The Peering Eye


The original DéDannan Clan living in this fortification, called Poll-Na-Déanta in ancient times, were worshippers of Neart Tionscail and Cogadh as well as of Draíocht and Fileadh. They opposed the unification of the church of the moons along cerebral and centered lines. This facility produced great numbers of constructs in the time of Tain MacLir, but the lost their ability to animate them after the explosion of The Chain Gate. Hundreds of Warforged were built in hopes of finding a way to animate them again but after a hundred years the clan gave up and left the site.
In the lower levels worker constructs continued to mine the raw materials and assemble construct bodies watched over by Tionscail. Now the storage level holds thousands of warforged and more powerful golems and constructs. All awaiting animation. Only the Namer can find a way. But they will be free willed if he animates more than twice his level.

Central Cavern

A massive waterfall thunders down through this cavern draining water from the upper levels, which is below the water table. The water falling through the air is magically controlled and falls in artistic and graceful patterns through the air. Eventually it plummets through a magical gate suspended in the middle of the cavern halfway to the bottom. This is a gate to the elemental plane of water. While the water tumbles down it is used to provide power to several water wheels and turbines which produce magical power using Kellum alloys and permanent magical effects.

Keep Detention and Interrogation

There is a summoning ooze behind the sealed off area.
The ooze primarily summons Fiendish Dire Rats and "Oras'fehid" orange furred bulbous insect like winged creatures similar to flying direrats as well as Lemures.
This ooze is in league with, and to some extent the progeny of, the Grimweird in the level below.

Keep secure library

A combination lock secures this room. There is a series of letters on the door which needs to be pushed in a certain order. An inscription above the door reads "The Three Generals" (There are busts of these generals in the centurions room. The scroll found there also shows the combination in invisible ink.) The initials requires can be guessed by a Torland History Knowledge DC 15 or a Bardic knowledge DC15 or an Open Locks DC25 or a Disable Device DC 30.
There are letters there from Al Hoon and The Prince of Schliss.
There are a few useful items remaining here.
Such as a scroll of every first level spell (in an ornate locked steel cabinet trapped with a sepia snake sigil),
20 Alchemical items, 2 Thunderstones, 4 Greek fire vials, 2 Sunrods, 4 Antitoxins, 2 Tanglefoot Bags, 2 Acid vials, 4 Healing Salves
Books and scrolls worth 2,000gp including several basic works on Summoning and Binding,
A standard bearers cloak (Resistance +1) and a messengers ring (Def AC +1) in a locked DC25 chest (the wand will fit into a groove in the chests top to unlock it.)

Keep Storage (flooded)

Behind the seal is a nest of shadow asps and the shadows they created.
The rest of the level has been sealed by the last centurion with ironstone blocks and will take a while to dismantle. "Danger" is inscribed on the walls in Torlandish. 300 hp and hardness 10. The wall is protected by 4 shadows created by the shadow asps in the nest behind the wall.
After the wall is a passage lined with chains. The Grimweird uses a Kyton (Chain Devil) to protect this area from intrusion. If the Kyton is defeated the Grimweird will retreat to the lower levels and leave it to others to stop the intruders. Essentially waiting for backup from the Alhoon and the Schliss Prince.

Temple level (Entrance Level)

Library (Paper, crystals and construct) Magical Research Labs
The labs and library on the upper levels were originally used by apprentices to create cheap constructs and items.
The Grimweird, a potent summoner, is a DéDannan sorcerer who survived the fall of the great races through undeath.
He doesn't have the ability to raise the warforged army but knows how it should be done.
He works with the Alhoon out of fear but will seek to betray him.

Animation Ritual Chambers

In DéDannan times the complex under the keep was used to create a construct army by the Fochlachan clan.
These were not fully free willed but were controlled by their bards. The lesser constructs were warforged but greater ones were created.
Ethan may be able to animate the charger...
A Bard who composes a verse specially to activate and control a warforged creature must make a perform song check DC 10 + CR to animate a DéDannan construct. The bard must also be of DéDannan blood and know the Truename of the construct.
Ethan Namer has part of Setanta Fochlachan's spirit inside him as well as holding his weapon. He can also NAME creatures, altering their Truenames.
The lower levels hold a disused prison with an ancient magical chamber that will transform a creature into a warforged.

Summoning and Binding

Many summoning chambers are located here. Ritual summoning circles are ornately and expensively carved into the floors.
There are several powerful arcane holding areas as well as magical experimentation labs and libraries.
Grimweird Lair

Other Levels

Construct Training level

Construct Storage (4 levels) 20,000
The Alhoon and the Schliss Prince, have been unable to discover the secret to animating the warforged.
They have left the humanoid warforged on the upper levels but have taken the Ogre sized ones to the lower level labs.
The DéDannan created warforged

Detention level
Drainage Control (Mechanical)
Kellum Mines (20 levels)
Drainage Control (Magic) Gate

High security experiments
The Alhoon and his apprentice, The Heir to Schliss, have been experimenting on a store of warforged under Darkkeep.

Power Generation (binding)
Arcane Power is drawn from bound outsiders and elementals.