The Peering Eye


The Righteous Protector
The Seathed Sword

Paladin 30, Warlord 10, Outsider 20, Deity 17

Croga is the ledaer of The Risen Gods. Croga once fought alongside The Chosen against The Fallen. But along with the other Gods of The Risen, he was unable or unwilling to comprimise his beliefs and rule in a Balanced universe. The Risen gods wait in exile amongst the stars for the time when The Fallen find their way back into the univserse. On that day The Risen will Return. Until then they work against The Fallen from their starry exile.

Risen (Lawful Good)

Protection, Combat, Law, Good, Courage

Favoured Weapon

The Paladins of The Risen


Fight The Fallen
The Fallen must be defeated no matter what the cost.

Defend The Weak
Mortals need to be protected from the vile influence of The Fallen.

Obey The Exile
The Risen believe that the Exile was necessary to ensure that The Fallen stay imprisoned. The Balance created by The Great ensures that if either returns, the other will swiftly follow.

Clergy and Temples

The few temples to Croga resemble strongly fortified hospitals. They are extremely rare and The Inquisition of The Church Of The Moons has granted The Paladins Of The Risen permission to maintain only a handful of them on Talamh.

Clerics and Paladins of Croga rarely display any symbols of their God because they do not want to attract attention from The Inquisition. They conduct their vigil against The Fallen quietly, never letting anyone know who they serve. If they keep their faith to themselves and only involve themselves in the battle against The Fallen, then they are allowed operate by The Inquisition. If not, then they are imprisoned. Clerics of Croga are forbidden to attack members The Church Of The Moons.


The Ultramind
The Thinker
Uberpsionicus Maximus

Psion 40, Outsider 20, Deity 15

Aigne has the most is the most potent of all the Gods. DraĆ­ocht and Aigne were very close in mind and philosophy before the were forced to become Chosen and Risen. Many wondered if Aigne was meant to join The Risen.

Risen (Good)

Psionics, Protection,

Favoured Weapon
Crystal Shard

Psions, Psychich Warriors, Philisophers, Illithids, Frost Giants


Cogito Ergo Sum.

Clergy and Temples
Priests of Aigne tend to join orders with The Church Of The Moons, particularly Shale orders, playing a double life, waiting for the day when they can take the fight to The Fallen. It is rumoured that DraĆ­ocht deliberatley overlooks this behaviour.

One Permenant Temple has been established on The Horn. This is the only place on Talamh where Risen worship may take place. Many worry that this open worship allows The Fallen, to exploit The Balance to enable their follwers to get a foothold on Talamh.