The Peering Eye

Novak Gashlicker

Novak Gashlicker is descended from a great line of dwarven warriors. He is most famous for his part in "The Last Stand High Hall" by the Gashlicker Hold's dwarven defenders, in which all the warriors of the Gashlicker Hold were slain and High Hall was finally lost to the Minotaur Armies.

Novak, the leader of the Gashlicker Defenders, was their most skillful and experienced warrior. Although the Gashlicker Army had held out for months against the combined goblinoid forces, they were finally crushed when the Minotaur battalions attacked. As the last of the dwarves fell Novak charged through the Minotaur ranks and clashed with Kual-ineh, the Minotaur Sorceror, leader of the invading Minotaur forces. His mighty axe, blessed by Cogadh, slashed down upon Kual-ineh's neck and almost slew Minotaur.
However unseen forces prevented the killing blow from beheading the sorceror. The blow was mysteriously deflected and merely sliced through the minoatur's long tribal braids. Kual-ineh's bodyuards closed on Novak and hacked him to pieces. Cogadh had witnessed Novak's bravery and skill and it was His will that the wound Novak inflicted would never heal. From that day forward Kual-ineh bore the scar of Novak's blow and was known as Clovenmane.

Novak's body was never recovered after the battle and it was rumored that a Minotar Necromancer had taken it to perform vile rituals of undeath upon it in order to force Novak's soul into servitude. The Church of Bás made no comment upon this other than a wry and sinister grin and a subtle shake of a hooded head.

Among the Dwarven exiles who were forced to flee High Hall and the Dwarven resistance still within the mountain, the name of Novak Gashlicker is revered.