The Peering Eye

Bigany Nobility Feudal Tree

King Edgar Kinnett I (Seat Bigany City, The Kingdom of Bigany)

         Crown: ArchDuke Edgar Kinnett (Seat Bigany City)

                   Crown: Duke Edgar Kinnett (Seat Bigany City, The Heartlands Grand Duchy)

         Kinnett: ArchDuke Telecmus Kinnett (Seat Bigany City)

                   Kinnett: Duke Telemecus Kinnett XVI (Seat Redbrick Bridge, Province of Talkus)

                   Kinnett: Duchess Helen Kinnett VI (Seat Bakely, The Golden Duchy)

                   Kinnett: Earl Altarius Kinnett III (Seat Eaglesbluff Castle, Duchy of Cartulus) – (Father under the Inquisition)

                   Kinnett: Duchess Regan Kinnett (Seat Nardheim, Duchy of West Elleria)

         Mome: Arch Duke Montague Mome (Seat Bigany City)

                   Mome: Duke Montague Mome (Seat Biganford, Province of Momentus)

                            Mome: Lord Maaji Halmonde Mome (Seat Highvale, Barony of Highvale)

                   Mome: Duke Carrington Mome II (Seat Stormhaven City, Duchy of Stormhaven) – (Father assassinated by Silan)

                            Mome: Count Carrington Mome II (Seat Stormhaven, County of Deepford)

                            Mome: Count Worthington Evergreen X (Seat Bywater, County of Farmfield)

                            Mome: Count Eglington Onasis (Seat Durban, Count of Lakewold)

                            Mome: Count Wayland Swift II (Seat Karst, County of Swiftshire)

                            Mome: Count Montgomery Trask III (Seat Sweetwater, Count of Downton)

                   Mome: Duke Ailsbury Mome (Seat Sothville, Duchy of Southlake)

         Forc: ArcDuke Krumnor Forc (Seat Bigany City)

                   Forc: Duke Krumnor Forc (Seat Lakeport, Duchy of Westlake)

                   Forc: Duke Valerin Forc (Seat Crucible, Province of Forticus)

                   Forc: Duke Saracen Forc (Seat Tillow, Duchy of Tillow)

                            Forc: Baron Tristan Forc I (Seat Doune Castle, Barony of Doune)

                   Forc: Duchess Issa Forc (Seat Fort Merchant, Duchy of Swords)

         Vec: ArchDuchess Donna Daniella Vec (Seat Vercelone, Provincio Del Vecchio)

                   Vec: Duchess Donna Daniella Vec (Seat Vercelone, Provincio Del Vecchio)

                            Vec: Baroness Almudena Vec (Seat Orino)

                   Vec: Duke Arturo Vec (Seat Vecberg, Duchy of Vecberg)

                   Vec: Duke Salieri Vec (Seat Scutumi, Provincio Di Scerni)

         Torc: ArchDuchess Zodac Torc (Seat Bigany City)

                  Torc: Duchess Zodac Torc (Seat Branchill, Duchy of Branchill)

                            Torc: Countess Zodac Torc (Seat Branchill, County of Branchill)

                           Torc: Baron Ermiaz Dijkstrian (Seat Prancing Boar, Dijkstria)

                   Torc: Duke Hezekiah Torc V (Seat Abraked, Principality of Ezokar) – (Father executed for treason by King Edgar)

                  Torc: Duke Brusiekial Torc (Seat Cleaveberg, Duchy of Peaks) – (His only son is cursed to never rule)