The Peering Eye

Chapter 15 - Ryecatcher and The Broken Moon

Extract from “The Diary of The Powerful Sorceror: Kismet Wilden”


The group proceed from the horn towards Skyport on the orders of Commander Ryecatcher


Two white wyrmlings attack the ship but are easily despatched by the crew, ballistas etc.


They arrive at Skyport… eye of gruumsh orcs waiting at the gang plank, Gwen attacks the leader with whom she has a long standing feud

They battle hand to hand on the gang plank, he nearly falls but she grabs him, throws him a spare long sword and then finishes the battle and kills him!


The orcs proceed to attack everyone


Scorpion kicks away the gang plank and the fight commences


Maris throws exploding cheese and kills several orcs on the dock


Knickelpump leaps the gap and into combat


Scorpion also leaps the gap onto the dock, he is quickly surrounded


Scorpion chooses not to take an opportunity attack, which has nothing to do with having already used his reaction!


Knickelpump attacks the eye of gruumsh and kills him


Scorpion uses his bill hook to rip apart another orc and his telson another in the throat for two in a row


Armand uses his thorn whip and whips another off the dock and into the abyss


Gwen uses her slayer’s prey ability to eliminate the remaining orc


Battle over




A naval officer greats the party and escorts them to the HQ to meet the commander

The navy watch deals with the carnage


They are ushered into a meeting with Ryecatcher


He instructs the party that he will be overtaking control of the expedition


He assigns the VSS Quiet and VSS Intrepid to assist the group


He suggests they go to broken moon with the mysterious castle as the Warped Needle has been known to have gone there




They set out for the mysterious castle to the moon


They dock the ship 


Four large armed insectoids appear at different parts of the castle entrance, they are Mezzaloths


A luminous yellow and green cloud appears, it is extremely poisonous 


Gwen leaves the cloud and looses some arrows - ones hits and one misses


Knickelpump casts magic arrow on Gwen’s bow, it glows with magical ability


Armand turns into a giant eagle attacks the same creature


Scorpion turns invisible


Maris throws her hammer at range and hits the same creature and follows up with a javelin


Another poison cloud is spread out across the ship


Two creatures fly at Kismet and attack him


Two proceed to attack Armand’s giant eagle, they hit and he reverts to his normal form, he lands prone on the top of the wall




Kismet turns invisible and misty steps away after being surrounded inside a gas cloud by two of the demons


Gwen escapes the second gas cloud, looses and arrow and almost kills one of the injured creatures


Kickelpump traverses the gang plank from the ships and casts banishment on one of the uninjured creatures - it is banished back to the plane from whence he came!


His spiritual weapons tries to attack the badly injured demon but misses


Armand turns into a giant spider to avoid falling


Scorpion moves up the ramp and leaps on to the precipice at the edge of the ruin but then misses with his bill hook sneak attack


Maris misses with her hammer but follows up with her javelin and slays him, even against his resistance!


Kismet is inside and invisible, two of the demons go inside to seek him out, he castz shatter and injures both of them to breaks their concentration which removes the poison clouds, then he misty steps way whilst remaining invisible


Gwen returns down to the ship and looses two arrows inside at the demons


Knickelpump moves back onto the ship also


Maris returns into the ship and goes hand to hand with the two remaining demons, her hammer is baying for a fight, she lays into them, she deals damage and swings again, Kickelpump guides her blow and she duly smashes his head in…


Just on more left


She swings again and hits, not bloodied but he’s worried


The creature attacks Maris


Kismet uses Chaos Bolt but only manages to damage the ship with lightning!


Maris hits with one arrow and misses with the other


Knickelpump enrages him by saying that he has failed by Cogadh, then lays into him in melee

He casts shield of faith on Maris


Maris is up again, the last creature is bloodied - she destroys him!!



Battle over