The Peering Eye

The Great Lake

The Great Lake dominates northern Bigany. It is a trade gateway to Torland and Az Ylar. The southwest of the lake is dominated by the port city of Lakeport, the nexus of trade in the region. On the northeastern side of the lake is port city of Vecberg, Lakeport’s primary trading partner and the gateway to Torland. There are many other ports that feed the trade to and from Torland and Az-Ylar but they live in the shadow of ‘the twin cities’. The southeastern coast is dotted with fishing villages and but on the western coast small towns are more common feeding off the land and coastal barge trade. The north coast of the lake is a sparsely populated wilderness with a few towns dealing in the fur trade from further north.

The lake itself is dotted with a large number of isles, some of which are reputed to be the homes of pirate lairs. There is only one isle of significant size on the lake, devastated by plague over a century ago it has remained unpopulated and off limits since.

The Lakeport region is a substantial buffer zone between Bigany and The Empire of Torland. In reality patrols almost never go as far into Bigany as the Empire maps would indicate. Garrisons are at least a days ride from the official border. This is because the Black Guard tend to butcher patrols and raze garrisons depending on their mood and their current liberal interpretation of the border.

During the recent short war, the Empire laid siege to Lakeport, unsuccessfully as usual, having easily pushed through Vec lands and then getting fought to a standstill by the Forc armies. Interestingly they were stopped in their campign in the far south at Bywater, by the Mome Navy, having again pushed through the Vec lands with ease. The Crown asked some very difficult questions of the Vec nobles once the invasion was over.

The Imperial forces were halted in the Great Valley by the Forc armies from Crucible supported by Kinnett and Mome forces. A small number of Dirt Legion units made it into Bigany evading the main hosts. One was slaughtered in an ambush by a renegade unit of Elves from Elledrin lead by the infamous Boghadoir of Elledrin. Another was single handedly cut down by The Black Guard commander Garrol at Red Brick Bridge. Others were lost, in various unpleasant ways. Bigany is, particularly The Crownlands, full of nasty surprises. Some claimed that an entire legion could have still be been active after the war, but several decades later this is extremely unlikely. 

The Great Lake Region

Map of The Great Lake Region of Bigany - Featuring Lakeport and other major trading cities.

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Vec Cove

Thieves Guild Map of The Town of Vec Cove - a settlement of The Great Lake.

Featuring The Pulse, The Chess Gardens and The Sand Trap.

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Map of Belview Town.