The Peering Eye

Olaf's Kit

A small shop in The Bustle in Bigany is run by Olaf Thorbersson. It used to sell specialist equipment for adventurers. Although the prices were far above normal it was very popular with adventurers that had little time to spend on aquiring what they needed. What catapulted him to fame was his invention of 'Olaf’s kit' a complete set of every basic item that an adventurer was likely to need and all for an affordable price. Initially made famous by the Company of Wolves (who on arriving into any town went straight to the market asking for 'Olaf’s Kits') the idea and name has become widespread. In the last few years every town in Bigany (and even some places further a field) have come to have a 'Olaf's Supplies' store. Olaf has maintained his control over the market despite or perhaps because of the high prices he charges. Nothing is priced in silver, only gold. An Elf from The Edge of Reason Adventuring Company by the name of Vengeance has, together with his silent partner Fuergan, developed a new travel kit for those with more resources. This kit is modular and based upon the carrying capacity of the individual and their chosen specialisation. It is understood that Vengeance has negotiated with Olaf for the rights to distribute this product. It is currently being traded on trial in the Bigany store.

Retails at 150gp

Item Weight Cost
Gloves -- 1.00
Backpack 2 2.00
Beltpouch (large) 1 1.00
Candle -- 0.01
Chalk -- 0.01
Fishing Hook -- 0.05
Flint & Steel -- 0.05
Grappling Hook 4 0.80
Hammer 4 1.00
Holy Symbol -- 25.00
Holy Water Grenade 1 25.00
Iron Pot 2 0.50
Lantern, hooded 2 7.00
Mirror (Metal) -- 10.00
Oil Grenade (3) 3 33.00
Parchment -- 1.00
Piton (20) 10 0.30
Pole (10') 3 0.01
Silk Rope (50') 8 10.00
Sack,large (2) 1 0.40
Sack, small (2) -- 0.10
Sewing Needle -- 0.50
Signal Whistle -- 0.80
Soap (1lb) 1 0.50
Tent, small 10 5.00
Whetstone 1 0.02
Blanket -- 8.00
Total 53 133.05