The Peering Eye

Sailing Ships

Standard Ship Speed

A Standard Sailing ship moves at 2mph or 48 miles per day.
This assumes a gentle breeze of about 8mph and includes average tacking times and inefficient ships design.
A fast ship moves +1/3. A slow ship moves -1/3.
An expert crew increases ship speed +1/3 and a poor or insufficient crew slows it by -1/3.
A good navigator and helmsman can increase the speed of ship by taking advantage of local currents and winds by +1/3.
The speed of a ship is often altered through magic.

What to shout


Weigh anchor! All hands on deck!

Mains out, let's get moving!

Crowd on every inch of sail!

Topsails, gallants, royals, stuns!

Every last scrap of duck on the wind!

Clew up! Clew up!

Reef the mains, half-sail!

Loose the tops'ls, gallants, and royals!

The Seawolf
Captain Wycliffe "Stormcrow" Hunt
Daily Speed 72 mph.
Mome Design Ship 3mph.
Expert crew of sailors +1 mph.
Heavy Weapons -1 mph.