The Peering Eye

Recent Events

The King declared a Feast Day throughout the entire Kingdom to coincide with a victory by his personal agents over the forces of Torland who were bent on invading the colonies. The Torlandish Ambassador has publicly claimed to know nothing of this invasion. Torland's consistent sparring with Bigany has lent little credence to his protestations. On foot of this, several appointments were made.

Verity Kinnett I was granted the title of Baron and rich lands in Bigany to accompany the title. On his own request the young powerfully Skilled Baron was appointed Ambassador to Stormwatch. The crystal plague has followed Verity to this time and place in order to start a new life. They are currently observing the colony and Verity himself. They see Verity as the father of Sprog their saviour (who they cannot locate) and hope to be welcomed by him.

A well known Blackguard Hero Captain Azaz Vakar was appointed Knight Commander General of the Stormwatch Armed Forces. Several Blackguard volunteers joined General Vakar in his new home.

Unknown to all, 'Retired' Commissioner Chantilly Vegas has been appointed Thief-Taker General of Stormwatch. Vegas informed only Ambassador Kinnett and General Vakar of his arrival.

The Infamous Privateer Captain Vitorio Garibaldi, was not only honoured by the King for his services to the Kingdom, he was also granted extremely favourably trading concessions with Stormwatch. This has angered many merchants particularly the Mome and Poten families.

Un-remarked by almost all, the Zuoken Master Jethro has arrived in Stormwatch to found a secret monetary, devoted to the study of Zuoken Martial Arts and dedicated to the destruction of the Black Abbot.

The city has been infiltrated by a band of Shadar-Kai who wish to use Shale libraries to research the Shadow Realm. The have a keen interest in Ivellios Tharanaian a mage in Woodhaven and watch him constantly.

Several nobles have disappeared over the past few months. Investigations have not revealed why. Adventuring bands have investigated and given up. The church will not assist due to deteriorating relations with the Poten family. A Maurezhi Demon called Qu'krad Shaq'orzhid is devouring these nobles, adventurers etc and assuming their identities for a time. He leads a prominent criminal gang in Stormwatch and hopes to control the city. He is also a spy for Carilith.
A Movanic Deva named Andar Detamicous is trying to track down and stop Qu'krad. He will attempt to guide the local authorities without being discovered.

A squad of elite Githyanki were aboard The Kishs'K'Spah (see Neogi Mine). They are intent on exacting revenge upon the humans who had the audacity to steal a silver sword. Divinations and spies in the Stone Hall have lead them to the Storm Coast. They will not rest until they have the heads of the whole group especially Sprog. The loch queen Vlakith has sanctioned this punitive mission for her highest level cohorts. This is considered to be a "Du'Kith Du'Segith" a trial of final justice. The matter of the Silver Sword theft will be closed once the squad returns, is slain or 10 years has passed. The Githyanki nation does not consider it a disgrace to loose a silver sword to anyone powerful enough to overcome a squad of this ability. To pursue the matter further would not benefit the Nation and would be a waste of great Githyanki heroes. Occasionally however, depending on individual circumstances a full-scale planetary invasion by the Githyanki Astral Fleet may be ordered.


Temperate (Stormy). 50 foot tides. 8 seasons per year.
The Storm Coast suffers far more frequent and violent storms than can be explained by mere geography. Several Tempests (MMII p193) reside in the skies along the coast, enjoying and exaggerating the naturally stormy conditions of the climate. These creatures frequently have running battles with Colossal Thunder worms (FF p176).


King Edgar Kinnett I has granted the settlers freehold status under the protection of the Bigany Crown.
Settlers may present land claims at Stormwatch City to obtain ownership of colonial territory. They must provide proof that they can defend the claim from the realms enemies and exploit it's resources fully.
Under these laws the frontier villages and towns are founded, with generous loans from the Bigany Families or the Poten Family.


Torland has also founded a colony on this continent and it is only a matter of time before the conflict between both powers is resolved. Troops and spies watch each other constantly.
The King has also invited Queen Nadine McDuff to join a Bigany lead commonwealth.
The Dragon wants to draw Bigany into a protracted resource draining war with the Lizardfolk and/or Torland.


Earl Suluuk Poten IV, founded the Stormwatch Colony in the name of Bigany 30 years ago after Torland withdrew it's forces from the area around The Dark Swamp. At that time he was merely a landless Baron with no ties to any of the five families.
The Earl was swift to exploit the exceptionally fertile lands around the green river as well as the Blackstone cliffs along the coast and gold deposits in Dark river. He made vast wealth for the Poten family and brought them to a position of strong influence within the Kingdom.


Earl Suluuk Poten IV of Stormwatch on behalf of King Edgar Kinnett I of Bigany of The Colonies.