The Peering Eye

Chapter 12 – The Silent Serpents

The Telson is called by Knicklepump and they fly away from Sangreluna.
They fly to The Horn to quest for the Mountain hybrid of Lexis Matronia Divinia, or Shepherds Frost.

They are intercepted by a Church Naval vessel. Drennan McArthur, a paladin of The Church joins them.
He needs to find out more about what Sandobar Corleone, is doing where he is visiting and who he is interacting with.

Armand was an acolyte of The Golden Lotus in a monastery in the Province of Talkus in Bigany.
He is being pursued by The Silent Serpents who are lead by The Master.
They want the Golden Lotus exterminated and his is the last of their order.
The Master can sense certain people (ex members, quarry, members of certain orders, etc)
When Armand become a Druid it weakened the last strand of power holding the Golden Lotus order.
They are attacked by black robed monks with a serpent coiled around a goblins neck
The monks attack from the backs of giant eagles. They use magical torture bridles to control the eagles.
They have featherfall rings to allow them to attack without fear.
Some of The Telson’s adventuring party leap into the air to attack the monks not thinking of how to avoif certain death. Knicklepump is of course the first to leap into oblivion.
The druid manages to free some of the eagles and incites them to rebel against their masters.
The monks are defeated easily but The Master escapes.

They continue to the mountain and fight (wyrmlings?)
They land on the mounainside only to realise that they were under a powerful mind altering effect. They were in reality near the base of the mountain.
The meet a guide called Tavish MacLintock who guides them to the mountain and explains about its trials.

There are three tests that must be passed by the group, before they will be allowed to enter the moutain kingdom.
They are subjected to the test of fear. They are attacked by a Purple worm. Armand and Kismet failed the test.