The Peering Eye

Chapter 7 – Druidic Visions

At long last emerge they into the cacophony of noises, whooping monkey calls, birdsong and parrot chatter that proclaims the jungle. The sun is blistering hot, high in the clear starry sky. The thick roasted air envelopes them and their sweat starts to run almost immediately. The smell of raw nature, the swarming of insects and the bellowing of monkeys sing a song of praise to the power of Nadúir. They feel like... they are being watched.
Knicklepump says "Praise Nadúir this is splendid. Far better than that foul Athrú pit we just left..."

Animals of the jungle watch them and then lead them to Seguin Valor’heriaid a powerful and reclusive druid.

Seguin tells with Armand what he has seen in visions of 'The Sheppard’s Light Incident'.
Fallen Cultists of Feo and Éirleach chose a flower, that was called Lexis Matronia Divinia, or Shepherds Light. It was known for having a distinctive deep red or purple coloured flower and was a component of wolfsbane. Seguin believes it was selected as a deliberate threat to shapechangers, particularly Charon Werepriests and Circle of The Moon druids. The Fallen agents sought out six hybrids: jungle, desert, mountain, forest, plains and fire and used them to distil the flower's true essence. From this they crafted a poison called 'The Sheppard’s Draught'. This poison was used to kill an innocent, in a ritual where The Fallen joyfully slaughtered a thousand souls.

He tells them that the incident can be reversed but that The Balance of The Great requires that the same effort be placed into restoring the flower as went into destroying it. Seguin advises that Armand to start by acquiring six preserved vestiges of the flower and to tackle the other tasks later.
He cheerfully notes that a jungle vestige is on this very asteroid, in the heart of the jungle, in the belly of a great beast. He also notes that a Bigany noble named Donatello Vec has a plains vestige given to him by the alabaster lady.

Seguin instructs Armand to travel first to the ziggurat, then through it’s portal to the feywild asteroid that mirrors Skelton’s Hope. There he can acquire the jungle vestige from a feywild great beast. From there he must use a ritual, which Seguin teaches him, to transport himself through a pool in a marble henge to the famed 'Sangreluna'. That is where Armand received his initial vision. And his return there will complete a circle.

This leaves Armand them with several core questions: Who were The Fallen worshippers and powers that were involved? Where did the ritual happen? Who was sacrificed and where were they abducted from? How was the potion distilled? What are the circles of which Seguin speaks?