The Peering Eye

Chapter 14 - The Battle of Kegs (Kismet)

Extract from “The Diary of The Powerful Sorceror: Kismet Wilden”
The group hears commotion outside the tavern
They go outside to see what is going on
Snow is being churned up by… a frost worm

Scorpion jumps up on the roof and looses a bolt with his ‘short crossbow’
The beast screams in pain

Armand summons his wolves

Gwen scampers on the roof nimbly and draws her bow…
Steps on rotten thatch and almost falls over… just hangs on
Fires again… hit!
A bit tricky to balance on that roof, miss!
One more…. Hit!!

Creature starts to get anger!

Kismet fires a fire bolt, it seems to be going wide but then he bends the forces of chance and attempts to move it in mid air! He glows green, the jade eye opens and gazes to the sky, his forehead tattoo twitches… attack misses

Maris quaffs the rest of her ale and charges towards the door, attacks with kazood vhor, the star hammer, whack!! A solid hit right to the face… ‘die motherfucker!’…. she winds up with a power smash!! SMASH! The creature reels!

Fodel attacks with his rapier! Hit, almost there… nay on narger… slashes again, right through the eye and slays the creature!


The snow rumbles and up thrusts another first worm! Maris leaps - Cue marvel superhero scene -

Knickelpump casts crusaders mantle (1d4 extra radiant) and spiritual weapon which makes its way towards the creature… hits! The creature is undeterred

Scorpion leaps in to the air from the roof and onto the back of the creature and attacks with his bill hook, it plunges into the back of the frost worm. He uses the bill hook to hang on to the writhing beast! He pierces the creature’s armor with his telson!

Armand sets his wolves on the creature, then turns into a polar bear, mauls the creature!

Gwen looses further arrows with her longbow, the last attack goes right through its eye and slays it!


They investigate the bodies


They plan to go to the brewery to speak with Bill the fat frost giant to cure him of his curse and find out why he started drinking blood and became cursed. He sits with a keg of beer, he is using a cartwheel and keg to make a mug, he’s a bit drunk and confused trying to do this.

Kismet approaches him and does minor illusion to make his makeshift mug look like a real one, he is intrigued at first but then picks it up and realises it’s a trick and throws the cartwheel at Kismet, he sits down and picks up another keg. Kismet persuades him that he is not a jalepeno pepper and not to eat him!

The giant hears the others in party talking and we ask him why he drinking the blood… he said Thorg Thorson was something to do with it! Tastes chocolatey, like cinnamon, bailey’s and aftershock.

Armand plays drinking games with giant after challenging him to a throwing game and having to forfeit by drinking a pint… which makes him drunk! He proceeds to continues the drinking game with the giant… and losing!

Maris realises that the giant may intend to eat him

He throws a keg at Gwen but she jumps out of the way just in time!

Scorpion intends to use some drow poison to knock him out so adds 10 vials to a keg of beer.

Knickelpump eventually challenges the giant a drinking competition, if he loses then he will allow the curse to be removed!

We gather plenty (24 bottles) of brandy from the tavern and bring them to the giant.

Scorpion spikes the giant’s brandy and pours it into a bucket for the giant and a mug for Knickelpump… the competition continues to the 10th round and onwards…. Eventually it’s too much for the giant and he keels over onto the table and right on top of Knickelpump!  Gwen and Maris shove the giant and are able to pull him out!

Now Knickelpump proceeds to remove the curse by casting… Remove Curse!

The cursed is flushed away, his eyes change from bloodshot to bright and shining frosty eyes… he looks back to his frosty best!

He says that he suspects is the giant leader Thorg Thorson!


Gwen hears commotion, determines it is exactly 11 pairs of frost giants… they come into sight and are charging into the village

7 break off from the frost giants

Armand turns into a polar bear and engages in melee and bites

Knickelpump attacks with his Charon waraxe and sinks damage into his challenger!

Maris smashes and hits! Kazood vhor damages even more due to the curse on giants!
Again she attacks… it is going wide but Knickelpump intervenes to guide the blow, which then smashes in to the giant!

Fodel… attacks the same giant with a goading attack to attempt to draw Maris’s opponent! Hit’s a couple of times, bloodies the enemy and finds a surge to attack again!

The two giants now attack Fodel but somehow miss!

Giant attacks Kismet, he casts shield and the giant misses, get attack of opportunity and hits with fireboat!

Giant attacks Scorpion misses!

Attacks Armand… provokes but misses!

Kismet casts fireball at zero range but does careful spell to mitigate the damage!

Gwen fires her arrows at the very weary giant who is attacking Maris…. He’s down in critical condition.
Then attacks her own one with her sword

Scorpion attacks with his bill hook, misses, attacks with pistol, misses, attacks with telson, misses!!!

Armand roars in the face of giant but he is not intimidated!

Knickelpump cures his wounds
He attacks Gwen’s giant but misses
He moves away and provokes… hit ouch…. just survives (1 hit point)

Maris attacks with power smash… deals massive damage! Giant is almost dead!

Fodel steps up to finish him… right into his left eye…. Slays him!!
Next he attacks Kismet’s foe, deals damage and restores himself at the same time

Scorpion is attacked for Crit and taken down!

Attacking Fodel, misses twice!

Gwen attacks with her swords, critical miss and provokes to take damage, then hits twice!!

Armand attacks and does some more damage!

Knickelpump heals Kismet and then uses his spiritual weapon to attack

Maris does power smash and hits with Knickelpumps help

3 giants down now

Maris gives Fodel her ring of protection

Fodel goads the giant who is attacking Knickelpump

Giant attacks Armand, miss, miss

Another attacks Fodel, critical 50 points… down!

Kismet uses Tides of Chaos to acrobatically move into position and attacks with Aganazzar’s Scorcher and uses his sorcery ability to empower the spell!
As usual, there is a surge of wild magic and the party all receive resistance to damage till the end of the round

Gwen attacks with her sword again and provokes, ouch, still fighting tough

Scorpion attacks and then goes invisible!

30 more frost giants appears, then look like bill after he had been uncursed, they quickly subdue the remaining enemy giants - the leader is Gilhar Orlam

The party have passed the trial.


A giant ray of green energy seems through the village followed by a massive orb
The giants prepare for battle as the orb swings down again… it’s an eye tyrant ship!
It comes down again and several beholders come out!
Jurius Kinnet intervenes!
The party must investigate Sandobar Corleone his ship The Blackheart, another ship called The Slaughter
The ritual that destroyed the flower must be investigated.
Ship docked at Skelton’s Hope, The Warped Needle
Green Hag Sheeva Wartneen -