The Peering Eye

Chapter 13 – The Test of Fire (Kismet)

Extract from “The Diary of The Powerful Sorceror: Kismet Wilden”

Image: Fodel fiercely faces foul frost fanged foe.

Tavish McKlintock reminds the heroes “You would do well to remember the legends if you wish to pass the tests!”, they ponder this all too briefly as they check that their winter clothes provide sufficient warmth for the icy ascent.

The heroes must cross the icy ledge
Knicklepump attempts to cross. He slips and falls but is saved by Fodel who has him tethered by a rope.
Knickelpump dangles over a drop to certain death.

We must think about how to cross the ledge.
Scorpion attempts to cross by stabbing daggers into the ice
Armand changes into giant spider, attempts to cross….
He crosses without any problem with Spider Climb ability
The spider lays silk ropes for the other characters to hold on to, everyone crosses ok!

A passage has been artistically carved through a great spur of a mountain on a gargantuan scale. 
The temperature which had been quite cold becomes warmer and warmer until it is almost unbearable.
It is warm and primarily constructed of magically reinforced ice.

Starts to get hot so we remove our furs.
Kismet touches the hot wall of the tunnel to find out the reason for the heat, it is tunnelled throught a magma chamber by psionic power.

There is an open entrance. Above it is writing in Giant. Kismet uses a magic ritual to understand it:
‘The Diamond Halls: East Wing’
Captain Scorpion decides we should proceed - after checking for traps!
The entrance is trapped.

Fodel inspects the arcane writings on the floor to determine how to pass the entrance in the right arcane formation.
Knickelpump will attempt to cross the breach… walks in… sees something: “ omg what is that??’

Fodel goes next to navigate the entrance… makes it
Scorpion is next… makes it
Armand… makes it

There is a chamber full of DIAMONDS!!!

Remorhaz are also here in numbers… time to fight
Crit from Knickelpump to start with battle axe
Armand is attacked critically
Scorpion decides we should do tactical withdrawal
Maris enters the corridor and joins attack, success, bloodies one of the Remorhaz
Kismet and Fodel realise that the creatures are immune to both fire and ice
Gwen looses 4 arrows, hits x 2
Kismet fires a chromatic orb of acid
The rest of the party enter the chamber
Scorpion does sneak attack and kills one! 5 to go

Knickelpump is attacked… ouch! He’s down…. or is he?? He makes it! Lives to pump another day
Lady Maris attacks… almost finishes one creature
Knickelpump heals Armand and uses Spiritual Weapon
Armand withdraws
Scorpion does sneak attack with bow… kills one! Shoots a victory shot into the wall (miss!!)
Fodel attacks… crit!! Uses precision, bloodies one! Action surge…
Gwen shoots a few arrows… aims for the bloodied one…. fills it full of arrows… kill!!

Kismet casts stinking cloud - he bends time to cast the spell seemingly before the remoras have actually finished their turn!
Armand summons his wolves who proceed to maul the remoraz - it is knocked over and almost fatally wounded…
Scorpion uses mage hand to administer a potion to Knickelpump… who was down since the last attack, he considers getting out of there… he gets out to the corridor
Fodel and Gwen loose some arrows and deal more damage, the area is heavily obscured so their shots are not as accurate!
One the creatures is retching and reeling from the stinking cloud so can’t do anything, the other has disadvantage imposed by Fodel
Lady Maris attacks… bloodies the creature after first hot… follows up who crit! Wow those dice ALWAYS roll sixes! Almost kills it, nay on narger She takes fire damage but she’s ok

Knickelpump attempts to finish it with Spiritual Weapon, miss,  just impacted on the surface. Channel Divinity…. a hit and a kill! He takes fire damage when he attacks it and is down again, a brave fighter, he takes one for the team!
Armand’s wolves attack the remaining creature
Armand attacks, miss but Kismet bends his luck, the arrow ricochets and hits the creature!
Fodel administers a potion to Knickelpump

Kismet drops the stinking cloud and shoots an acid orb
Gwen looses her arrows!
The last remaining creature moves to arrack
Scorpion uses his readied action to do sneak attack, bloodies the creature
The creature attacks but misses wildly and provokes… KILLED! Combat over.

Knickelmpump wants to Spare The Dying, some argue with him but don’t stop him from doing it so he saves them from actual death.

Scorpion secretly considers stealing some diamonds but thinks better of it, perhaps it’s not a wise move under the nose of the giants!

Footsteps of a very large creature are heard on the other side of the door in the chamber… the characters discern the source of the footsteps… a frost giant of course!

Kickelpump goes to open the door

A brightly illuminated hallway is behind, two frost giants are there, one with a large lute, the other with a flute, softly playing and pacing back and forth. There is a giant sized velvet rope between the party and the giants. The giants turn and look confusedly at the party. Just then Tavish turns up and measures the giants. Looks like the party took a wrong turn! Tavish beckons the characters to follow him and they go back to the main passageway. Tavish scans the party for diamonds… who fortunately are found not to have stolen any… phew!

They travel for the rest of the day up the tunnel and come to a village at the end. Many different races are living here. It is dark now so the party decide to rest… on second thought they decide go for a drink to The Tavern of Ice and Fire.

The proprietor welcomes them serves them ales. It is poorly decorated and the beer is watery. He complains of a ‘schism’, apparently a feud of some sort between the frost giants, some of whom are not behaving in their usual protective manner and instead are demanding bloodletting from the villagers. The party wonder what is making the giants behave like this. The bar keep tells of someone coming to help… that’ll be us!

Now to formulate a plan

Knickelpump suggests that they could be cursed, they explore their religious knowledge and realise that they are cursed because their own blood drinking actions.

They decide to try and isolate one cursed giant and see if they can cure him of the curse. Maybe an Enlarge spell would level the playing field?? There is one giant, ‘Fat Bill’, who they might single out as he is known to be on his own at certain times…