The Peering Eye

Chapter 2 - First Flight of The Telson

Chapter 2 - First Flight of The Telson

As they flee several of his guards are catapulted onto the ship after them and they are attacked by more wyrmlings.
The accidental crew discuss what to do next.
The wizard piloting the ship is unable to stop it from setting it down in a cave with slavers.
They kill them all and Armand supervises taking all of their cargo.

They journey to Vercelone where Lady Almudena Vec and The Church use their influence to have the Eagleship put under Donatello Rex Guinea Vec's command.
Knicklepump Mome is appointed mandatory Chaplin and charged with assisting the druid Armand with a joint mission for the Inquisition.

Armand brings his wyrmling parts collection to a craftsman to have a suit of dragon leather armor made.
Captain Donatello Rex Guinea 'Scorpion' Vec renames the ship 'The Telson' and Aisenis notes this.

They fly to Sangreluna and the clouds above the forest transform into the form of a bear.
The Dwellers instruct Armand:

Unknown Fallen agents have eradicated a life form from existance using a powerful ritual.
You must travel amongst the stars and find the resonance it has within The Jewel.
This is no mere philosophy. Find the mark it has left.
Find it's soul in other plants and breed it anew.