The Peering Eye

Legion Standards

All units in the Torlandish Army carry standards of varying levels of power.
The more powerful standards supercede the lower ones but also feed off their power.

The following list shows the relative power levels of different tiers of standards.
The standards maximum caster level and spell level is listed for each type.
A standard can affect a number of troops as a listed
(e.g a Gold standard can affect an entire Legion of approximately 5,000 men )
The affects of a standard can only be gained of the unit carries it’s own standard prominantly.

For example, a conterberium (8 men) needs their standard to be flown to gain it’s effect.
If their century’s standard is flying, then they can gain it’s effect instead.
If the cohort standard for that century is also flying then they will benefit from that instead.

A standard needs at least half (round down) of the next tier standards to be flying in order to function fully.
For example, An adamantite standard requires at least 2 legions to function at full capacity.
Otherwise it drops to the next lower tier and functions as a Platinum Standard
If it doesn’t have 5 cohorts to support it, then it drops again and functions as an Electrum Standard
If, Tacticus forbid, there aren’t even 3 centuries to suport it, it will drop down again to Iron.
The standard is now being horribly under-utilised. It now needs 5 conterberia (40 men) to work.
If not then down it goes to it’s lowest ebb at copper.

Standard Bearer prestige class
(Paladin Bard based).
This class has strong anti-fear and morale abilities and is able to get far more from a standard.
E.g. for each level of Standard Bearer, they can bring an underpowered standard up one level.
They can combine effectd from their standard with those of a superior standard.
They can make standard spells last longer, cast spells into and through the standard, take a defensive stance, etc...

Standard Types
Conterberium (8 men), Tin 2nd (1), Copper 3rd (2)
Century (80 men), Bronze 4th (2), Brass 5th (3), Iron 6th (3)
Cohort (480 men), Silver 7th (4), Electrum 9th (5)
Legion (5,000 men), Gold 11th (6), Platinum 13th (7)
Army (25,000 men), Cold Iron 15th (8), Mithral 16th (8), Adamantite 17th (9)
Empire (250,000 men), Kellum 21st (Epic)

Draíocht Ring

This ring is given to all those who pass the trials of the Maaji Order. It is a silver ring and functions as a holy symbol of Draíocht. The band appears perfectly smooth to the naked eye but an extraordinary perception or investigation check (DC30) will reveal tiny etchings of magical runes along it's surface. These etchings can be easily read by anyone using detect magic. The etchings describe the uses of the device as well as holding ritual prayers to Draíocht. The etchings and prayers on each ring are unique and specifically tuned to the user they are created for. Traditionally the ring is given along with a golden bowl carved with runes of Tine, the fire God.

To use the ring it must be worn on the index finger of the right hand and the user must point at the target while uttering one of the prayers inscribed on the ring. Even if the user is mute or magically silenced, the ring will function as long as the user is sincerely offering the prayer as praise to Draíocht. Once the prayer is complete, the user's fingertip is temporarily replaced by a tiny silver falcon. This falcon then flies forward at blinding speed before disappearing.

The user must aim the flight of the tiny bird and succeed at a ranged spell attack in order to hit a target. If the bird hits an object it does 1d8 points of magic silver piercing damage. The user may add their spell ability modifier to the attack roll. The critical range for the attack is 19-20. Short range is 120 feet and long range is 800 feat.

Using the ring to attack a target is an action that uses one charge. A spell caster can use two charges at 5th level, three at 11th level and four at 17th level. Each charge requires a separate attack roll. The rign can also be used to make an melee spell instead of an attack of opportunity but this uses double the number of charges, requires only one attack roll and applies the spell ability modifier only once.

If the attack is a critical hit, the silver bird lodges in the target and does not disappear. The bird is worth 2sp per charge used.

Charging Ritual
These rings hold 101 charges when they are created. Recharging them requires that the user perform a ritual religious service dedicated to Draíocht. The ritual is inscribed on the ring. The wearer infuses the item with life essence, which is absorbed by Draíocht for His own divine ends. As part of the ritual and as a test of faith, the user must place the finger bearing the ring into a rune carved golden bowl full of molten silver. If the user is in good favor with the God of Magic then the ring will absorb the silver and protect the wearer from harm. If successful the wearer may offer 1 hit dice and 1 silver piece per 10 charges, to recharge the ring.

If Draiocht displeased, the finger will be burnt away instantly and the silver will form into a jagged smoldering claw ending at the third joint and this claw will be fused to the ring. This curse is of divine orig in and so no saving throw is allowed and no resistance applies. This curse bestows disadvantage on strength and dexterity checks requiring the use of a hand as well as on spell attack rolls. Saves made against magic originating from victims of the curse have advantage. The victim cannot wear another magical ring on the same hand.

Attuning the ring
The ring is attuned to Shale and gains bonuses to hit during Shale's Dominance and looses these bonuses during Charon's dominance. It is possible to attune the ring more closely with the Shale to increase range and damage but as with all cycles bonuses the bonuses are lessened during the Charon dominance. To attune the ring, the wearer must succeed on a DC15 arcana and a DC15 religion check. To increase the power of the Shale connection the user must make the same checks at DC20. Each attempt can be made once per long rest.

Ring Chants
The ring can also be attuned to new prayers and chants composed by the wearer. If these chants please Draíocht, the wearer will be rewarded by an increase in the effectiveness of the ring. Attuning the ring in this manner is a free action that requires no check or XP expenditure. The quality of the chant determines of the power of effect.

Tera's Eyes

The Legend
Hundreds of years ago in the fishing town of Letham, lived a young couple. Tara so loved her husband Mark, a fisherman by trade, that soon after they wed she took to sleeping by day, while he was at sea. This allowed her to be awake all the time that he was home. She would sit up and watch him sleep at all night prefering not to sleep herself, while she could gaze at him. Instead she would sleep during the day and dream of him, while he was gone. Mark was as good a man with a pure a heart as there has ever been and Tara was somehow able to actaully see this goodness, when she looked upon him.
From this legend came the Bigany expression, 'Seeing someone through Tara's Eyes'. The expression is similar to 'Seeing someone through rose coloured glasses', refering to someone not seeing the faults or bad sides of others. It also implies that someone is in love and that there may actually be no faults to be found.

The Artifact
'Tara's Eyes' are a pair of lenses that are said to lenses from Tara's own eyes, which she plucked from their sockets when she learned of her husband's death at sea.

Each Eye bestows the following abilities upon the wearer:
30% Resistance to Spells and effects that depend on the victim seeing them (Gaze attacks Illusions et.)
Infravision (120'; at will)
Clairvoyance (1/day)
Detect Good/Evil (sight; 3/day)
If both Eyes are worn then he following abilities are bestowed upon the wearer:
True Sight (2/day)
Aura Reading (at will - constant)
Immunity (100%) to Sight based effects (Prismatic Spray, Symbol, Gaze attacks, etc.)

Over time, the wearer of both lenses will begin to experience pain and pleasure based on the Evilness of Goodness of those who auras they see. If they themselves are evil, the will constantly see their own aura and within three months they will be blinded by the constant sight of their own disgusting aura burnt into their sight. During the first year of wearing the Eyes the wearer perceives all good people in a much better light (as if their Charisma was 4 points higher). After one year of wearing the Eyes, gazing upon a truely good person (Neutral Good), will result in the wearer being charmed.

Rashok's Green Oil

"The King has left six of these potions with me for collection by Tris. He is an agent of the King who has used the oil before and will instruct them on it's use. One of the King of Bigany's agents procured this oil from a known fence in Bigany city. The oil has been occasionally supplied to The Crown for the past few years. It comes via a tortuous route from lands beyond Az-Ylar's deserts." - Ice Dale's Mayor Anton 'lips' Vec

Rashok's green oil is as it's name suggests inky dark green in colour and oily. It is also very thick and quite slimy. The oil has both alteration and enchantment magical auras, as well as a strong psychometabolic psionic aura.

The oil is applied by cutting the side of the neck under the jaw as well as under the arms, followed by smearing the oil all over the body. Correct application is crucial for long term exploration in the under dark aquatic realms.
A Wisdom (Medicine) check DC10 is required to avoid loosing blood during the application process, this blood loss causes 1d4 hp of damage each round until the recipient makes a DC10 constitution saving throw. A natural 1 on the Wisdom (Medicine) check or the constitution saving throw will cause permanent scarring which reduces the sufferers charisma by -1. A greater restoration spell can remove this effect.

The slimy inky green oil congeals around the fresh cuts and transforms them into gills that allow you to breathe water as well as air. When the oil enters your bloodstream your skin becomes slick and transparent and webbed membranes form between your fingers and toes. You gain a swim speed equal to your walking speed. While you are not wearing boots or gloves, you can dash as a bonus action. You can not wear gloves, gauntlets, rings or similar items unless you cut these membranes by inflicting 1d4 slashing damage to yourself. While under the effect of the oil, these membranes regenerate over time and magical healing restores them instantly.
If the oil is administered correctly, the effect lasts until your skin dries out completely. Your skin can be kept sufficiently wet by completely immersing yourself in water for 1 hour every day. If not, the effects start when you are fully immersed in water and end an hour after you are no longer fully immersed.

The potion comes ultimately from Ko-Shaar, The Aboleth of Etreyar, who has been labouring to produce as much as possible using ancient rites in conjunction with an unstable combination of Fallen rituals, psionics, alchemy and her own secretions. Ko-Shaar has ensured that the price of the oil is high enough that The Crown only uses it for it's most critical missions. The insidious side effect of the potion is that the user has disadvantage on wisdom saving throws made against effects originating from Ko-Shaar.

The Crowns of Bigany

Artefacts Created By Jurius Kinnett I

The Kinnett Mantle 120
The Torc Mantle 60
The Forc Mantle 60
The Vec Mantle 60
The Mome Mantle 60
The Crown 200
The Trainer 150

Standard Powers Mindlink , Probe, Sightlink, Soundlink, Toughtlink.
Description The mantle of was created by the greatest of the kings of Bigany Jurius Kinnett I. The Bigany crown is reputed to be one of Jurius Kinnett I more powerful creations. Not surprisingly, King Edgar is not forthcoming with information about the crown he wears...

The Crowns of Bigany
Crown Bearer Levels
The Trainer Lord Garrol DeDannan Psychic Warrior 10, Blackguard 10.
The Crown King Edgar Kinnett I Telepath 17, Aristocrat 1
The Kinnett Crown Duke Telemecus Kinnett Telepath 15, Aristocrat 1
The Mome Crown Duke Montague Mome Rogue 3, Monk 5, Aristocrat 8
The Vec Crown Duchess Donna Daniella Vec Rogue 5, Bard 5, Aristocrat 3, Asn 1
The Forc Crown Duke Krumnor Forc Fighter 14, Aristocrat 2
The Torc Crown Duchess Zodac Torc Sorcerer 13, Aristocrat 3

Bag Of Hammers

Wondrous item, rare
As an action you can open the bag causing hundreds of hammers to fly out of it in all directions. You and all creatures within 10 of you are struck by these hammers taking 5d6 bludgeoning damage and are knocked prone unless you make a DC15 Dexterity saving throw.
If you roll a natural 20 on this saving throw, you can use a bonus action to apply the effect to one creature within 20 feet, even if they were hit by the original effect.
Any creature that yells "Bag of Hammers!!" as a reaction to this effect receives advantage on the saving throw.
The bag can produce a throwing hammer twice per short rest. The hammer lasts for 1 day.

Khazûd-Vorr The Star Hammer

"With two ferocious hits the armour's chest plate was flattened and it's helm was sent flying across the room. The animating spirit fled beyond the Soul Gate. The armor clattered lifeless to the stone floor. The room was silent other than Maris' exultant heavy breathing. The great maul glowed bright blue and lifted into the air. It slowly glided over to Lady Maris.
The Charon priest was moved to prayer, 'Praise to The Chosen! That was quite a fight.'
The glowing dwarven hammer, the size of a maul, moved with gravitas to it's champion: Lady Captain Maris Piper.
In a sudden blur of violent motion it smashed the haft of her army issue maul and sent it flying out of her grip to crash into a far wall.
Then the glowing weapon settled into her hands. There was a momentary pervasive hum, as something powerful found a home.
Then silence.
'I have just found my soulmate. What is your name my Dwarven beauty?' asks Lady Maris.
In her mind the maul intoned:
'My name is Khazûd-Vorr: The Star Hammer, Bane of The Fallen and Boon of The Smith.
I was created to fight The Fallen and to forge for their foes.
I hunger for The Blood of The Fallen and the yielding touch of white hot steel.
I have crossed oceans of time to find you.
Together we will do Great things.
Let us be away from here! I have languished too long in anonymity."

Khazûd-Vorr is an intelligent weapon that was created thousands of years ago, by the Dwarves of Stonestar, to destroy The Fallen. It was crafted from Moonstone and Kellum and is practically indestructible. The Stonestar was destroyed by the Masters of Hyulacc sending great shards of stone throughout the stars. One of which became the asteroid habitat known as Skelton’s Hope.

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It can fly at 5’ per turn and can attack inanimate objetcs. It can hear and see with darkvision out to 120’. When you hit a Fallen creature with this weapon, it takes an extra 3d6 damage.

Orc Red Dust

Wondrous Item, rare
This small leather packet contains a fine red dust. In order to use this dust you must perform a 10 minute ritual to Neart, the god of strength. If you are a worshipper of The Chosen you can adapt an existing Neart ceremony by making a DC10 Intelligence (Religion) check. A priest of Neart can teach any Church member the ritual. The ritual involves carving a tattoo into the recipients bare chest, using their blood mixed with the dust. The primary design is the symbol of Neart with Compleasec and Tine as part of the motif.
Once the ritual is complete you can activate the magic of the angry red tattoo as a bonus action. For 1 minute after activation your Strength is 29. The magic has no effect if your Strength is already 29 or higher. The activated tattoo glows with a burning red light that can be seen through armor and sheds dim light in a 20' radius. If the tattoo is not activated within three days of the ritual the magic fades and Neart is displeased.

Goblin Blacktar

Potion, uncommon
This crude bone flask made from the hollowed femur of a humanoid creature and stoppered with goblin earwax contains a liquid more repulsive than it’s container. Inside is a thick black liquid that smells of fermented pine and chilli. Tasting the liquid burns the tongue and causes a flash of nausea.
As an action you can drink the contents of the flask. You regain 4d4+4 hit points. You must make a DC10 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned as the vile concoction goes through your digestive system like black fire. You can make the saving throw again at the end of each of your turns.

Gruntle Sash

Wondrous, uncommon
This crude sash woven from leaves and twigs of a magical willow tree called Gruntle can hold 10 goodberries. Goodberries stored in this sash stay fresh for one week.

Hobgoblin Death Helm

Being strapped into this terrifying spiked jagged Death Helm is painful both physically and mentally.
The Death Helm drains your life force to move a spelljamming ship causing 6 hit points of necrotic damage every hour per point of Ship Rating (SR). If the damage is resisted or the subject is immune then the helm doesn't function. The maximum SR is determined by your level (or hit dice) divided by 2.
For every 24 hours you use the helm you must make a DC10 Constitution saving throw. On failure your maximum hitpoints are reduced by 2d6. If your maximum hit points are reduced, the you must make a Charisma saving throw or become temporarily insane from the pain. The Charisma saving throw DC is 10 + the number of hit points drained.
If you are reduced to zero hit points by this helm you die and your soul is trapped within it. You cannot be restored to life unless the helm is destroyed.

Dolmen Stones

When you place these three stones in the correct configuration and offer a prayer to the God of Nature Naduir, they grow in size to form a 15 foot tall stone dolmen for the duration. The effect ends if you leave its area. The effect lasts for 8 hours.
Nine creatures of Medium size or smaller can fit under the dolmen with you. The magic fails if its area includes a larger creature or more than nine creatures. Creatures and objects within the dolmen when you create it can move in and out of it freely. All other creatures and objects are barred from entry. Spells and other magical effects can’t extend into or out of the dolmen or be cast into or out of it. The atmosphere inside the dolmen is comfortable and dry, regardless of the weather outside.
When the effect is created a crude stone plate sits in the centre of the floor with a spring of mistletoe and nine goodberries in it. The disappear if they are not used before the end of the effect.
Until the effect ends, you can command the interior to become dimly lit or dark. The dolmen appears empty from the outside and appears to have appropriate lighting to the exterior conditions.

You can cast druidcraft as a bonus action while in posession of these stones or while within 120 feet of the dolmen.
While inside the dolmen a druid of cleric of Naduir can cast sending 3 times to talk to a druid, a cleric of Naduir or any being that is located insode of a henge or druidic grove.
These stones are often used as the foundation of a druids grove and are rarely found without a druid protecting them. A dolmen is sacred ground for both druids and cleric of Naduir.

When Dolmen Stones have a fourth stone, it allows the user to summon an Earth elemental to protect the dolmen once per moon.

Exploding Cheese

Captain Maris Piper of The Grand Army of Bigany is fanatical about The Kingdom of Bigany and cheese. As a member of the Crucible Sappers division she has been trained as a military alchemist. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it explains, to a small degree, why someone would make high explosive from cheese.

Created through a complex alchemical process this cheese is delicious and perfectly safe, until a primer made of special truffle oil is added. This starts a chemical reaction that causes the cheese to explode violently once it is complete. One drop causes an explosion within an hour, two drops reduce the delay to a minute, three drops to a round and four or more drops make it explode immediately.

The explosion of one wedge of cheese causes 3d6 force and fire damage to all within 5' of the origin square. A Dexterity saving throw DC12 halves the damage.

A wedge weighs 1lb. Captain Maris Piper often carries a 'wheel' of cheese made of 16 wedges. Many tyromaniacs delight in detonating multiple wedges at once. For each additional wedge detonated the damage increases by 1d6 up to a maximum of 8d6. Additional wedges added cause the radius to increase by 5' per five wedges up to a maximum of 20' radius.

A wheel of cheese deals 8d6 damage in a 15' radius.

Warning: DO NOT ingest truffle oil primer after eating an exploding cheese. Symptoms include extreme flatulence, scorching indigestion, fatigue, and hot flushes. If you experience death as a result of ingesting exploding cheese and primer, please discontinue use.

Tanglefoot Bag

As an action, a character can throw the tanglefoot bag up to 20 feet. Make a ranged attack against the target, treating the bag as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target is restrained if it is large or smaller. The target can make a Strength saving throw DC 12 to avoid the effect. The effect last for 1 minute. A flying winged target is forced to land.

The target can use an action to make a Strength (Athletics) ability check to end the effect.