The Peering Eye


The success of the colony has merited his promotion by various Bigany Kings. It has been rumoured for several years that Suluuk will be granted the title of Duke by the King and that as a result the five families will become the six families. This would result in a massive shift in power within the kingdom of Bigany as various lesser houses realigned with the new Family. This would also result in an influx of investment and people into the newly legitimised colony. Rumour also has it that Suluuk will not pass the reigns of power to his son Uthuur Poten II until the Dukedom has been confirmed.
More sinister rumours suggest that Earl Poten may swear allegiance to Torland as an Imperial Governor, if the King doesn't grant him the Dukedom. Those hearing such talk, often quail, imagining at the wrath of the Crown if that came to pass.


Earl Suluuk Poten IV of Stormwatch on behalf of King Edgar Kinnett I of Bigany of The Colonies.

Power Groups

The Earl - Count Arkthuus Poten II of Darkkeep, Count Ulthuu Poten I of Darkbridge, Chief Constable Massimo Vec of Darkbridge,
The Crown - General Azaz Vakar, Royal Ambassador Lord Verity Kinnett
The Church - High Reave Derfel Forc, Koohd'Natnih, Prince Mantorok of Bás, Vedic Serena Mome
The Seekers - Bard 'Famous' alter ego, The Drowned Lord, Shella Waterweaver
Torland - Governor Optimus Vecchio
The Dragon - 'Dark Tide', Optimus
The Entity - Demon Qu'krad Shaq'orzhid
The Lizardfolk - Wild Marsh Druid 'Dark Tide'
The Paladins - Paul of Cróga
The Thieves - The Dark Horn, Commissioner Chantilly Vegas
The Guilds - Lord Ezechial Torc, Captain Vitorio Garibaldi, Count Windsor Mome III, Lord Royce Mome

Poten Nobles

This is a small house recently formed by Suluuk.

Other vassal 'noble' houses are being officially recognized by Suluuk when it suits him.

Not all meet the criteria laid down by the Bigany kings. Some do not even meet Jurius Law (fealty beyond question to king and country and respect for the church).

The High Reave has refused to recognise several of the newer houses.

House names have tended towards eastern European sounding names Karilinev, Markov, Sharwicz, Kovach, Andropov, etc.