The Peering Eye

Chapter 5 - The Warrens

They leave through tunnels under The Wretched Hive, and search under Lord Adekumbé’s Head for the entrance to The Warrens.

There are gladiatorial fights in a chamber far below The Wretched Hive. These fights are brutal and bloody even by Torlandish standards but are rarely to the death as gladiatorial slaves of decent quality are too hard to come by in the depths of eyespace. For this reason, law breakers are often dealt with by being thrown into the pits.

Inevitably they participate in the gladiatorial matches. They fight three rounds as a group and earn over six thousand gold pieces in prize money and by betting on themselves. Lady Maris fights a Torlandish gladiator called Septemius in defence of the honour of Bigany and takes his eye as the spoils of victory. This is not part of the rules of the games but no one is of a mind to argue with the ferocious Forc Captain. Septemius is unsurprisingly furious when he awakes.
Knicklepump uses his magic to attach the eye and Maris is pleased with her new if mismatched eye. While the fights are on-going they hear that Sandobar had been there a day or two before them. Some say that he had been there that very day. It becomes apparent that agents of Sandobar had been keeping an eye on The Telson crew.

They break into the areas forbidden by Lord Adekumbé bypassing several traps and fighting both Skulls gang members and undead animated by Lord Adekumbé. They rest in The Dozing Piglet that night rather than risk their lives by spending the night in The Warrens. Armand notices that Skulls gang members are being re-animated overnight and they decide to be more careful disposing of the bodies and to press forward with more urgency to avoid the issue of re-animation. Captain Scorpion takes the pistols and black powder that the Skulls use as part of the spoils.

They fight past grey oozes dropping form the ceilings and gibbering mothers slithering along the floors. Knicklepump's armour and weapon are badly damaged as he bravely leaps into the fray. Silence is very effective against the mother’s powers. But he and Maris end up stuck in the floor and have to fight ghasts and ghouls before they are finally freed. Then they press on with Armand following the druidic signs.

In the middle of the asteroid they find the chamber containing Yugoloth bio weapon created by the Masters of Hyulacc.
They barely survive an extremely difficult fight with weird and horrifying Fallen aberrations being spewed forth by a pool of magical Athrú ooze.
During the fight Captain Scorpion is mortally wounded and falls into the ooze.
He lays there dying for much of the fight, while much blood is spilt, until revived by healing magic.

The jade eye amulet that Kismet picked up after the woman who recognised him outside The Wretched Hive and dissolved into a mess of goo, transformed yet again. This time into a green dragon. Kismet’s magic surges and goes haywire, while Captain Scorpion use his pistols to put a couple of bullets through the dragons eyes.