The Peering Eye


The Axe of The Great,
Feo Bane,
The Warrior

Fighter 40, Outsider 20, Deity 17

Cogadh the Mighty is the leader of The Centered Gods of Charon. He is the personification of the Art of Physical Combat. He has never been defeated. Cogadh’s Charon Waraxe left many scars of Feo as he was being chained.

Chosen Centered (Neutral)

Combat, Axe, War, Competition, Strength, Protection, Courage, Lycanthropy

Favoured Weapon
Charon Waraxe

Fighters, Generals, Warriors, Champions, Lycanthropes


Combat is Glory.
The only was to show your true worth is through excellence in combat. Spend every moment you can training, practicing or fighting.

Combat must be shared.
Always agree to train those less able than yourself. Do not slay inferior Combatants. Never avoid a combat unless it is obviously hopless, it is wrong to waste your learning by dying in hopeless battles.

Seek Worthy Opponents.
Never initiate Combat with an inferior fighter. Only by fighting superior opponents can you improve. Slaughtering hapless innocents is a sign of weakness or worse still a sign of the corruption of The Fallen. Do not slay worthy opponents.

Combat Solves All
The only way to settle any matter is through Combat. Be it a non-lethal sparring match with mutual respect or a bloody fight to the death. Combat is the only way to resolve anything. Talk is cheap. Thinking is a waste of time. It only puts off the inevitable.

Be Patient. Be Ready. The Fight is Coming.
Stay calm, patient and confident. The next Combat is very close.

Fight The Fallen
If you encounter a member of The Fallen. Defeat them in Combat, then bring them before The Inquisition.

Clergy and Temples

All Cogadh Temples center around arenas where combat takes place constantly. Most space in thses squat round buildings is dedicated to training, practicing and teaching combat. The armories on a Cogadh temple are alway well stocked, and all the weapons are well used.

Priests of Cogadh are always eager to get into fights. Luckily for the general populace, they will not start a fight against inferior opponents, unless severly provoked. They generally stay in their temples providing training for all those who are willing to dedicate themselves to the training regime.

They also provide combat training for armies and militia of all nations. Priests of Cogadh are exempt from the usual stricture preventing priests of The Church Of The Moons from fighting one another. In fact, for them it is encouraged.

Despite the intense rivalry between Cogadh priests and those of Neart and Compleasc, or perhaps because of it, they are happy to share their expertise and temples with their rivals in order to perfect their abilities.

The Empire of Torland boasts the largest Cogadh following. Given their love of conquest with their legions this is unsurprising.


The Implacable Athlete,
The Perfect Form,
The Survivor

Ranger 20, Fighter 20, Outsider 20, Deity 11

Compléasc is the toughest God in existance. He blends strength, endurance and speed into the perfect form using iron discipline. He insists on physical perfection. Compleasc threw himself in front of the most ferocious of The Fallen Gods attacks during the Chaining and survived them all.

Centered Chosen (Lawful Neutral)

Fitness, Toughness, Health, Healing, Balance, Strength, Celerity, Travel, War.

Favoured Weapon
Greatsword and Greataxe

Fighters, Rangers, Barbarians, Healers, Soldiers, Torlandish military trainers.

Compléasc followers believe that he is the ultimate manifestation of the Centered philosophy. There is an intense rivalry between Compléasc, Neart and Cogadh followers.


Be Fit.
There is no greater gift than a perfect body. You should do whetever you can do increase your fitness toughness, speed and endurance. Show how superior your perfect form is whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Clergy and Temples

Compleasc Temples are essentially gymnasiums and running tracks. Followers of Compléasc prefer outdoor surroudings and fresh air.

Compéasc temples are often remote and in the wilderness. Travelling to and from them on foot, is seen as a form of worship, proving the perfection, endurance and fitness of he traveller.

Compléasc temples usually provide healing free of charge to those who would train there, as the training is so harsh that healing is almost always required.


The Powerhouse,
The Lifter of Worlds,

Barbarian 20, Fighter 20, Outsider 20, Deity 11

Neart is the strongest of all the Gods. None come near to matching his raw physical power.

Centered Chosen (Neutral)

Strength, War, Competition

Favoured Weapon
Oversized Maul


Barbarians, Fighters, DeDannan, Giants.

Neart’s followers believe that he is the ultimate manifestation of the Centered philosophy. There is an intense rivalry between Neart and Cogadh followers.


Be Strong.
There is no greater gift than strength. You should do whetever you can do increase your strength and show how mighty you are whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Clergy and Temples

Temples devoted exclusively to Neart are few in number and are predominantly found in major cities.
For the most part Neart is represented in the Charon temples, in fact it is rare to find a Charon temple that does not have significant Neart representation. This is because strength underpins much of the Charon philosophy and is difficult to separate from other Charon

Neart is most often depicted as a massively muscled humanoid. Most imagery of him has Neart performing great feats of strength. One of the most popular is Neart holding Talamh above his head. In fact the most famous Neart statue stands above the Neart Temple in Bigany where a 6 foot solid adamantine statue supports 100 foot diameter copper sphere of Talamh. It is considered by some as Bigany’s greatest work of engineering.

Where a temple is devoted to Neart it’s architecture is founded in the principle of strength and stability (properties common to most Charon temples). As such they are squat structures rarely greater than 4 stories tall although they often go underground as well. The structures are usually round and relatively unadorned. Iron reinforced hewn stone is the material of choice with doors of steel or in rare cases adamantine. It is said that a Neart temple can withstand any natural disaster including earthquake.

The main area of worship in the temple is the arena (as with most Charon temples) which is located in the centre of the complex. Here worshippers not only practice the martial arts but also engage in specific strength training involving many forms of physical exercise and conditioning. The rest of the complex will usually function as standard fortress with living and storage areas which house the various, priests, templars, guests and servants.

During the Charon festivals the arena will host many competitions where worshippers of Neart, from the highest priest to the lowliest peasant can compete in various strength based pursuits. These range from weight lifting to wrestling to the old favorite ‘tree throwing’. It is unusual for anyone other than priest to come out as the ultimate winner of the competitions, however Neart has often shown favor to unlikely competitors. Most famously when a wild elf woodsman from Elledrin bested the High Reave Varden at tree throwing. It was later discovered that the wild elf was in fact a natural were bear and as such blessed by Charon.


Lord Stone,
The Stoic,
Father Mountain

The Mighty Lord of Earth, and Rock and Stone, sees little use in mortals and his infinite patience sees him wait for the next battle with The Fallen.

Fighter 30, Druid 10, Primordial 20, Deity 11

Centered Chosen (Lawful)

Earth, Mountains, Dwarves, Gold, Diamonds

Favoured Weapon
Stone Maul

Dwarves, Giants, Miners


Earth provides all.
It is a stable home in the chaotic empty universe. Food rises from it and riches are hidden in it ready for the taking.

Respect Earth
Give thanks to the earth for the bounty it provides and be carful not to take too much lest it smite you.

Clergy and Temples

The priests of Cre are as cold and hard and talkative as the Stone and Iron they love.
Even among the followers of Charon the followers of Stone are seen as a little strange.

Priests of Cre are strong, tough and and have an inhuman level of patience. It is rare to see one become agitated let alone angry, they stoically answer aggression with the power of stone and crush their foes beneath the earth.

The Temples of Cre like all Charon Temples are built like fortresses, but Cre Temples are built for defense rather than to allow combat. Dug into the living rock and sealed with portals of iron several feet thick, these temples are impregnable.


Lady of Storms,
The Cruel Lady,
The Queen of Frost,
Sweet Revenge

The Goddess of the seas and storms, rain and rivers. She is an ancient primordial who sided with Cogadh during The Chaining. She barely recognises his rule and is, as often as not, only answerable to her own whims. Her motives and indeed her nature seem unknowable. Her moods are violently unpredictable.

Ranger 20, Barbarian 20, Primordial 20, Deity 11

Centered Chosen (Chaotic)

Water, Cold, Seas, Storms, Rivers, Rain, Revenge, Rebellion, Freedom.

Favoured Weapon

Sailors, Rebels, Az-Ylar Nomads, Sahuagin, Merfolk, Locatha, White Dragons.


Fear the Lifegiver
Water gives life but fear it or you will die.
A Head for an Eye
The Justice of the Sea.
Find balance or death
A man with too little water is dust and a man with too much is drowned.

Clergy and Temples
Uisce requires little from her worshippers, having little time for mortals, but she will occasionally answer prayers. 
Uisce's cruelty to those who have displeased her is legendary and even the other Chosen Gods avoid her ire.
The High Temple of Uisce is in Stormhaven Firth on the seabed. Not in Bigany.
Temples to Uisce are usually found in ports, submerged under the docs.
The magic of Uisce Temples prevent those who enter from drowning.
Priests of Uisce demand great respect aboard ship.
It is a terrible honor and a great fortune to have an Uisce priest on board.
Uisce Clerics do not respect the authority of the Church.
Uisce Paladins attempt to provoke Tine priests and are openly hostile to Aer priests. 
Tensions between the Church in Biagny and the Stormhaven High Priestess are at an all time high.
The Champion of Uisce is a Paladin called High Reave Byron Kelvin Joy. 
High Reave Joy is incredibly powerful, dangerous and the implement of Uisce's vengeance.
A Solar called Duriel was recently release from imprisoment on Cania by the Grand Vizier's favourites Silan and Impega.
Duriel became an Avatar of Uisce's Vengeance and The Angel of Retribution.
The Arch Angel Duriel often works with High Byron Kelvin Reave Joy.
Priests of Uisce are not called Reaves unlike other Charon Churches. They are called Setesh.
This title comes from the times of The Godswar when Uisce stole the powers of the Gods of Chaos, Change, Deserts and Storms and almost managed to kill her greatest Primordial rival Aer.
The High Cleric in Stormhaven Firth is High Setesh Hyacinth Crimsontide XIII. A female sea elf from Mirala.


Lord of The Forge,
The Maker,
The Smith

Artificer 30, Bard 10, Outsider 20, Deity 8

Of all the gods Tionscail most resembles The Great. He creates the gears of war for The Chosen in preparation for the battles against The Fallen. He is the most constructive of all the Charon Gods. He loves creation in all is forms. He often appears as a great barrel chested man, dwarf or DeDannan Ogre holding a massive hammer over an anvil or hewing stone with a great axe. To constructs he appears as a half man half construct with metal appendages grafted onto his body.

Centered Chosen (Lawful Neutral)

Craft, Industry, Trade, Smithing, Dwarves, Constructs, Architecture, Wealth

Favoured Weapon

Craftsmen, Smiths, Dwarves, Constructs, Merchants, Shapers, Scultpters, Builders, Craft Clan DeDannan


The more goods, craft items and commodities that can be created the better.
Tionscail teaches that only by producing, creating or improving new things can a person prove their worth and truly add to the universe. Those who produce nothing or worse yet, destroy things are anathema to Tionscail followers.

Trade is worthwhile because it rewards the creation of new things and sends them around the globe to be enjoyed by all.

Clergy and Temples

Tionscail Clerics are primarily craftsmen, smiths and merchants who promote trade as a means to ensuring that all can enjoy the benefits of newly created goods and so that craftsmen are rewarded for their labours. Most of The Mercantile activity of the Church is handled by these clerics.

The Clerics of Tionscail work hard to ensure that fair trade prevails. They are very harsh on cheats and those who are caught engaging in unfair trading practices. This only includes criminals and smugglers if their activities cause craftsmen to receive poor prices for their work.

Clerics of Tionscail have little respect for professionals and services that are not required for the production of physical items. Clerics of Tionscail revile Feo most strongly because of his lust to utterly destroy all the work of The Great.

Tioncail temples are exceptionally well constructed buildings, containing workshops, forges, storehouses and shops. There is always a bustle of activity as raw materials are shipped in, crafted into finished goods which are stored and eventually shipped out for trade.

Cogadh Stats