The Peering Eye

Olaf's Kit

A small shop in The Bustle in Bigany is run by Olaf Thorbersson. It used to sell specialist equipment for adventurers. Although the prices were far above normal it was very popular with adventurers that had little time to spend on aquiring what they needed. What catapulted him to fame was his invention of 'Olaf’s kit' a complete set of every basic item that an adventurer was likely to need and all for an affordable price. Initially made famous by the Company of Wolves (who on arriving into any town went straight to the market asking for 'Olaf’s Kits') the idea and name has become widespread. In the last few years every town in Bigany (and even some places further a field) have come to have a 'Olaf's Supplies' store. Olaf has maintained his control over the market despite or perhaps because of the high prices he charges. Nothing is priced in silver, only gold. An Elf from The Edge of Reason Adventuring Company by the name of Vengeance has, together with his silent partner Fuergan, developed a new travel kit for those with more resources. This kit is modular and based upon the carrying capacity of the individual and their chosen specialisation. It is understood that Vengeance has negotiated with Olaf for the rights to distribute this product. It is currently being traded on trial in the Bigany store.

Retails at 150gp

Item Weight Cost
Gloves -- 1.00
Backpack 2 2.00
Beltpouch (large) 1 1.00
Candle -- 0.01
Chalk -- 0.01
Fishing Hook -- 0.05
Flint & Steel -- 0.05
Grappling Hook 4 0.80
Hammer 4 1.00
Holy Symbol -- 25.00
Holy Water Grenade 1 25.00
Iron Pot 2 0.50
Lantern, hooded 2 7.00
Mirror (Metal) -- 10.00
Oil Grenade (3) 3 33.00
Parchment -- 1.00
Piton (20) 10 0.30
Pole (10') 3 0.01
Silk Rope (50') 8 10.00
Sack,large (2) 1 0.40
Sack, small (2) -- 0.10
Sewing Needle -- 0.50
Signal Whistle -- 0.80
Soap (1lb) 1 0.50
Tent, small 10 5.00
Whetstone 1 0.02
Blanket -- 8.00
Total 53 133.05


Narcotics are poisonous substances that are ingested usually voluntarily by a creature. Creatures that are immune to poison are also immune to the effects of narcotics. Effects that counteract poisons are effective against narcotics. The effects of narcotics are temporary.



Each time a creature takes a narcotic they risk becoming addicted. The creature must make a Charisma saving throw DC12 each time a drug is taken to avoid becoming psychologically dependent.


This is a mild sedative that can be smoked or eaten. It is made from fresh green leaves.

Users of this drug feel incredibly relaxed and happy.

You gain disadvantage on Ability Checks, and Attack Rolls. You gain resistance to psychic damage and immunity to fear.

Any effect that causes you to become unconscious automatically succeeds and you count as havin 1 hit point for the purposes of sleep spells. 

Addiction saves against Sloop and made with advantage.


This is a very strong and addictive stimulant made from dried purple flowers. Users have a tendency to make crowing sounds like a rooster while using it.

It grants advantage on Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity ability checks but disadvantage on wisdom and charisma checks.

The user ignores one level of exhaustion when it is taken but gains a level of exhaustion once it wears off.


A dangerously powerful stimulant in the form of orange powder. It is manufactured in Honoria.

Taking this drug makes the user, euphoric and causes them to have hallucinations. The drug can be resisted by making a DC18 Constitution saving throw. The effects are so strong that the user cannot distinguish reality from the ‘visions’ they are having but will incorporate what is happening to them into the hallucinations. The euphoria is so intense that the user enters a state similar to a barbarians rage, but it lasts as long as the drug’s effects. 

  • You have advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws.
  • When you make a melee weapon attack using Strength, you gain a bonus to the damage roll that increases as you gain levels as a barbarian, as shown in the Rage Damage column of the Barbarian table.
  • You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
  • You can’t cast spells or concentrate on them. 
  • You ignore exhaustion. 

You gain a level of exhaustion once it wears off.

The drug usually lasts for two hours. Addiction saves have disadvantage.

Some religions believe that their gods can speak to the faithful through visions given to them while under the effects of Slam

Value of a GP


What does 1 gp buy?



100lbs of wheat, 50 chickens, 20lbs of Tobacco, 1 Goat, 1/2 Sheep


1 Short spear, 1 Javelin, 100 Sling Bullets, 10 Light Crossbow Bolts, 1 Light Hammer, 20 Arrows, 1 Sap, 1 Sai, 1 Whip


None, 1/5 Padded, 1/3 Light Wooden Shield


1/2 Backpack (empty), 10 Sacks (empty), 1 Waterskin (empty), 1/2 Bottle of Wine (empty), 1 Vial (empty)


2 Days Trail Rations, 50 Loaves of Bread, 5 lbs of Cheese, 3 Days Meals (Common), 10 Days Meals (Poor)


25 Mugs of Ale, 10 Gallons of Ale, 5 Pitchers (Common Wine)


2 Nights (Common Inn), 5 Nights (Poor Inn)

Light and Heat

100 Torches, 100 days firewood, 1 Flint and Steel, 10 Common Lamps, 10 Flasks of Oil


10 Bedrolls, 2 Winter Blankets, 50' of Hemp Rope


1lb Sealing Wax, 1 Tindertwig, 10 Peasant Outfits, 1 Travellers Outfit, 1/10 Banquet Serving


20 Days Feed, 2 Days Stabling


33 Miles by Coach, 100 times through a Toll gate, 10 Miles by Ship


3 Days Trained Hireling (see below), 0 Days Untrained Hireling (see below), 50 Miles of Messages by foot, 1/5 0th Level Spell by 1st Level Caster


Hirelings (Daily)

1 Day Alchemist, Barrister, Sage.

2 Days Architect, Engineer, Artist, Mercenary Leader.

3 Days Clerk, Entertainer, Performer, Mercenary Cavalry, Smith.

4 Days Mason, Craftsman, Tanner, Tailor, Scribe, Teamster.

5 Days Animal Tender, Groom, Mercenary, Common Sage, Valet, Lackey.

10 Days Labourer, Cook, Maid, Porter.

(No days leave)

Hireling Wages for one year

Maid or Labourer 33.60gp

Valet or Mercenary 67.20gp

Teamster or Craftsman 100.80gp

Merc Cavalry or Smith 134.40gp

Engineer or Architect 168.00gp

Artist or Merc Leader 201.60gp

Alchemist or Barrister 336.00gp