The Peering Eye

Chapter 8 - Drugged Up Brown Bear

Prologue: Vaygo reads The Letter

Vaygo and Caleb discuss The Letter. Vaygo is stunned by it’s scope.

Scene 1: Gambling

The odds against Caleb winning are 5 to 1. Vaygo bets 10gp. Celeb bets 100gp.

Scene 2: The Fight

The gladitorial arena is inside the warehouse in ten foot deep pit that is only twenty feet wide. The floor is bare earth and is very mucky. The bear is in an outdoor enclosure that is similar and has a tunnel leading into the pit that is barred with a crude iron gate.

Caleb casts a false life spell and calls upon Uisce for aid. Once it starts no more spells can be cast. Caleb enters dancing (performance 11). They part to let him through. Caleb Carpenter! There is a huge jeer. Norfolk smiles and gives him a grin (good luck).

Risky Pete announces the bets. Bear slams into the gate. Risky Pete looks shocked, or is the reaction something else. They don’t open the gate quickly, bear gets stuck. Caleb moves out of sight. He creates mirror images. The bear hits a mirror image and get even more enraged , this seems like more than just Slam.

Caleb casts scorching ray and hits for 49 points of fire damage, the bear starts to burn. It almost coshes Caleb’s skull with its huge jaws, but Caleb conjures a magical shield to deflect the attack. Then when it looks like Caleb has a magical answer for everything the bear does, it lashes out and rakes him across the chest in a giant bloody X, flaying shreds of skin from his chest. His shirt falls away revealing the steam burns in the shape of an abjuration magic sigil on his back.

Caleb summons shadow magic to play across his rapier and shoves it deep into the bears torso. It howls in pain and Caleb smiles, but before collapsing the bear bites Caleb and opens up his throat. Only then it collapses on top of him, pinning him under its bulk.

A draw!

Risky Pete doesn’t get the ship but all the bets were ‘to win’, so he gets all the bets. Maybe he should be called “Calculated Risky Pete” says Vaygo.

Scene 3: Rematch!

Gauthak accepts a rematch. Caleb tells Gauthak that Anemos says he must wear the green dye. So he does.

They all stipulate that this time if its a draw all money is refunded. Risky Pete graciously agrees. Gauthak bets 600gp on himself! Vaygo bets 40gp. Caleb bets Risky Pete’s ornate dagger for 110gp.

The bear deeply mauls Gauthak but he shrugs it off. The bear takes lightning damage from Gauthak’s aura. Then he smashes the bear with this great axe. The bear pins gauthak and tries to throw him around but fails.

Gauthak can’t throw off the bear and so he bites it instead. This does little to injure a raging bear but it impresses the crowd. The bear bites Gauthak which brings forth gushing blood and then drops him.

The fight continues for less than a minute and is very bloody. Gauthak is soundly defeated by the bear.

Scene 4: Glorious In Defeat

When he is revived Gauthak notices one of the bear’s teeth is lodged in his collarbone. He digs his fingers into his own flesh, roughly grasping for it and despite the searing pain he grabs is and pulls it out. Blood gushes from the wound. He triumphantly raises the tooth above his head before he collapses from the shock and blood loss. He is revived once again and he parades around the arena with the tooth. This bewilders and impresses the crowd.

Later after some very light reflection, Gauthak decides that he should not to underestimate his opponents, well bears anyway.

Scene 5: Sheffield’s Accusations

Baron Sheffield Swift looks for The Letter but it is not to be found. Despite Anemos’ instructions, Caleb decided to keep The Letter. All suspicion falls on Anemos. The Baron is furious at Caleb’s suggestion that “it’s tough”, but he doesn’t want to challenge a Setesh.

Scene 6: Arcane Experiments

Caleb tries to make a copy of The Letter that is wrong and he takes psychic damage. He copies it and the copy is perfect. It seems that his superiors suspicions may be true. The Letter cannot be altered.