The Peering Eye

Chapter 11 – The Trials

Resting in the forest when a lupine howl rings out.
The band moves to a small room in ruins to defend against the werewolves.
Five werewolves appear at the perimieter, their eyes and ears are crimson.
The are cursed by Sangreluna. They are blidingly fast.

Druid casts moonbeam and they howl in agony. They take extra damage due to the curse.
The more they push into human form the more the curse pushes them back into wolf form.
Kismet launches a fireball and triggers a wildfire surge.
Gwen uses magic arrows with deadly effect.
The wolves attack and wound Gwen.
Maris smashes them with Khazud-Vorr.

Druid position moonbeam and Kismet uses lightning bolt and Gwen kills one.
Werewolves bite Maris, Scorpion and Armand. Maris and Armand contact lycanthropy.
Maris goes down under a pile of wolf fur and claw.
Scorpion kills the last one.

The druid then notices that there is wolfsbane growing in the ruins.
Gwen finds Scourge of The Plains (an orange flower) which she uses to make a paste to coat their weapons. This allows them to damage creatures that can only be hit with magical weapons (for a time).
They mix Scorpion’s poison, moonbeam and wolfsbane to make a potion. They drink it and Maris casts off the curse, but the druid does not.

There is a crashing noise in the basement. An elf has knocked over a vase. There are three dark elves with white hair. Drow, the mortal enemies of normal elves. They are locking a big heavy door. Maris kills one, Scorpion kills another. Gwen knock one out cold with a viscious right hand blow to the chin. They lock the door and take the key.
There is a letter written in drow elvish. The elves are a long range scouting party from the underdark.

There is an eye tyrant lair with lots of minions (mycanoids). They use spores to communicate, they are not evil.
There is mention of a green hag. The door is a portal.

They return to the courtyard looking for more ingrediants. A dark winged shape flies overhead. A cry that sounds like to combination of a lion and dragon and a goat – a chimera!
Kismet casts blindness on it. Kismet wild surges and does more damage. Gwen fires a few arrows, banks upward in panic. Maris hits it with a throw hammer. The druid summons a giant eagle and Scoprion leaps onto its back. It flies after the chimera and Scorpion leaps off the eagle to kill the chimera and then he leaps onto a nearby branch, shouting ‘So What?’ He is favoured by the gods.

Scorpion scouts around on the eagles back and notices a blue skinned creature in a tree observing the courtyard. In the distant humanoid creatures with spiderlike fangs are roaming around. The blue skinned creature is called Phillen. Kismet buys two scrolls of wonder. Scorpion buys a scroll of misty step. Gwen realises that everytime she rests here she can cast misty step as a bonus action due to her conection with the forest.

After a short rest the surrounding fungi emit a dim illumination. In the distance an Ettin (a two headed giant) stamps closer with a silver axe in each hand. One head is a wolf and the other is a tiger.
Druid uses moonbeam, Kismet casts haste on Maris, Gwen releases for arrows and slays him.

Twelve spider faced humanoids approach, they fire a web at the party and Maris and the Druid are caught.
Druid summons wolves, Kismet casts fireball and the webs burn. Gwen kills two.
The ettercaps attack and poison Scorpion, the Druid, Kismet and Gwen.
Maris is slightly injured and annoyed by the ettercaps, swings wildly and kills five of them.
Scorpion kills two. Wolves kill five.
Three left. Kismet uses scorching ray and Gwen kills her last wolf and Kismets.
Maris uses haste to catch up with the last wolf and hits it with her hammer. Scorpion casts sleep.

The Telson arrivesin the sky above. The captain tells it to stand by for further orders.
A barrell is thrown over the side. They examine it and it appears to be from Vercelone.
There is a noble artisan sigil on the outside. A noble who makes weapons for the wealthy.
This barrel is password protected. The password is the name of the artisan: Earl Gerraldo Gucciani.

There are three sets of dragon leather armor.
For Kismet there is a suit of White armor embossed with Jade Green. It include a Jade Eye, even though there is no way that the Earl could have known about Kismets encounters with the Jade Eye.
For scorpion there is a red and black suit with Scorpion and Vercelone sigils.
For the druid there is a green and black suit.

Hern silver claw appears in giant gorilla form.
The last challenge is to fight him and two frost giants with lycanthropy.
Gwen hits them with poison coated arrows. Kismet uses lighning bolt. Armand summons wolves to attack. They all attack woth such ferocity that they slay a giant before it can attack.
Gwen uses the magic of Sangreluna to cause him to disappear.
The green hag has been observing and she slips back into the forest.

They return to the lightblue henge just before dawn. The floor of the henge is covered in a pool of blood several inches deep.
At the centre there is a serpent like creature (a naga) coiled around a pilar of stone with a single petal at it’s top.
This is a guardian naga and it attacks with a flame strike burning everyone but the druid and scorpion.
It apologises to them saying it was a misunderstanding. He invites them in swearing an oath of peace.
They step into the blood to talk to the serpent. It flames strikes them again and laughs.

Kismet is thrown undamaged out of the henge and this triggers a wild surge.
Maris charges in and attacks it with Khazud-Vorr but it is a strong magical creature and survives her assault.
Armand heals Gwen. Kismet casts fear on the naga. Gwen unleashed a hail of arrows.
The serpent flees form the henge. Scorpion grabs the petal and Armand summons wolves. Kismet kills is with a fireball.

Armand plucks the single petal from the pillar of bone.