The Peering Eye


The Peering Eye Pantheon is spilt into three mutually exclusive sub-pantheons:

The Chosen
The Risen
The Fallen.

Worshipping Gods from different sub-pantheons is unacceptable heresy from the point of view of all involved. Not only do all the Gods forbid it, but it will earn the supplicant and slow and painful death in most cases.

The Chosen

The Chosen is the largest of the sub-pantheons and is ostensively the only one that is active in the Universe. The Chosen are committed to ensuring that The Balance is maintained.

The Chosen are spilt into three groups:
The Cycles, Charon and Shale


The Gods Of The Cycles Sun
Croí, Bás, Nadúir, Seilig Glic and Stiuradh.


The Gods Of The Charon Moon
Cogadh, Compléasc, Uisce, Cré, Neart and Tionscail.


The Gods Of The Shale Moon
Draíocht, Fileadh, Tine, Aer, Brionglóid and Áisnéis.

The Risen

The Risen Gods have vowed to leave affairs on Radharc to the stewardship of The Chosen and not to imbalance the world with their strongly Lawful and Good ideals.

The Risen rarely take an active part in affairs on Radharc. They only do so when The Fallen have begun to upset The Balance and The Chosen have not acted to stop them. The Risen act with the permission of The Chosen.

The Risen are lead by Cróga from Starhome.

The Risen Gods
Cróga, Misneach, Aigne, Dlí, Stuaim

Lesser aspects of The Risen Gods
Onóir (Dlí)
Íobairt (Misneach)
Carthanais (Stuaim)

The Fallen

The Fallen Gods have been cast out of the world by all the other Gods, due to their attempts to seize, corrupt and destroy it.

The Fallen continually attempt to influence the affairs of Radharc and continually strive to return to it. The Fallen act in secret to avoid conflict with The Chosen and The Risen, working to gain sufficient strength to eventually overthrow them.

The Fallen are lead by Feo from The Prison.

The Fallen Gods
Feo, Athrú, Cealg, Éirelach, Saint

Other Aspects of The Fallen Gods
Tromlaí (Athrú)
Díoltas (Cealg)
Druis (Cealg)
Fraoch (Éirelach)
Leisce (Saint)