The Peering Eye

Mome, Lord Maaji Halmode

Maaji of The Church of Shale
Abbot of Highvale Abbey
Lord of Highvale
Servant of The King of Bigany
Heir to the Apparent House of Mome
Member of the Order of The Silver Stag
Arcane mentor of Lady Praena of Torland
Founder of the Highvale Brandy Appreciation Society

Mome Human Wizard Maaji 13

As a student Halmonde was noted for his laziness. Although noted for his alacrity at avoiding work and his general enthusiasm for lazing around and drinking beer Halmonde is also noted for his addiction to research.
A particular example is the time when a stone became dislodged from the wall of his student quarters following a rather boisterous night's revelry. On being instructed that he was confined to quarters until such time that he put the rock back where it came from he reacted by reading. He read until he had completely exhausted the library's collection of works on Engineering.
Once he understood how the wall should have been built he set to researching a spell to lift the rock back in place. It took him six months and a lot of sleepless days (the wind and rain through the hole in the wall was particularly vexing to his unseen servant 'Unseen Bob' who was forced to stand in the draft for the entire 6 months, the breeze was highly inconvenient to Halmonde and was only tolerable after a bottle of his best wine) to research the spell to put it back in place.

Boghadoir, Lord Terilianiad

Male Elf Fighter 12

Aliases: Boghadoir of Elledrin,
Knight Commander Order of the Stag (Torland),
Knight of the Silver Stag (Elledrin),
Knight Commander of The Hounds of Highvale (Bigany)

Lord Boghadoir is the 3rd son of the house Terilianiad one of the 14 noble houses that sit on the council of Elledrin. The Terilianiad is a family renowned for producing some of the best warriors in Elven history.
During the war with between Bigany and Torland the elves stayed aloof of the conflict abiding by an ancient non-aggression treaty that was made with the Emperor of Torland. This treaty guaranteed the elves independence and their rights over the woods wherein they dwelt.
In the lead up to the Bigany Invasion, the army chose to ignore the terms of this ancient treaty and use Elven lands as a channel through which to funnel people and equipment without drawing the attention of Bigany. This breach of treaty caused great disruption amongst the Elves. Some, of the pro Torland faction, advocated accepting this state of affairs, others said that in time it would pass and the woods would be once more left to the Elves. Others argued that this was the first step in the subjugation of the Elven people. This argument was divisive and spread the width of the Continent as different groups of Elves took positions on the subject. One of the most vocal of the opponents of concessions to Torland was an Elf from Elledrin, known as Boghadoir .
In an effort to be heard Boghadoir stormed into one of the council meetings to plead his case and insist that Elledrin take a hand in the destiny of the southern continent. After successfully insulting the council and apparently achieving little else Boghadoir was reprimanded by his family.
He and his unit were posted by the military to an outpost in one of the border regions by way of punishment (It is argued that factions within Elledrin secretly sided with Boghadoir and his 'punishment'). The outpost where they were posted was near to Branch Hill in Bigany. Once there Boghadoir and his troops went upon an extended patrol that somehow found them past Branch hill and half way up the great Valley towards Red Brick Bridge. While 'Lost' in Bigany, Boghadoir and his company happened upon traces of a Torland unit on Elledrin lands. Tracking them led them to the Elledrin border and into Kinnett territory. Ignoring orders Boghadoir pushed on following the Torland invaders. He found them setting up an ambush in a gully frequented by Kinnett troops. The invaders were stripped to the waist digging pit traps and fortifications. They made easy targets for the elven archers who fell on them from their higher elevation. At the end of the battle all but a handful of the 50 Torland soldiers lay dead. Their commander and a few of his men successfully broke out and fled into the forest. The elves had lost only seven of their number, still by Elven standards a costly victory. On return to Elledrin lands Boghadoir presented himself to his superiors and took full responsibility for his actions.
He was subsequently arrested, court-martialled and exiled from Elledrin for 101 years. Just before his departure into exile Boghadoir received an anonymous note that simply read, "It took courage risk everything, never feel that you are alone, the hearts of many in Elledrin go with you."
Boghadoir denies a rumour that once he inadvertently swore allegiance to the fallen during the interrogation of a prisoner. The words ascribed him were:'We too are searching for the way, the world is not as it is meant to be, only the god's can help us, in the fallen we can find salvation.'
The Inquisition are understood to have an open file on the matter.

Fletcher, Lady Rhiannon

Countess of Valaff's Isle

Female Human Monk 4, Rogue 4, Fighter 4

Rhiannon was knighted Dame Rhiannon of Highvale by Halmonde. The title was later approved, although she wasn’t too happy about being called ‘a dame’ by the mercenaries. She was later granted the title to the County of Valaff’s isle.

Lady Rhiannon enjoys long walks especially when taken by people who annoy her.

The following is an extract from Lady Rhiannon's Diary, and provides some insight into her personality:

Excerpt from Rhiannon’s diary:

We just captured a big reanimated Dragon skeleton. Yay us!! Good old Lance of Disruption! Die Dragon die!!!
There’s gotta be some creature I can turn into that can dig. A Giant worm, or a blue Dragon or a Boghadóir maybe. He’s doing a great job! There’s a cave, quick lets go in and rob all the ex-dragon’s stuff. Life is great being a scrag. Bored of writing, well not bored just don’t have much to say. Dog’s spit is cleaner than human and you can’t fold any piece of paper of any size more than 7 times. Interesting facts of the day, also adding acid to a thiosulphate solution will give a yellow precipitate.

So we’re in a cave and there’s a rock carved passageway heading out in front of us. Boghadóir just fell into a pit trap, oops it’s my job to check for traps, we forget those type of things these days. It’s okay he has feather fall, there’s always some way to get out of a sticky spot by bending the rules, ay Boghadóir? It’s still going to hurt though, just give in to the pit you’re falling at 60 feet a round. He wants to critical the wall, he’s done 3 points of damage, way to go. I offered to throw him a rope but apparently we don’t have one long enough. Maybe I should think of another way to stop his inevitable descent into the pit of despair.
So he’s okay now but they want me to jump across a 15-foot pit. Lets see if I can fly, this chunky piece of expensive amulet has to be useful for something goddamnit. Jump, jump, jump. 16, will I make it??!! Probably not. Halmonde’s been a bird and a snake, what’s that about. Oh I fell, and hit a wall, 6 points of damage; it’s getting its revenge for Boghadoir’s scathing stabbing earlier. Guess what Boghadóir has found a rule loophole surprise, surprise! I actually managed to jump the pit! Boghadóir is levitating and rowing with a long spear thing, big eejit.

So now we’re in this dark room, not much light. There’s a pile of rubble by the fireplace. What’s under the rubble?! Is it normal rubble or is it something out of the ordinary. Gotta go search. There’s a tunnel we ignored and it is from there that a creature is now attacking Halmonde. It looks like a large purple worm. This time I’m gonna flank. It’s trying to eat Halmonde; I should probably start spotting and searching, which is my job after all. Lets kill the damn thing. Halmonde’s been swallowed, he’s gonna light a fire inside so it’s all good. He took 23 points of damage, ouch! Now I’m waiting for Boghadóir to attack so we can flank. Halmonde just took another 20 points of damage. I remember in the old days when my brother got swallowed and he just cut his way out. They didn’t seem so tough. We, on the other hand are getting massacred, Boghadóir got swallowed too.
I’m all alone, gulp!
Short sword is small so he can attack it from the inside. Unfortunately he didn’t penetrate the hide and he missed with the second attack.
Grr, I say grrr.
I hit it though for 19 points of damage.
I rock. Wuhoo!!
Halmonde got out in shadow form! I ran away so now it’s charging me, it bites me.
Yikes! I think there may be trouble ahead!
Oh now it has decided to just move after me instead so I’m still free! I only have 30 hit points left so I had better be careful. Now it’s time for a bit of chain lightning, suck flies and die colonel! Boghadóir just cut his way out I think and Halmonde is constructing a nice wall of fire around its 80 foot bulk.
I did 54 points of lightning damage, ha! I’m smarter than the average bear! Wall of fire only does 'DeeFours' damage, weird! It’s moving through the wall of fire to come and bite me, it appears to have gone psychotic. I now have 5 hit points left, gulp. I managed not to get grappled, hands off sphincter face! Boghadóir's getting stung. I did 16 points of damage, it seems to be on its last legs. Boghadóir is gonna finish him off, go Boghadóir , go!!! It’s sitting in a wall of fire, Boghadóir just did 21 points, stil1 there, plus 15 points from the second shot. Okay Halmonde it’s up to you and that wall of fire. Can he do it? 18 points, still alive. Lance of disruption for 34 points manages to finish it off.
Phew! All gone!
Great idea, the Feast of the Purple Worm! Much better than Halmonde’s sodding birthday celebration. We could have the purple games, or a Wormathon!

Lake, Joanna

Rogue 5, Monk 2, Assassin 1
Joanna's story is as follows -
Originally from the great lake region she was widowed at a young age. Leaving her life as a weaver behind she left headed for Bigany, hoping to find work in one of the great houses. On the way she met with and joined a group of travellers bound for Highvale.
Impressed by her first meeting with the adventurers who had founded the area she decided to go there instead.
She took up service with Lady Rhiannon as a lady in waiting, assistant and general helper. Showing some aptitude for adventuring it was not long before Rhiannon had her training as a thief. She has accompanied Rhiannon on much of her travels.

The real story is a little different
Joanna is a widow - her husband was killed while serving in the Torlandish army at Redbrick bridge - in a battle dominated by Boghadoir of Elledrin.
She joined the company - not to learn from them but to kill them. Her husband may have been a soldier but she was a trained assassin - it was no wonder that she showed such aptitude!
She did intend on killing them, but she never quite got around to it. Until, one evening she was left on watch...alone.
It was her perfect opportunity. But she could not take it. Something had changed. Instead, she took up her new role as companion to Lady Rhiannon.

Greyhood, Sir Borric

Sir Greyhood of Highvale
Human Male Ranger 11

Greyhood is most famous for trapping a Succubus by falling for her seductive charms. It was all part of his cunning plan he claims.

Greyhood is the leader of The Houndslayers, the highvale militia.
Originally recruited as short term Mercenaries this motley crew of cutthroats and thieves proved to be amongst the most loyal of retainers. They served with distinction in the campaign against the Orcs of Highvale Pass and went on to take up residence there with their families.
They derived their name from an instance when a group of them annihilated a Hellhound against all odds.

Of these one stood out as a clear leader and two others were sergeants, one for each of the two groups that made up this unit.
The group is divided into two units. All have been trained in bow use.
Half of the group have been trained as heavy foot soldiers. The other half were trained in the arts of stealth and sneak-craft by thief extraordinaire Rhiannon.

Rumours that these troops have an extraordinary loyalty to Halmonde that is somehow due to magical influence are strongly denied. Anyone who knew Halmonde in his Bigany years finds it incomprehensible that anyone other than Unseen Bob could even tolerate Halmonde let alone serve loyaly.

Halmonde later knights two of the Hounds in the Order of Highvale (Which he has just set up). This causes some issues with the Heralds. He Knights: Sir Greyhood, Sir Keanu, He also knights Rhiannon – calling her a Dame in the process.
The Lord-Maaji Halmonde Mome, has awarded the ‘Highvale Medal’, an award he conceived of and commissioned, to several of their most loyal retainers. The Medal depicts a Horizontal Staff crossed by a Charon axe and an Elven bow.

Dragonblood, Heinrich

Human Male Sorceror 6

Originally one of the group that became known as the Hound Slayers this chap soon became an invaluable aid in Halmonde’s governance of Highvale. Sharing some of Halmonde’s natural charisma and affability he soon became interested in the study of magic. While he was not very studious he demonstrated an ability to manifest power on the strength of his personality alone! This no doubt helped him in his full time job of organising the Hound Slayers and keeping their teeth sharp.

Giltharaian, Sir Elledriel

Captain of the Highvale Guard.
Male Elf Fighter 7

Originally Boghadoir's Mentor prior to the decision that Boghadoir was to be exiled. Argued strongly on Boghadoir behalf in council. A hero of several wars and a trainer in the standing army of Elledrin he resigned his commission in protest over the exile. Together with a contingent of like-minded elves he set out to take service in Highvale once he heard that Boghadoir had set up a base of operations there. He currently has command over the armed forces of Highvale.
Elledriel had been Boghadoir sword master in the Elledrin army and had been responsible for much of his early training. Elledriel arrived at Highvale one day clad in Full Plate Armour astride his equally armoured Warhorse. Attached to his belt was the ancient sword of his line. A sword rich in memory and myth. With him he brought to Mules laden with his possessions and his servant Quixote.

Soon after he joined The Lord Maaji Halmonde Mome in Highvale, Boghadóir was joined by a number of his countrymen ostensibly there for the ‘Mountain Air’. The fact that these Elves were heavily armed and mostly from the group who had acted in the Torland-Bigany war seems to have been entirely coincidental.
The most notable of those that joined him was Elledriel.

Elledriel was an ageing Elf known for his great skill in combat and his martial disposition. Elledriel had been Boghadóir’s sword master in the Elledrin army and had been responsible for much of his early training. Elledriel arrived at Highvale one day clad in Full Plate Armour astride his equally armoured Warhorse. Attached to his belt was the ancient sword of his line. A sword rich in memory and myth. With him he brought to Mules laden with his possessions and his servant Quixote.
Others that arrived included old companions of his – five Knights of the Silver Stag. Each was heavily armed and armoured and astride a mighty destrier. Each arrived with little more than their armament and a mule carrying tents and other equipment.
A group of ten Elven rangers, having heard of his exploits against the Orcs of the area, arrived to assist in reclaiming the area from these foes. While they cared little for his views on the Torland - Bigany war they nevertheless turned out to be fierce and relentless enemies of the Orcs of the area.
Finally a large number of younger Elves arrived, perhaps caught up by the romanticism of Boghadóir’s stance against the council, some twenty Boghadóirs and sixty others capable of fighting as infantry arrived.

Salliandra (Nymph) of High Vale

Female Nymph Commoner 1
Several have tried to raid the Nymphs pool. Several more have tried to spy upon her as she bathed. Those who survived the experience lost their will to live, so entranced had they become by her beauty.
It is rumoured that the Lords of Highvale have met her and reached a pact with her. It is even rumoured that Lady Rhiannon swam in her pool.
The Nymph is known to be fiercely protective of her pool and the surrounding area. She communicates with the rangers who guard the area and exchanges information with them. Little else is known of her.

Ramses, Ferdad

Ferdad the Munificent
He is a trader who was involved in trading goods for the Dragon. He arranged transport from Bigany to Torland.

Fireclaw, Grahk

Shaman of the Highvale Orcs

Only in the aftermath of her death has the horror of this dark creature truly come to light. Former captives and prisoners awake in the middle of the night shivering with the thoughts of her depraved practices and the rituals she performed. World wise priests tremble that one so evil could have held sway so close to their temples.

Kom Ombo, Pashca

Male Human Expert 3
The Az-Ylari merchant, trafficker in goods. This merchant went missing in the borderlands of Az-Ylar. He was last seen in the company of a group of Bigany Mercenaries of supposedly good reputation i.e. Lord Halmonde Mome and his compatriots. Before that he barely survived an attempted assassination and robbery by well-organised and equipped thieves.

Mome, Constance

Constance was never too bright, nor was he ambitious. As an eldest son and heir of a branch of the family that prided itself on achievement this was not acceptable. On reaching majority he was thrust into the depths of the business and found that he could do it but didn't like to.
Surprisingly, it was Constance himself who heard of the Vitrus family and its declining wealth and diminishing prospects. Indeed it was he himself who proposed the alliance in an unusual moment of insight.

Factor, Drummond

Male Human Expert 6
Constance Momes Factor. Constance’s factor had thought his branch of the family enterprise free of incompetence. Then he met Constance. Constance’s lack of care marked him as a throw back to less illustrious times. However the factor is hopeful that the insight Constance has shown in setting up this arrangement might be brought to the rest of the family's business.

De La Manchia, Cicero

Male Human Rogue 7
Recently hired by Boghadoir for his specialist lock picking abilities. Even the beard on his face is trimmed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of his abilities. He is also an accomplished information gatherer.
The most recent addition to the groups forces.

Greyhawk, Aramil

Male Human Cleric 7 (Charon)
Aramil, a cleric, joined Halmonde after he established Highvale abbey. He is primarily a fighting cleric and relishes the opportunity to prove his faith in clearing the lands for the monastery.
He is a little concerned over the secular nature of much of the foundation, however, he is happy to go along with this so long as the abbey does not lose out in the long run. He views the upper valley as a perfect place for an abbey.

Giltharanilliad, Esterilliania

Female Elf Bard 10, Loremaster 10
The Ancient One of Elledrin.
The Ancient one should be long dead. Why she lives still is a mystery. Some say that she was the first-born of the elves and will be the last to die. Others say that she is the keeper of memory for the Elven race, the high Bard of that culture. Others still believe that she survives to fight an age old struggle with her counterpart in the Underdark.

Faloffal, Prince Auffal

Male Human Aristocrat 5
A native of Az-Ylar, he was the recipient of stolen goods from the Fire and Air cults of Az-Ylar in Lakeport. These items were taken by The Heroes of Highvale.