrols of orcs are headed to the pool to attack the sphinx. Although the Sphinx can probably defend itself quite easily, they decide to intervene and the slaughter all of the orc patrols in four separate ambushes.

The toughest encounter with a patrol of all Uruk hai lead by a Chieftain and an Éirleach priest is easily won using what Kismet calls special weapons and real tactics. Kismets fireball and Maris' hammer Khazûd-Vorr being the most effective. Scorpion develops the habit of sneaking up behind his enemies and declaring 'Dodge This!' before shooting them in the head and stinging them with his telson.

They decide to rest.