The Peering Eye

Sandobar Corleone

Human Male Fighter 8
STR 11, DEX 12, CON 11, INT 19, WIS 17, CHA 17

"I am Sandobar Corleone", he proclaimed with a wide smile and a bow.
As he straightened, his Freeport rifle twirled in his hand, arming itself and pointing at Lord Knicklepump.
"I know many Mome merchants but I do not know you."
He twirled his rifle into a bandolier on his back and his pistol into his belt. He smiled and waved the noble cleric aboard.
"Let's be civilised your Lordship, a brandy in my cabin, would be an excessively diverting means of instigating a mercantile endeavour to our mutual benefit."
He raised an eyebrow in an arch manner and his wry grin showed that he expected the Mome lord to duel with words not pistols to gain the upper hand.
- Captain Sandobar Corleone meeting Reave Knicklepump Mome.

Sandobar Corleone is the captain of 'The Black Heart' a spelljamming hammership. He is a wellspoken and urbane gentleman pirate who favours flashy gestures and even flashier weapons. He wears an outsize hat with a feather stuck in it along with well made but simple loose clothing suited to the life of a buccaneer. He enjoys twirling his huge moustache when emphasising a point.
Sandobar's reputation is fierce and his crew are all battle hardened veterans.

Pierre Woodman

Human Male Aristocrat 1
Pierre Woodman is the mayor of Logton and the proprietor of it's biggest inn, 'The Golden Axe'. He was the fourth son of a Bywater shipping merchant and was assigned command of a ship at a young age. The ship was lost with all hands due to his negligence and he fled in shame. Having failed as a noble ship captain and then regained some of his station, he is defensively arrogant and blames his failures on others.
The welfare of the loggers and people of his town is very important to him, but he would risk all their lives to get revenge on Rainlough of Koltham, who branded a symbol of Naduir into the side of his neck.
Even though he tries to hide the scar under his clothing, it itches when he acts in ways that displease Naduir and he rubs at it constantly. Pierre dresses in noble attire that is badly worn and probably second hand.
He has a tendency to loose focus in the middle of conversations and rarely notices what is going on around him.
Despite his lack of attention to his surroundings his has a gift for impersonations and regularly impresses the locals with his excellent mimicry.
He is a devout worshipper of The Chosen, particularly Croi and Naduir, but he continually succumbs to the overpowering temptation to take more than he should. This will ultimately cause his doom.

Adekumbé Lord of the Skulls

"Oh and it was Lord Adekumbé what took my hand, by the by. It works for him now." – Midge

Lord Adekumbé rules Skelton's Hope through his criminal gang, The Skulls.
He claims he was made a lord by a pirate king.
He is a towering one eyed black man with ritual scarring all over his body and skull markings on his face in blue grey ash.
He likes to click his teeth together to emphasise a point and speaks loudly in a deep voice with a thick nigerian accent.
He smells of moldy oranges and caramel.
He lives in the Captains quarters of the burnt out dwarven citadel.


The proprieter of The Wretched Hive is called Leechcraft and he has some small skill as a herbalist, apothecary and doctor.
He always has a leech attached to him which most find disgusting, much to his amusement.
He will often stroke the leech as it gorges itself on his blood.
Often a leech will become fully engorged as he chats to a patron and will fall into his drink as he speaks.
Leechcraft will then absently fish it out and bite into it. Blood will spray all over him and he will chew noisly on it as he speaks.
He is a prolific broker of information and illicit trade goods.

The Bottom Rung Gang are beggars, cutpurses, catburglars and spies and report to Leechcraft.

Seguin Valor'heriaid

Seguin is a Circle of the Moon Druid who guards a portal to the Feywild at the top of the ziggurat in the jungle on the underside of Skelton's Hope.
When anyone approaches his territory, either by ship or on foot, he unleashes a violent storm of lightning bolts and thunderheads, sufficient to blind and destroy intruders.
Seguin will occasionally observe small groups approaching slowly and openly to determine if they are hostile.
He is extremely hairy and smells strongly of the jungle. To further merge with the jungle, he smears himself in mud and wears only a leopards skin as a loincloth.

Midge Letterman

Human male, Rogue 3 (Thief)

STR 9, DEX 15, CON 12, INT 8, WIS 13, CHA 14

As they were trying to figure out a way into the town, I detached myself from the meagre collection of people around the gate and hobbled slowly over to them.
"If you need to get into the city unnoticed, I can help you," I whispered. "For a price.
"It's not entirely legit, but then neither are you I suspect. My name is Midge," I extended my remaining hand to Armand.
"The longer we stand here the more likely someone else notices. How about ten gold each and an additional five each to forget having seen us." bargained the cleric.
"It's twenty each," I responded in a subdued but clearly annoyed growl.
I shook my metal covered stump at Knicklepump, "Leechcraft will have my other hand if he finds out!"
My whispered anger quickly subsided replaced by a furtive glance at the gate.
"Look, I don't want to be seen talking to you. So last chance, deal or not?"
Midge's Memoirs - Chapter 4 The Priest in The Piglet

Midge is an almost destitute beggar working on Skelton's Hope. Only an occasional shady job and the charity of his cousin Charlotte, proprietor of The Dozing Piglet keeps him clothed and fed. He is frail looking and missing his left hand, but he is tougher and more dangerous than he looks and has survived trials that killed many seemingly tougher men.

Midge's Story
"Lord Adekumbé has infested the lower levels of the warrens with undead by using vile rituals given to him by The Servants of Hyulacc. The Servants of Hyulacc want Lord Adekumbé to have more power over Skelton's Hope and they rewarded his obedience with a weapon.
The ship delivering the weapon, a mosquito class ship called 'The Warped Needle' was intercepted by a Church Naval vessel 'VSS Sanction' above the topside forest. The Yugoloth captain cast an invisibility spell on the barrel containing the weapon and ordered it fired at the asteroid. It plunged unseen into the topside lake. The Warped Needle fled and managed to evade it's pursuer as they both tried to avoid the Lightning from the topside defences.
Lord Adekumbé received word of the delivery and pressganged several members of The Bottom Rung Gang into an expedition to the lake lead by The Skulls. I refused to cooperate until Lord Adekumbé threatened my only family, cousin Charlotte, even then I hesitated and so Lord Adekumbé cut off my left hand. By the time he had cauterised the wound I was ready to agree to anything. I saw my hand own severed hand dance in time with Adekumbé’s, he was controlling it after it was sliced off.
So I went on the expedition and it was a disaster. The creatures of the forest and the Druid Seguin killed everyone. Except for me. Somehow I managed to survive and retrieve the barrel from the lake during a terrific thunderstorm that Seguin unleashed. I used a potion of water breathing I took from The Skulls leader to hide underwater from the storm and I found a submerged tunnel into the warrens.
I brought the barrel to Lord Adekumbé, but he was furious at the loss of his men. He cast me out without any reward. Leechcraft expelled me from The Bottom Rung Gang for working with The Skulls. But I did what I had to do, and frankly, I'm lucky to be alive."
as told to Lord Reave Knicklepump Mome

High Reave Byron Kelvin Joy

Human male Paladin 20 (Avenger of Uisce)
STR 20, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 15, WIS 17, CHA 24

When you have unwittingly transgressed against Uisce, a punitive mission will be sent against you and you will suffer. Even the most foolish, if they survive this, will repent the error of their ways and vow with all the blood of their pounding hearts, to never displease Uisce again. Those who do not repent, and so truly invoke the cold burning fury of Uisce's wrath are hunted down by High Reave Byron Kelvin Joy, her coldest and most ruthless Avenger.

A barely concealed fury burns through him and he uses tremendous willpower to contain his desire to unleash ecstatic holy havoc upon those who stand in his way. His Uisce forged ice armour, constantly wreathed in smoking cold ice while he restrains himself, snaps forth when his anger flares in jagged clouds of appalling frost. Byron kills as quickly and efficiently as he can. He requires that his will is enforced no matter how much destruction and violence is required. Only when a single helpless foes remains will he start to truely enjoy himself. He is exceedingly effective at extracting what he wants from the last soul living.

Some say that acolytes who studied with him chose the name Kelvin as a humourless pun, more say it is dangerous to speculate about such things, when he is so often the last life form to leave a room. They say that the joke went thus, "How many Kelvins are left in the room once Byron has gone." He told The Inquisition that he chose Byron as his Reave name because he believes that the prosaic poetry of pain crucifies the lyric beauty of retribution.

His particular set of skills is complemented by the fact that Uisce is extremely enthusiastic about his violent victories. She has sent a Solar, recently released from Cania by Impega of Az-Ylar and Silan Al Ramses to assist him if required. Woe betide those who meet the Angel of Retribution. Many thousands of years of solitary confinement, forgotten in ice and tortured by devils, have not made him kind.

Eepoxa "Deathtoad" Bloople

Female Bullywug Druid 7

Druid of The Black Frog Swamp in Koltham

Protege of a mysterious dark Bullywug

Dislikes the new 'advisor' taken on by the King. 

Xinomen Ellrohariad

Torc Human Evoker Wizard 15

"It is I, Xinomen The Magnificent!

He is a classic looking Torc wizard with violent purple robes, slightly singed, festooned with gold stars, slightly melted, topped with a huge collar, slightly chewed and a shock of red frizzy hair and matching beard, also slightly singed.

While Xinomen is nominally the head of the House Ellrohariad, a house with a long illustrious association with the Elves of Elledrin, he is subtly but firmly left out of every single aspect of running it affairs.

This is not surprising as he is appallingly fond of taking outrageous risks. Many consider Xinomen to be completely insane. They are probably right. Others consider him to be a raving lunatic, who should be locked up for his own safety and the safety of anyone within several miles of him.

Xinomen's reputation is well deserved. His fiasco with The Tower of Aer is a now taught by the Church of Draiocht as a perfect example of how not to handle magical containmment fields.

The infighting between the other scions of House Ellrohariad, is one of the main reasons that he has not been replaced. That coupled with the fact that he allows competent underlings to do their jobs and the fact the he is a frighteningly dangerous arcane master when he is angry.

Rosamund Harley

Rosamund is a jovial happy person, usually well dressed, in mostly black clothing. Her red is well kept and free flowing and her green eyes are passionate and lively. She speaks with an almost imperceptible accent. She seems to always be the slightest bit damp as if she has hastily dried off after a swim. She is an experianced and skilled chef curently working in a noble eatery called The Guidled Gull in Stormhaven. But she comes and goes as she pleases.


She was sold as a small child to a brothel owner in Biganford, while there she was an assistant, and all too frequently a test subject. Due to her first husband’s doomed obsession with becoming a baron they were divorced and she won custody of their daughter Mary and she later adopted a second daughter Priya. She has occasionally been seen in the company of Caleb Beltorc with whom she is having a passionate affair. She has been heard to remark that if you pay someone enough they will sell their own mother. She values knowledge more than anything else. A few of her previous lovers have felt slighted by her callous disregard and seek revenge.


She has the connections to obtain nearly anything. Some suspect a relationship with The Crown of some variety and that her work as a chef is just a front for her clandestine activities. She earned her freedom from the brothel when her former master was replaced by an agent who became her handler. She wishes to resurrect an her father who died a long time ago and she knows where his body is.

Lord Morrison Norfolk of Litany

A dandy and a rockstar duellist.


Baron Sheffield Swift of Karst

A plump and arrogant noble. First cousin of the Count Wayland Swift II.

Risky Pete

The smugglers leader is called Risky Pete and he lives up to his name. Missing an eye, an ear and a few fingers. He wears a bat leather eye patch with three pearls. His has a room in the tavern.