The Peering Eye


The Gatekeeper,
The Fountain Arcane,
Ubermagister Universalis,
The Mind

Wizard 40, Outsider 20, Deity 17

Draíocht is the God of Magic and the Leader of The Gods Of Shale. All arcane magic flows from and through him.

Cerebral Chosen

Magic, Knowledge, Thought,

Favoured Weapon
Magic Missile
(Draiocht followers do not use physical weapons)

All those who wield magic, be it arcane, divine or any other source, acknowledge Draiocht as the conduit of all magical power. Those who displease Draiocht often fall under his simple but potent curse. They loose all their magical abilties forever.


Master Mind.
The most advanced state any sentient being can achieve is the mastery of the Mind.

Master Magic.
Magic and Knowledge are an excellent portals to this state. The study of Arcane Lore is the most pure of intellectual pursuits.

The mind can be used to overcome any obstacle, without resorting to base physical means. The ultimate achievement for mortals is to transcend the physical and become a creature of pure intellect.

Clergy and Temples

Temples to Draiocht are often built a the heart of great schools and libraries. The primary pursuit of Draiocht disciples is the pursuit of knowledge, and of Arcana in particular.

Physical activity is seen as having so little merit that servants, both mundance and magical, perform almost all the basic tasks of the temple.

To Charon followers it seems that Draiocht priests are extremely lazy but this is not the case. While it is true that a Draiocht Priest may spend a day staring a door, unwilling to stand up, turn the handle, open it and walk through, the priest will be contemplating a way to get past the door without touching it. More powerful followers of Draiocht will insist that not only have they bypassed the door in several different ways but that each time they stayed exactly where they were while doing it.

There are many Driaocht mages who act like this. Other more flamboyant members of the Order like to get out in the world and blast things to smithereens with their Arcane might.

When followers of Draiocht go to a fight they unleash an enormous amount of magical firepower to devastate large swathes of hapless foes.

The Maaji Order
Those disciples who combine the study of Arcane and Divine magic are known as The Maaji. The Maaji Order believe that combining the priestly studies and worship of their God with the arcane studies of wizardry gives them a greater understanding of magic and so brings the closer to ultimate transcendence. Cynics claim it is just a way to achieve greater personal magical might. The Maaji don't choose to comment, but most Maaji and very self confident, intelligent and powerful individuals.


Lord of Fire,
Old Smoker,
The Fire Dragon

Wizard 30, Psion 10 Primordial 20, Deity 11

Tine is an ancient Primordial who has joined the Gods of The Chosen at the request of Draíocht. He is the undisputed Master of Fire. Tine is defined by his desire to burn. He is fickle and tempestuous and delights in engulfing those who displease him in flame.

Cerebral Chosen (Chaotic)

Fire, Smoke, Azers, Efreeti, Fire Magic, Purification, Cooking

Favoured Weapon
Brazier of Fire

Adventurers, Battle Mages, Smiths, Azers, Fire Elementals, Dragonborn, Tieflings.

While Tine's followers are rare among the common people, He has historically been a favourite of the heroes of Talamh.

Most common folk are wise enough to be very respectful of Tine, as he is one of the most tempremental and most powerful of the Elder Chosen Gods. Most people acknowledge that they need fire to live in comfort, they know they will always need him. The mark of Tine is carved into forges and cook fires the world over. To incur Tine's wrath often means a swift and painful punishment.

When praying for favours from their God, worshippers of Tine must sacrifice an offering by burning it. For example, a mage who wishes to granted the gift of greater fire magic, would place a powerful magical item into the immortal fire at the centre of a Tine temple and pray humbly.

Tine has a solid following among the spellcasters involved in the Stormwatch wars, many of the mages and priests are spreading his word, knowing how the young apprentices love the damage and excitement that the fire magic brings. They pray that this 'Lizard war' will increase the numbers of Tine followers dramatically.


Respect Fire
Tine delights in burning those who do not show the proper respect for Him and for fire.

Tine's Justice is as his flames.
Swift, Ferocious and Painful.

It’s better to burn out than to fade away.
Tackle every situation with your full energies. Hold nothing back. Life is only lived once use every means as soon as possible to achieve greatness. Rest is for the weak.

Clergy and Temples

The greatest Tine temples are not found in the big cities, due to the fear of a fire spreading and destroying the city. The same reticence can be encountered in towns and villages. However, this attitude displays a gross ignorance among the common folk. Tine disciples have a great deal of control over fire. The townspeople do have another fear that is however well founded, they know the shrines attract ash rats. Many followers of The Flame take them as pets, alas the ash rats often have trouble with the rules of highly flammable towns and cities.

A tine temple is easily recognisable, not only is it's Firetower the tallest structure in most cities, it also resembles a large chimney and boasts a huge plume of smoke that wafts from it's top. The building is usually circular. A wide round base houses the outer sanctum which surrounds the inner sanctum. The Outer area is used for the offices and living quarters of the fire mages and priests.

At the centre of the temple is the inner sanctum, which is also the main worship area. It contains with various works of art, made from sturdy and fire resistant materials. Wealthier temples boast fire sculptures by Efreeti and Azer artists. In the centre of the inner sanctum is the I'Gonai Tine (Immortal Flame) burns. Above it the Firetower pulls the smoke away from the shrine. When conducting services the fire mages or clerics in the temple cast a short duration 'endure fire' on the congregation so that they can enjoy and indeed survive the intense heat in the shrine.

It is imperative that the 'Immortal Flame' is never extinguished. Although the fire is magical and burns even without air or fuel, the flame could be put out with magic. If this happens the shrine looses the blessing of Tine, and the temple has to be abandoned. The shame for the high priest of the temple is great and he is usually expelled from the order.
- Tine's justice is as his flames.
The Tine followers unofficial motto: Better to burn out than fade away, explains that the priests are expected to die trying to protect their shrine.

In smaller towns and villages, most blacksmiths will have a small shrine in their forges. Followers of Tine are usually welcome to stop and say a small prayer, but they are expected to make allowances for the smithy, who is usually a busy man.

Sachim Grenten
Storm Watch Travel Writer

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The Duchess of Wind
The Unseen Watcher
The All Knowing Emptiness
The Librarian

Bard 30, Psion 10 Primordial 20, Deity 11

Aer is an ancient Primordial who has joined the Gods of The Chosen at the request of Draíocht. She is the undisputed Mistress of Air. Aer is driven by Her desire to be everywhere and observe everything. She is eternally pensive, Her thoughts dwelling on thousands of different ideas, Her senses alighting on hundreds of separate locations and Her awareness absorbing a myriad of disparate events.

This means that while it is very difficult to hide from Aer’s ubiquitous presence, She is often vulnerable to the predations of other Gods. Her dispassionate distraction allowed Uisce to claim power over Storms. Church of The Moons sages believe that if Aer wished to reclaim Her powers then She would only have to focus all Her attention on Uisce in order to do so. Rituals to ask Aer about this, go unanswered and none dare to perform rituals to ask Uisce.
Due to the constant and diligent nature of Her observations, Aer is one of the few Gods that has never been tricked by Glic.

Cerebral Chosen (Neutral)

Air, Divination, Knowledge, Travel, Escape, Lightning, Thunder, Teleportation, Invisibility, Flight

Favoured Weapon
Lightning Bolt Javelin

Az-Ylar Citizens, Spies, Miners, Bards, Scholars, Eladrin, Storm Giants, Sliabhan Elves, Air Elementals, Djinn, Blue Dragons.

Scholars, sages, historians, bards and other lovers of knowledge are Her most numerous followers. Aer worshippers tend to be extremely intelligent, quiet and placid observers, which makes a quite a few of them excellent spies. More powerful worshippers of Aer are incredibly knowledgeable and almost impossible to find or imprison. Many work with The Church of Stiuradh.

Most common folk pay little attention to Aer, as She is one of the most placid of the Elder Chosen Gods. Most creatures acknowledge that they need air to live but they take it for granted as there has never been any reason not to. Few fear incurring Aer's wrath as She is more concerned with observing than taking action.

While Aer’s followers are rare among the common people, She has historically been a favorite of those who tunnel underground, dwarves, drow, miners, sewer workers, etc. Her shrines and Her symbols are used to ensure that air is clean and plentiful.

Sailors so not worship Aer at all for fear of Uisce’s wrath. Since She claimed the power of Storms all sailors offer Her sacrifices for favorable conditions. To pray to Aer while at sea is to risk Uisce’s tempestuous wrath.

Worship of Aer is common in Az-Ylar. She is most commonly invoked by travelers for protection and guidance during desert sandstorms. There are several great libraries in Az-Ylar dedicated to Aer.

When praying for favours from their God, worshippers of Aer must sit in quiet contemplation in as busy and area as possible, observing as many different aspects of their surroundings as they can while simultaneously concentrating on their prayers and offering their observations to Aer. It is said that Aer is aware of all the observations all Her worshippers make and remembers all the observations they have ever made.


The Insubstantial is More Substantial
Transcend the physical and it’s limitations. Corporeal beings are limited. They must eat, drink, breathe, and sleep. They are tied to one location and one set of senses. They die and most of their knowledge is lost. Incorporeal, insubstantial beings are superior. They are free of all these limitations and can concentrate on acquiring knowledge unimpeded.

Knowledge is Power
Acquire as much knowledge as you can.
Spread as much knowledge as you can.
Everything is important.

Inaction is Action
To observe something is to do Aer’s will by acquiring knowledge.
Unless more can be learned through participation in an event, it is unnecessary.
It is essential to remain calm at your core even when violent action is required.
Bravery is insanity.

Breath is the Gift of Air from Aer
Air inspires the mind.
Breathing exercises are essential to corporeal beings in order to allow them to focus their minds on the important tasks of gathering and spreading knowledge.

Clergy and Temples

The greatest Aer temples are found in larger cities, particularly in Az-Ylar and among the Sliabhan. Cities are where the greatest potential for acquiring and spreading knowledge exists. It also happens to be where the greatest amount of funding and physical labour are located. The priests of Aer rival the Maaji for their gargantuan disinterest in physical activity.

In smaller towns and villages there are rarely dedicated Aer temples. Schools and libraries, if they exist, will often be run by an Aer worshipper if not a fully ordained Aer priest. The local Church Of The Moon temple will always have a library of some variety in honor of Aer.

Almost all dedicated Aer temples are vast, lofty and airy libraries. They are often built as tall wind exposed towers and occasionally they are constructed of exotic materials such as solidified air, magical force or even compressed knowledge. The temples are often adorned with air sculptures from the elemental chaos and Djinn air art. Many air creatures such as elementals and Djinn are found worshipping at the bigger temples.

In the temples’ well lit airy halls, breathing exercises are conducted to enhance the participants cognitive abilities. Many commoners, merchants, nobles and priests of other Church of The Moons faiths participate. An hour of meditative breathing is considered an hour of worship and enhances the participants cerebral abilities for the same amount of time. Four hours is equivalent to a full night’s peaceful slumber. This allows devoted Aer worshippers to acquire knowledge almost continuously.

Many Aer libraries, containing the most precious collections of knowledge and most exclusive scrying equipment are perched at the top of Shale towers and are completely insubstantial. While all knowledge is to be shared, certain information can only be understood by those of sufficient learning.

The Church of Stiuradh keeps close tabs on Aer priests and libraries to ensure that information is ‘appropriately distributed’. This is not a source of conflict, not only due to the placid nature of Aer priests, but also because they admit that there is so much unrestricted knowledge to be collected and passed on that the sensitive information can wait. In passive retaliation, they keep close tabs on priests of Stiuradh. However they do absolutely nothing with the information they glean from that.

Several Aer temples are located in the elemental chaos, amidst colossal and stable pockets of elemental air. The priests of Aer are extremely adept at creating stable temples there and find it a simple matter to concentrate on maintaining the stability of the temple while conducting several other activities. Raiders have found that attacking these temples is very frustrating. This is because the Aer priests have found a technique that allows them to simply concentrate and the shift the entire temple into a ‘conceptual’ state. In this state the temple and it’s inhabitants are unable to interact with the ‘real’ world in any way. The priests then continue with their studies, while simultaneously observing the raiders with a pleasant demeanor and a slightly psychotic fascination. Githyanki raiders find this particularly irritating because even their famously powerful Silver Swords have no effect the temple in this state. The occasional Githzerai Aer priest who creates a ‘conceptual’ walkway to blithely stroll past raiders ships is greeted with incandescent and impotent fury.

At the highest point of most dedicated Aer temples is the Sanctum Insubstantium. This is where their most difficult and most powerful scrying rituals are performed. Only those with the ability to become insubstantial or to phase shift can enter. The most powerful Aer priests will perform ancient magical rituals there that allow them to transcend mortality and transform into beings of elemental air. This is the ultimate goal of an Aer priest and completing this ritual is an achievement that all Aer priests aspire to. The ritual is said to only work in a Sanctum Insubstantium and only if Aer approves of the candidate and their contributions to Her knowledge.