The Peering Eye

Chapter 1 - Eaglesbluff Castle

Five nobles are invited to a banquet in Castle Eaglesbluff, in the Duchy of Cartulus.
They are members of each noble family there to witness the signing of a agreement between rival houses.
In Bigany tradition a contract signed by all five noble families is binding by the crown.
The noble holding the banquet is Earl Altarius Kinnett II a jovial flamboyant host with dark secrets.
He wears a gaudy eagle shaped medallion and an elegant jewelled headband with a large opal in the shape of an eye.

The castle is perched on a cliff high in the mountains and has stunning views.
The Earls guards have crude cloth parchutes that they use to reduce the fatalities from falling from the top of the castle.
Lord Knicklepump Mome is so excited by this that he decides to test them. But he jumps off the castle parapet without a one and has to be rescued by the guards.

Altarius sends them wyrmling hunting with his guards on giant eagles. There are several deaths.
They grow suspicious of Altarius and his factor Islington Mome. As they investigate they uncover several secrets.

At the banquet following the signing goblins attack the castle. The heroes defeat them and realise that the goblins were let into the castle.
They confront Altarius and Islington who drop them into a trap chamber full of zombies.
They fight their way out and flee from Altarius who is a powerful Skill wielder and Islington who is a priest of Cealg.
They steal his stone eagle spelljamming ship which was disguised as the top of the castle and fly away.