The Peering Eye

Cheno Melek

Cheno Melek is a Half-Orc Half-Bloodscale Barbarian with a ship full of multi-racial misfit crew.
They suffer far more than Waterwood does, from Darkbridge racism.
Because of this they are forced to take on jobs that other captains will not.
Cheno loves to gamble but frequents only the Mottled Mul Tavern by the docks as there are almost no Darkbridge residents there.
Cheno hates the Darkbridge locals, especially the humans and even more so the other merchants and the town guard.
“Crocodile” is the name of their ship. Captain Melek claims that they will take “Any Cargo, Any Place, Any Time”.
This flexibility alone makes “Crocodile” very useful.
“Crocodile” is rowed and sailed and the crew have a reputation for making long journeys far more rapidly than any other ships.
Melek charges 20% less than Bigany rate unless the trip is of a ‘special’ nature in which case fees are at least double Bigany rates.
Despite all this, Captain Melek has a reputation for honouring his commitments.

Ethan Namer

Wants to Hunt Baphen.
Wants to build a Defensive Area.
Wants to claim Darkwood Tree plantation.
Wants to Train as a barbarian.
He been given DéDannan Spirit - A Bard's weapon.
Has some unusual past, death defying and knowledgeable. - Past life of a Bard?
Was badly maimed by a yellow orc flail. But was cured by Grakk Swiftbow, so only has scarring deep now.
Skills: Combat, Survival

Ethan Namer is of the True Line but his was spirit was warped by The Dragon on his way to Talamh and so he has not reached his true potential. However, in extreme circumstances his true line nature will surface. His attributes will all be substantially increased (+10) for 5 rounds. He can choose either Mind Or Body and make the increases apply only to physical or mental attributes the bonuses are +20 in these circumstances. With time he may learn to control this gift.

Vedic Tim “Baphenslayer” Tanner

Pious. Prays. Can heal if he reads a verse from the Book of Creation
Wants to become a cleric. What kind: healer, fighter, hunter, all rounder.
Turned down by Swiftbow because he hadn't slain a Baphen.
Slew a Baphen with a sling. Villagers treat her with awe and respect.
Was badly maimed by a yellow orc flail. But was cured by Grakk Swiftbow, so only has scarring deep now.
Wants to create leather armour from Baphen Hide.
Skills: Religion, Healing, Combat, Minor Magical Effects, Fire in a Bag.
Tim Tanner is one of 7 kids in an unremarkable Bigany Family. His uncle was the village fool and that's about the only interesting bit of history they have...till now, as Tim tanner is pegged to be the next big thing in the heroes guild. He likes cows because they are so black and white. He despises pips in apples and hopes that some day John Appleby will breed a crop with no seeds. He also likes walks on the beach and candlelit dinners for two (especially if one of the two is a Friesian).

Tanner’s chant

We call on the Gods of Charon,
We call on the Gods of Shale,
We call on the Gods of Balance,
Gods of the Moons we hail.

We call upon the power of fire,
We call upon the power of frost,
We call upon the power of nature,
Without them all is lost.

We call upon the might of steel,
We call upon the might of wood,
We call upon the might of spellcraft,
We follow neither evil nor good.

Ivellios Tharanaian

Ivellios Tharanaian

Ivellios Tharanaian, the son of an Elledrin High Elf Mountain Noble, was a talented Shale acolyte in Bigany and was among the riotous unruly young Clerics who frequented in “The Drunken Valroi”, a notorious inn in the Bustle District, for it's famous scrumpy brews, it's fast women for hire and it's frequent intra-church challenges. Ivellios and Joe of Kell both have a past best left undisturbed. They both knew each other back in the old country. Ivellios was reckless at first but soon came under the spell of another young cleric of astonishing beauty and when alone, he took to brooding moods. They last spoke in Bigany on a particularly raucous night when many new customer had come in to revel. Ivellios had come under the spell of a Fallen Succubus and had learned magic tainted by The Fallen. As his power grew the Shale priests grew suspicious of his increasing secrecy and the nature of his research. They watched him and soon learned of his Fallen affiliation. He was expelled from the church, drained of his power and banished to the colonies. Only his High elven nobility connections in Elledrin and his enthrallment by the succubus saved him from execution. He was astonished to see Joe on the same colony transport bound for Stormwatch…
Ivellios has Anger issues. He's angry at himself for what happened he let his defences(demon) down and was thrown out by the church.
He wants to Protect Woodhaven and see it grow, because they welcomed him when he was down and sees it as a perfect setting for a new city and is also amazed at how the locals have befriended the Orcs. He loves the locals resilience.
Has lost confidence in Sheriff Appleby even though Cogadh favoured him in the Trial by Combat and he negotiated well with the Dryad. Ivellios feels Appleby should have challenged the Golem, his lack of authority during this scene made him realise that Woodhaven needs a better Champ. Because he love Woodhaven
He still fancies the demon he banged. And she still wants him. Man she was fantastic... far better than Helen Trainer and Alison Berry together! Ivellios may be able to contact her...) Ivellios knew her as an elven adventuring wizard. Her elven name was Elluadara Valarthanaian. Her real name was Sixe'Xuith Quith'Zertid... She is trying to contact him through dreams.
He wants to know more about the magic in the area and wants to spend more time ranging the area.
Wants to relearn magic. Has had bad relations with COTM. Has connections in Elven Nation. Has support of Torc Family. Alquemexia Torc [Aris 4] funded Woodhaven. Wants to get gold to build a library and a lab Skills: Minor Magical Effects, Detect Magic
The Orc gave Ethan a magic flail... where did it come from? Ivellios could research it. The dark keep is rumoured to hold a dungeon with a magic lab... There is a witch in the area. There are merchants in Stormwatch that sell wizard equipment and there is a church of Draíocht. Off we go… Try to think of an angle that will make the other characters want to go... Remember you used to know Joe of Kell from Bigany. He was a scrumpy brewing obsessed lunatic who couldn't keep his hand off the ladies...

Sample letter from Elluadara Valarthanian intercepted by The Inquisition:
I want you back Ivellios my sweet love. The Church can't keep us apart. I can return your powers to you. All you have to do is ask. You were a wizard of the 7th circle! You had power. You can have it again. I died for your once and will do it again... Your Starshine, Elluadara

John Appleby

Wants to grow apples.
Heroic Reputation. Villagers treat him with awe and respect.
Skills: Combat, Knowledge of Nature, Sling

John Appleby is the destined wielder of the Applewood Staff.
In order to unlock the power of the Staff he must slay a bloodscale lizardfolk in single combat while calling on the power of Nadúir(hrhrhrrr). This will feed the staff and the wood will become red as bloodoak apples.
He must then journey to the heart of the Thornwood forest, where he will be greeted by the Thorn warriors (who will revere him as a messiah). He will notice that the thorns on the staff are similar to the Thorn warriors'. He will be brought to Nadúir(hrhrhrrr)'s pool. By placing the blooded staff in the pool along with three emeralds he may call upon Nadúir(hrhrhrrr) to feed his staff. This also requires him to invest some of his life force to bond with the staff. The staff will become +1/+1 whenever Appleby wields it and shillelagh will last 2 hours per character level when he casts it on the staff.
Further powers will come over time...
The completion of the ritual will greatly increase his standing among the druidic council and with priests of
He will have a +4 bonus on dealings (diplomacy, intimate, handle animal, wild empathy, bluff) will all fey, animal and plants creatures and druids but a -4 penalty on diplomacy with undead. Also he will receive a +4 on intimate undead checks.

Shella Waterweaver has decided that The Wild Marsh Druid has broken the druidic council's laws and must be opposed. She observed Appleby meditating and praying to Nadúir and means to recruit him into the druidic order. Unlike most druids Appleby is a 'natural' who requires no training. The council would like him to join the order.

Joe of Kell

Joe Brewer, as he was known before he changed his name, worked in “The Drunken Valroi” a notorious inn in the Bustle District. Ivellios Tharanaian and Joe of Kell both have a past best left undisturbed. They both knew each other back in the old country. Ivellios Tharanaian was among the riotous unruly young Clerics who frequented The Drunken Valroi for it's famous scrumpy brews, it's fast women for hire and it's frequent intra-church challenges as well as for it's famous scrumpy brews and Highvale apple brandy.
Joe, a talented yet inexperienced scrumpy apprentice enjoyed all the fare on offer and had as little restraint as his customers. Ivellios Tharanaian was reckless at first but soon came under the spell of another young cleric of astonishing beauty and when alone, he took to brooding moods.
They last spoke in Bigany on a particularly raucous night when many new customer had come in to revel. He left Bigany in a hurry after hitting on a female Kinnett thinking that she was on the game The next day they were astonished to see each other on a colony transport bound for Stormwatch…
Wants to brew scrumpy. He has never tended an orchard and knows nothing of apples.
Wants to run an inn.
Wants to train as a rogue or an alchemist.
Was badly maimed by a yellow orc flail. But was cured by Grakk Swiftbow, so only has scarring deep now.
Skills: Brewing, Innkeeper

Rumor Inn

Ethan Namer:
He is a reincarnated bard
He was a pirate in Freeport plying the waters of serpent bay He is the child of a god - hence his ability to fight beyond the point of death.
He has a 'big snake'
He digs ugly chicks

Sheriff Jon Appleby
He is part fey and is becoming more attuned to the wild.
His wooden staff is alive and has bound him to the fate prophesied by the witch.
He talks to his staff at night.
If he draws blood he will bring down a great curse on the village

Tim Tanner
Has a hidden magical item that gives him supernatural strength and endurance.
If he hunts he will receive gifts from the witch He is an avatar of the hunt and hunts relentlessly.
At night he runs with the wild hunt.

His blood is green
He was the secret lover of the queen.
That is why he was banished rather than killed when his secret identity was revealed.
At the conjunction of the moons his blood rises and he howls at the night.

He had a fight with his brother and was exiled.
He cut a deal with the powers of the night and can see in the dark.
He is a member of one of the great houses. He is a Poten on the run from the curse of Stormwatch

Jo of Kell
Is a great brewer.
The Gods will punish those that don’t settle their bar bills.
Jesters had better not mess with Jo.
He is going to have a worldwide brewing empire so people should get in early and buy a stake.

The Fallen hoardlings are the cause of the curse of the honey glen river.
A dark knight has been dominated by the witch and silently awaits to do her bidding.
The Rivers are about to flood and the only way to protect the village is to build earthen banks around the fields.
The village will be washed away because it is built on a bad site.

Jo's Alchemy
Jo has founded The Most Ancient Order Of Quickened Silver. The Grand Chapter House is in Woodhaven.
He will research the skills and abilities of this order and will creates class called The Alchemist that is very similar to the Artificer.
This class will also have some of the abilities of the Witch and Alchemist Secret Crafts. Most notably though, they do not use magic. They rely simply upon rare and unusual materials combined with extremely complex and unusual preparation methods.

Bob Charmer

Keeps bees, which pollinate all crops, make honey, which is used for mead, and wax used for candles.
He provides light and comfort to the village, claims Alison Berry who has a crush on him.
Very Keen senses.
Was badly maimed by a yellow orc flail. But was cured by Grakk Swiftbow, so only has scarring deep now.
Skills: Listen, Spot, Beekeeping.

Charmer's Bees
Bob Charmer has a unique supernatural link to his bees.
This acts in a way that combines the best benefits of a familiar and an animal companion.

5th Level Familiar
Charmer gains +2 bonus to reflex saves
Charmer gains a Bonus Alertness Feat.
The swarm can use Charmer’s Save Bonuses (Fort +4, Ref +4, Will+1).
The swarm can use Charmer’s Skill Ranks. (Hide +8, Know Nat +4, Know Rel +2, Know Eng +2, Listen +6, Search +2, Spot +8, Survival +6)
The swarm gains a hive mind with intelligence 8.
The swarm’s natural armour improves by +3.
The swarm gains improved evasion.
They share an empathic link with a range of one mile.
They can share spells within 5’.
The swarm can deliver touch spells for Charmer.
The swarm can speak to Charmer.

5th Level Companion
The swarm gains Bonus Hit Dice +2d8
The swarm attacks as a 6th level druid: BAB +4
The Swarm Saves as a 6HD Animal Fort +5 Ref+5 Will +2
The swarm has 9 skill points
The swarm gains one Feat: Ability Focus (poison)
The swarms size remains the same
The swarm’s abilities DCs increase by +1
The swarm’s natural armour improves by +2
The swarm’s Strength increases by +1
The swarm’s Dexterity increases by +1

Fine Vermin (Swarm)
Hit Dice: 6d8+6 (33 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 5 ft., fly 40 ft.
Armour Class: 23 (+4 size, +3 Dex, +6 natural), touch 20, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/-
Attack: Swarm (2d6 plus poison)
Full Attack: Swarm (2d6 plus poison)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./0 ft.
Special Attacks: Distraction (DC14), poison (1d6 Dex DC16)
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., hive mind, immune to weapon damage, swarm traits, Improved Evasion
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +2
Abilities: Str 2, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 2
Skills: Hide +11, Know Nat +3, Know Rel +1, Know Eng +1, Listen +9, Search +1, Spot +8, Survival +6, Move Silently +6.
Feats: Ability Focus (poison)
Environment: Any temperate
Organization: One Swarm
Challenge Rating: 3
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: None
Level Adjustment: -
A single bee resembles is thumb-sized and its carapace is gleaming black with bright yellow stripes, and its compound eyes are a dark grey.
Like any swarm, a bee swarm seeks to surround and attack any foe it encounters. A swarm deals 1d6 points of damage to any creature whose space it occupies at the end of its move.
Distraction (Ex): Any living creature that begins its turn with a bee swarm in its space must succeed on a DC 14 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Poison (Ex): Injury, Fortitude DC 16, initial and secondary damage 1d6 Dex. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Hive Mind (Ex): The swarm has a hive mind with an Intelligence of 8. When a bee swarm is reduced below 6 hit points threshold, it becomes mindless.

Todd Stuffitt

His mother died when he was 7 and his father became a drunk as a result. So he had to look after himself on the streets of Stormwatch (the colony capital). Eventually he managed to gain apprenticeships in Stormwatch, but he was unpopular due to his thieving beggar background. He was a tailor's apprentice but was fired for stealing from the customers when fitting their clothes. So, he robbed their best tailor's tools in revenge. He then was a talented taxidermist at Desmond Stuffers and Son's. He even skinned and stuffed an entire Baphen Bull single handedly. Everyone agreed he had a great future in the business and he changed his name to Todd Stuffitt. Then he was fired for smuggling mithral in exported stuffed squirrels. He stole their taxidermy tools as payback. Finally he worked for the tanner's yard, where he briefly met Tim Tanner. He left because of the smell and because he wanted to hunt instead of tanning. He stole their tanning tools, because he now was working on a collection. After this he spent time hunting Baphen but he nearly starved and decided to join a village, Honeyglen, to support himself.
When he joined Honeyglen a year ago it had just started doing well and he was eager to help. He turned his hand to any task and was always able to do something useful. The new settlers were happy to have another hand to assist and he was welcomed as part of the village. However once they started to specialise in their individual roles they no longer needed him. He was still able to help out here and there anyway, but when the water went bad, the village started having problems and he was blamed unfairly. They claimed he was lazy (sort of true) and hunted him out to 'fix' their bad luck. That was months ago. Since then he has been hunting game to stay alive. But the yellow stuff he found was worrying so he went to the village of Woodhaven to check it out.

Todd worships Glick
An té nach bhfuil laidir ní folóir dó bheith glick
11th Divine Level, Rogue 10, Bard 10, Arcane Trickster 10, Wizard 10
The Shale God of Tricksters, Liars and Rogues.
Rogues, Bards and Mages that favour this God tend to be quick witted and/or persuasive and have an over developed sense of humour, without the wisdom to know when to keep their mouth shut. They also tend to be resourceful and can turn their hand to most things. Spies and adventurers also revere Glick.
Many Gnomes and Halflings see Glick as a patron.

Discussion between Todd and an unnamed associate, intercepted and transcribed by The Inquisiton:

The Hungry Horse inn is what I want. It’s Ideally located by the stables and caravan yard, away from the authorities and prying eyes.
Thief note : It will be a look out point for rich merchants.
I will approach Xavier Zengarion with a business proposal. I will draw up a contract with idea’s. This will be the only place that will provide applewood cider We will serve “appletizers” candy apples, apple pie etc.. It is a win-win situation. I will provide the stock at a low cost and we will split the profits 60 (me) and 40 to him. (might have to negotiate that one J) This place will be kicking. We’ll have Bards in and have back rooms for business meetings and conferences etc. It’ll soon become the best place in Darkbridge. We will try and draw a middle class. Those with money will be easily parted. We’ll have rooms at special rates, the longer you stay the better the discount.

I will approach Xavier as Oz Harvest an entrepreneur from out of town and stakeout place from the inside, you know look around and chit chat with him and later on I will offer to save his Inn.

Todd's Quest
The Thieves Guilds in both Bigany and Darkbridge are known as The Dark.
Todd's half brother is a tiefling and the thieves guild leader in Darkbridge. He saw to it that Todd was caught as a criminal but also that he was not maimed or killed for his crimes. His alias is The Dark Horn. The Dark Horn has always feared that Todd will find out the truth about his parents and come looking for him to retake his birthright. When Todd arrives in Darkbridge The Dark panics and sends an assassin to kill him. Spelacchio DelFuego is Sir Eagon's cousin and there is no love lost between them. He is a newly trained assassin from Torland's assassin's guild, come to Darkbridge to found his own guild.
He is hired to kill Todd by The Dark (via some low level apprentice). He is a first level assassin. If he recognises Sir Eagon he will attack him instead.

Sir Eagon DelFuego

Sir Eagon DelFuego was born in small Torc keep in Bigany in AK470. His mother Lady Tromnara Creed was a Torc noble knight and his father Giuseppe DelFuego was a Vec merchant. Although his mother adopted the name of her husband they lived in her keep and followed Torc traditions. Sir Eagon and his brothers and sisters were raised as a squires and trained as a knights. As per Torc law, the keep and it’s lands passed to his elder brother Sir Aelle. In AK488 Sir Eagon set out for the Stormwatch Colony to seek his fortune.

His strength and skill won him a place in Suluuk Potens newly formed Stormwatch Knights. Sir Eagon won fame and favour when he defended Darkbridge from attacks by lizardfolk who were attempting sack the newly founded village and destroy the Torlandish bridge. He lead a glorious charge of Stormwatch knights across the bridge into a host of Blackscale Lizardfolk skewering their leader Nightaxe through the heart with his mother’s lance. The battle that followed was bloody and both sides suffered enormous casualties. Thanks to Sir Eagon’s bravery and his defeat of Nightaxe, the lizardfolk were eventually beaten. The Stormwatch knights were decimated. Those common warriors and knights who survived all praised Sir Eagon’s efforts and he was considered to be the most valiant of all the Stormwatch knights. Earl Suluuk Poten rewarded Sir Eagon with fertile lands and the title of Count of Swordrest. He was raised to the rank of Knight Captain. For many years Sir Eagon and his knights protected and supported Swordrest and the village prospered and grew to a town.

Then Isabella Poten arrived at court. She was not only beautiful and wealthy but also a fine knight. At eighteen she returned from the Torc Academy in Bigany to marry one of Suluuk Poten’s trading partners Count Windsor Mome III. The marriage was to secure lucrative trading and essential shipping between Bigany and the Colony. Isabella burned with the desire to prove herself as a great knight and dreaded the idea of living as the homebound wife of a fat merchant. Tales of Sir Eagon had reached her in the Academy and when they met, their fate was sealed. She joined the Swordrest Knights against her father’s will and accompanied Sir Eagon in his strikes against bandits and lizardfolk. Her father allowed this trusting his daughter’s honour and safety to his most decorated knight. Sir Eagon and Lady Isabella fell in love.
Eventually, when she refused to return to Stormwatch Keep for her marriage to Count Windsor, Earl Poten was furious. He sent half the Stormwatch Knights to retrieve his daughter. They found her abed with Sir Eagon in his keep. He did not resist capture and was brought before the Earl. He was stripped of lands, titles and clothing in front of the entire court and was banished. Lady Isabella did not attend the court that day and Sir Eagon never saw her again.

Many of his knights, friends and retainers remained loyal to him, however he instructed them to remain in Swordrest and to obey their new lord, until he could again reclaim his honour. His squire Ikabod and his guard captain Evan Blade insisted on accompanying him into exile. They brought him his personal possessions and family heirlooms from the keep, so he could quest as a true knight. Sir Eagon spent years travelling throughout the land looking for a way to redeem himself and regain the respect and honour he had lost. After many remote and unsung battles and hundreds of cold storm filled nights, he finally realised that the Earl would never forgive him and that he could never again live as a Stormwatch Knight. Isabella had married the Mome Count and he had been awarded Swordrest as dowry.

Over the following years Eagon dropped his title and fell into despair. Common men of ill repute joined his band and his quests became less and less honourable. As the years advanced, Eagon the Black became tired and bitter. Vengeful raids on Count Mome’s merchants became raids on any wealthy merchant. Then Eagon’s band degenerated into simple and lazy banditry. Ikabod and Evan blade left him in disgust.
The banditry continued until one day he was defeated by a Var-Jen of The Church of Croí and her companions. They slew the outlaw band and burnt their bodies. Eagon was put to the question by the Priest. Var-Jen Tanner persuaded Eagon that he must repent and follow the Gods or be damned. Eagon repented and agreed to serve by becoming the Knight Protector of Woodhaven. The Heroes of Woodhaven then performed a ceremony from The Book Of Creation which transformed Eagon into a Chosen Champion. The Symbol of the Church of The Moons was magically emblazoned on the front of his golden armour. Sir Eagon arose, his pride and honour restored, ready to do battle for The Chosen.

Tharg Ironfist

Blackfist Orc Tribe
The Blackfist orcs are a nomadic tribe that follow the herds of Baphen as the migrate along the Strom Coast.
They have a Seilig Priest, Fr Grakk Swiftbow [Clr 3, Rgr 1, Brb 1], and a Barbarian, Tharg Ironfist [Brb 5] as their leaders.
The tribe is primarily composed of warriors but the more prominent members of the tribe are rangers and Barbarians.
They capture Baphen by herding them into traps, using horses and horns to control the Baphen’s flight.
They are careful not to deplete the Baphen herds and only hunt strong males on Seilig Feast Days and during coming of age rituals.
Because of this they are on good terms with the Storm Coast Druids.

Koohd'Natnih Siénsiá

The characters will meet a blind decrepit old female (race?) living as a hermit. Koohd'Natnih is not only wise, she is a extraordinarily gifted seer of Áisnéis [Cleric 15]. She lives in isolation by choice and is far from helpless. She is an observer and will not get involved in any of the events around her, save to provide cryptic clues and prophecies on behalf of her God. Each statement or prophecy is true but is vague and bought at a high price.
Koohd'Natnih can see the past as easily as the future and is both prophet and Catalyst. That which is dormant she can awake, that which is hidden she can reveal and that which is bound she can release.
"You will come into fire!" , "The Dark fears you like a brothers war!" , "Never, ever bloody anything ever...", "Beware the green kin.", "Great danger and reward awaits you hero and a doom for a fool.", "Beware of poison gifts.", "The beasts are made of mithral.", "The Green will rise and the Dark will follow and your home will be in peril.",
"My prices are fair, you will see..."
One ton of firewood. A Baphen. A piece of your soul, - 1% of your XPs. Your left little finger. Your right eye. Your laugh. Your health, -6 CON perm. 100,000 gold pieces. A blade of grass. A lock of hair.

Ethan Namer “So the Song has brought you back great one. Even the big snake could not stop you I see. Rise above your mortal self.”
Tim Tanner "The Song is within you Holy One and the Gods smile. Pray and you will receive."
Ivellios Tharanaian "You will come into fire! The blight on your soul may be burnt away or temptation will consume you. Beware of your dreams."
Bob Charmer "The Green will rise and the Dark will follow and your home will be in peril. The Queen will follow."
Todd Stuffitt "The Dark fears you like a brothers war! Fear not the night, it can bring great reward. But a house divided will not stand"
Joe of Kell "Great danger and reward awaits you hero and a doom for a fool. Liquid gold is hard in your hands."
John Appleby "The green kin call you. Feed the Applewood Staff. Never, ever bloody anything ever...",

Elluadara Valarthanaian

This is the name of the Succubus who seduced Ivellios Tharanaian of Shale. Her real name was Sixe'Xuith Quith'Zertid. At the time she was working independently of Carilith. She was banished to the Abyss by Priests of Shale after it was discovered that she had seduced Ivellios and tainted his mind and magic with the power of the fallen.
Recently Carilith became aware of this and in order to strengthen his influence on the Storm Coast he has offered her a deal of transport to the Material Plane.
Meanwhile he has been sending dreams to Ivellios.

Prince Mantorok

Prince Mantorok has come to Stormwatch on church business. The High Sepulchre of Bás wants to zombie plague near dark keep dealt with.

The Abeil Queen

The Abeil Queen, whose city Diisha stands atop a rocky outcrop in the Stormshield hills has been having problems with the lizardfolk. Her daughter princess Lah'Lee Lu'Ley has left to establish a city near Honeyglen. There have been occasional skirmishes between the new city's soldiers them but as yet, there is an uneasy truce. The Queen Ley'Lee-Ley'Lah has met the wild marsh druid, but this was before he fell. While she is a powerful druid and does pay homage to Nadúir she is not a member of the druidic council nor the church of the moons. The wars between the Abeil and the church were some of the most difficult and both sides suffered heavy losses, so the inquisition take interest in their affairs only when there are serious violations or the Fallen involved. Torland was wise not to provoke them. If they could be befriended, they would be a great ally to Woodhaven.