The Peering Eye

Stormwatch City

Colony Main Port: 10,251 pop.
Location: On the coast on Green River.
Founded: 30 years ago.
GP Limit: 15,000
Ready Cash: 7,500,000

Colony Largest Town (+6)
Location: Dark bridge at the Dark river where Baphen and Green Rivers meet.
Founded: 15 years ago.
GP Limit: 3,000gp
Ready Cash: 1,305,000gp
Population: 4,351 (79% 3437 Human, 05% 218 Lizardfolk, 04% 174 Orc, 04% 174 Halfling, 02% 87 Dwarf, 02% 87 Elf, 02% 87 Gnoll, 01% 44 Half-Elf, 01% 44 Half-Orc)


Population 100
Gp limit = 100gp
Ready Cash = 500gp

Mayor: Diego DonFuego Aristocrat 3/Rogue 1 Down on his luck Vec family noble.
Squandered his small share of a noble estate and was given the task of overseeing this new community by his uncle Arturo DonFuego, who has invested the standard 1000gp in the town over two years ago.
Fat, Balding, Sweaty, in his mid forties. Always carries a handkerchief and always complains about the heat. He is occasionally cunning but prejudiced and boastful, believing strongly in the superiority of nobles.
Corrupt to a fine art and hates being in the village. He just wants to get the money together as quickly as he can in order to get back to squandering money on the luxuries of Bigany city.

Ozkellthorpe is a grim and dark town full of subdued and selfish people who keep to themselves for fear of being singled out for thievery or worse.


Westland Tower
This is a Torlandish stone tower used as a military base by the troops that patrol the area. The tower has room enough for twenty soldiers. It is not built to handle noble knights or important visitors. There is no permanent settlement here as the tower is only occupied at irregular intervals. The tower is comprised of a short squat square stone tower 30'x30'x30' and atop this sits a watchtower, also of stone but thinner and taller 10'x10'x30'. The tower is surrounded by several smaller buildings and a wooden palisade. There are new stables, barracks, a forge, storehouses and other buildings within the palisade that were added by the kings men. A caretaker and his family maintain the tower when the troops are absent. The tower stands on a low hill which overlooks the misty swamps. On a clear night, it is said that a bonfire in Honeyglen could be seen from the watchtower. The tower is currently occupied by the King's forces under the Earl's control. Originally one of the Earl's knights was to occupy this tower and make it his demesne. However the knight demurred. The tower is very remote and at the time there were no settlers or known resources in the area, not to mention the threat of lizardfolk and Torlandish troops.

This small farming settlement with a dock, an inn a trade post and little else is primarily used to supply the tower from the river when it's occupied. The rest of the time the farmers, loggers and trappers of the area keep to themselves and get on with simple but tough lives.

This village has a small inn and trading post surrounded by several farms is situated on the north side of the honey river. It is the favoured trading post of the local furriers and loggers, who have little time for the upstart villages of Honeyglen and Towerstop. This village was founded during the Torlandish occupation by Flavius Sigustioni. It's name was changed by the locals once lizardfolk troubles forced Torland to withdraw. There are several families of Torlandish descent living here along with some Steel Clan lizardfolk families exiled from Torland. Orcs, gnolls, elves and other races also live here with the newer settlers from Bigany. The latest mayor is the great-grandson of Flavius, a half-elf bard called Ziggy. The locals claim that Ziggy knows all and sees all. He certainly has an astonishing ability to spot trouble before it happens. He is the primary force behind the stability and integration of Ziggystowe. The locals have a great respect for him.


The Abeil larval city. This hive is currently engaged in hostilities with the lizardfolk.

Small settlement with a small inn and trading post. This is the focus of all the farms in the area. The name comes from the speed at which the crops grow in the fertile flood valley.

This small settlement is primarily dwarven. There are a few gnomes and other subterranean races accepted. Stein focuses on mining iron and tin and the forging of steel. They also have a strong brewing tradition. Robust pewter drinking containers from the forges are in great demand in Tor and Bigany.

These ruins are all that is left of the one human lizardfolk shared settlement. Only ghosts, thieves and assassins live there now.
It was set up to allow trade between the Torlandish settlers and the lizardfolk 'citizens' of The Dark Swamp.
Stilton or Sugath'Zith was comprised of a series of large wooden buildings set on massive wooden pillars driven into the swamp and river beds. The houses were connected by wooden walkways. Human houses were usually two stories high and lizardfolk dwellings were primarily one story with a 'basement', consisting of an underground air locked chamber under the water.
Stilton grew as trade increased and it's citizens prospered.
One night however a rebel lizardfolk faction attacked the settlement targeting both races. They infiltrated beyond the walls and using druidic magic they loosed the pilings and the buildings plunged into the water. Many of the buildings were cleverly designed to float, much to the surprise of the attackers, so the majority of the settlers escaped.
When the Torlandish army arrived, there was little left to salvage. The growing unrest of the lizardfolk meant that Stilton was never re-established.
The Steel Clan grew in power and skill while working with the humans of Stilton and are to this day, great crafters of metal. They are more inclined to work with humans than most other lizardfolk clans. Rumour has it the Poison Dusk Clan masterminded the attack on Stilton to break the Steel Clans power.


The newly proclaimed religious capital of the north of Stormwatch. Famous for the party of adventurers the live there.

This is an inn and a few other fortified buildings, surrounded by numerous herding pens. This is one of the few places that the river can be forded by a Baphen herd. Baphen herds naturally cross here and the area is very dangerous at those times. Some the wranglers brave enough to herd Baphen cross their herds here. The inn's taproom is frequented by the roughest wranglers or lashers. Human, Orc, Gnoll and other lashers all meet here with relatively minor trouble. The Innkeeper is an ex-knight who claims he was betrayed by Suluuk Poten after the foundation. No one in Lasher would cross him.

This settlement is little more than a trading post for several races in the area. Elves and halflings are the primary races here. The thorns of Feywood forest are frequently found trading here. If the fey of any forest in the region need to be contacted then this is the place.

Argon's Spinney
This three year old settlement was founded using Poten money. The town council are very loyal to the Poten family and are also quite arrogant. This arrogance has caused them to mismanage several attempts to improve the village. Rather than admit defeat or recognise their own shortcomings, the town council has convinced themselves and the rest of the villagers that the failures are due to spies and thieves from other villages. While Ozkellthorpe is the main focus of their attacks, the troublemakers of Woodhaven and the elves of Foresthome are also occasionally vilified.

County Of Darkkeep

This highly fortified mansion was completed in AK509 by Ezechial Torc of Darkbridge. The large manor, robust tower and massive walls protect a large plantation of storm grapes. There is a large number of people working on this plantation and they are well treated and loyal. Each worker is also trained as a warrior to protect the manor in time of need. There are several hedge knights living on the estate as well to bolster the defences. These knights are trained in smithing and in charge of training the militia.

Tradeford is several years old and a firmly established town. The Inn at Tradeford is surrounded by many large warehouses and each is usually full to the brim with good from either up or down river. The Inn is a hive of activity at all times. Trading and haggling takes place during the day and music, carousing and debauchery dominate the night. How the founder of Tradeford managed to get merchants and river captains to stop here for trade and negotiations instead of at Darkbridge remains a mystery.

Port Arkthuus
This is little more than a few small buildings that were built by the counts men. The dock, jail, inn and warehouses are crude but well made. The inhabitants do not have the same adventurous spirit found in other villages. Many expect the port to fail if the dark keep is abandoned.


Founded by Royce Mome of Darkbridge, this settlement has many advantages. Like Tradeford a large number of river captains stop and trade here. The buildings of the main square are elegant, strong and well built. It is obvious that quite a lot of gold was put into the foundation of Roycetown. The founder intends that this town will reflect favourably upon him. Unsurprisingly, Royce Mome is the mayor. There are lush green fields will fertile soil all around the village. There are strong walls and a well trained and equipped militia to protect the town and surrounds. Roycetown even boasts a Church of The Moons temple and a Vedic to run it, thanks to Royce's generous donations.

Instead of tilling the fertile land around them the settlers of this village decided that it would be better to attempt to breed Baphen in captivity. This idea originally brought derision from the local orc tribes, especially when the domesticated Baphen broke free on several occasions and destroyed the town. The 'baphers' persisted though and now with the skilled lashers and handlers can use the smaller pens, calming techniques and large moats to control the beasts. The stink from the dung, abattoirs and tanneries of Baphenthorp carries for miles around. Orc tribes and druids are not very impressed with the success of Baphenthorp and would rather see it disappear from the beautiful countryside. They believe that Baphen should not be penned.

Sir Bellander Alexevich "The Rusty Pick" started this farm when he retired from adventuring with Suluuk Poten. Bell as he is known holds the title of count due to his exploits with Suluuk but he chooses to live more as a simple farmer than as a lord. The farm is a sprawling affair which was well funded from Bell's adventuring career. There are over two hundred people working on the farm. Any who are of weapon bearing age are trained in the warrior arts, the children are all educated as well as noble children after their work on the farm is done. Many commoners would dearly love to be invited to join the community on Bellfarm.

A small dirty, rough, lawless village has smell all of it's own. There is little or no sanitation and no one takes responsibility for any public functions. There are no sloppers, no sewers, no town guard and no authority figures. The forges and smelters run day and night, the clamour and din reaching into every hovel and far out into the countryside. There are several taverns and an inn. Each manages to stay in business by employing thugs tougher than the disorganised rabble of miners and cutthroats that use them. The owner of the mine puts none of the profits of the silver mine back into the village. As long as there are miners to work the loads, all is well. No one knows who the owner is and no one cares enough to ask. The miners get paid, the earl and the church get their cut and the village continues to grow in spite of the neglect.

The water that flows down from Stillwater lake is clear and sweet. The village of Clearwater is a thriving community of pleasant farmer and craftsmen. While they will never be able to buy back the village deed, they have accepted that fact and are grateful that they are still freeholders. Many river captains moor at the Clearwater dock to take on supplies of Clearwater. Drinks made with Clearwater have a crisp refreshing taste and take a lot longer to spoil than normal drinks. It is rumoured that that Stillwater lake is cursed by the Gods and that at it's centre is a pillar made of gold.

Bloodfarm Valley

2 years ago hundreds of Stormwatch settlers were slaughtered by Colossal Megapedes (6) (MMII p148). Earl Poten sent scouts and rangers to determine how the threat could be neutralised. They determined that it couldn't and that the valley should be left to the vermin. Several adventuring groups have attempted to prove the rangers wrong, and earn the valley as a Barony, as per the Earl's decree. They have all met with their doom.
Some have forced the vermin to retreat underground only to be destroyed in the darkness of the tunnels under the fertile ground.

The Dark Swamp

It is a dangerous place for the unwary, Bone Rot, Spirit Moss and Inferno Vapour are among the many dangers found there. [Dungeon 126 p92].
The Lizardfolk in the Dark swamp, want to destroy the colonies and have a powerful Druid leading them.
The Poison Dusk Tribe (p96 MMIII) are the first to interact with colonists.
The Blackscale Tribe are their strongest fighters. (p95 MMIII).
The Dragon Tribe (Dracotaurs) are not true lizardfolk but follow common druids p42 MMIII. They are as strong as The Blackscale Tribe but are smarter and more versatile.
The Druid's "Wild Marsh" Tribe will use animals first, then Twig Blights (MMII p197) followed by indirect means to discourage settlers before resorting to direct attacks. They will trade with and assist the settlers at first, in order to spy on them. They will then try to sow disorder between other races and settlers and between human settlers themselves. They will try to foment rebellion within the colonies and to start a war with Torland. The Wild Marsh tribe have a mated pair of Sarkrith (FF p145) temporarily allied with them. These will happily murder the Druid once they have amassed enough power and can send for their brethren in cities beneath the surface of the world. They brethren are currently held in check by Ko-Shaar.
The Lizardfolk will ally with Sahuagin, in the sea and estuaries, who want the humans as sacrifices. Ko-Shaar has spies among the Sahuagin and Carilith and The Dragon have agents in Stormwatch.
The Red Scales are elite Lizardfolk, whose eggs were put into red dye by the druid. He then raised them as loyal elite followers (Dragon 335, p56).
The Lizardfolk have somehow obtained the services of Pair of Arrow Demon Rangers. (MMIII p34). The Rangers Qu'a mixim and Qu'a mixah are both vassals of Carilith's Father. The Entity brought them to Talamh in Misneach's shadow and now they serve him. Carilith wants the Wild Marsh Lizardfolk to destabilise the area. They can summon dretch to serve for days at a time and use them in the hunt.
The Wild Marsh druid knows that an attack on the Ibixian Cogadh Temples would be detrimental for the Lizardfolk. In addition there are significant numbers of Charon followers among the Black Scales.

Effington Castle

All the floors are crystal smooth and it's warriors have wheels on their heels. They can move rapidly into combat. However when the surface is compromised, they can lock the wheels and move as normal.

The Stormshield Hills

There are a few standard humanoid tribes in the area. Unusual humanoids include

Flind (MMIII p64) (Gnolls) aka Wolfmen - Werewolves
These tribes are nomadic following herds of Baphen. They hunt in large groups using bows, traps and Flind Bars. They are not territorial but are very aggressive and must be approached with extreme caution. They occasionally approach human settlements to trade hide and meats for tools and weapons.

Kenku (MMIII p87) aka Birdmen - Vrock Demons
These tribes live apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the region and although they are numerous they are rarely seen. Their animosity towards the Lizardfolk is well known and there were frequent raids by the Kenku against the swamp dwellers until the Wild March druid decimated several of their raiding parties. The raids have been very rare since then.

Ibixians (MMIII p63) aka Goatmen - Goat Devils
All are antagonistic to the Lizardfolk of The Dark Swamp and have suffered at their hands.
The Ibixians have constructed several isolated keeps throughout the region and have focused strongly on the worship of Cogadh. The Lizardfolk are wise enough not to attack these keeps without magic and massive numbers.

Kobolds (MM)
There are several Kobold Tribes in the area who are loyal to Torland, since their Tribes were conscripted during Torland's original conquest, which ended about 50 years ago. They are constantly in conflict with the Lizardfolk and will want to ally with the human nation, initially. They wear Torland arms and armour. They seek to reclaim their keep(s) around The Dark Swamp.

Icydeath Mountains

Icydeath Mountains
These massive peaks are the northern border of Stormwatch and have never been successfully scaled or bypassed by the current inhabitants of the area. The terrible lightening storms, freezing conditions and howling winds are insurmountable to most travellers. The Yak folk (MMII p200) Shale Temples guard the highest passes and discourage visitors with illusions and misdirection.

Stillwater lake

A massive white pillar rises from the still surface of this eerily smooth surfaced lake. The whole area is deathly quiet. There is an aura of power in the unmoving air. The pillar is 300' tall and completely smooth. It is capped with a golden pyramid. Each side is 15' wide. The stone is white but has veins of other colours running through it like marble. These green and blue veins seem to form a script but it is far too ancient to be deciphered.
Under this mile-wide lake lies the ruins of a cursed DéDannan settlement. Athrú and Feo made a bargain with the DéDannan Ogres living here, granting them magical power in exchange for their participation in divine racial experiments. The DéDannan here in Loch'Orgadh were indeed given more magical powers but were also horribly mutated into water breathing Kopru (MMII p134). They were further cursed by the gods when Feo was cast down by The Great. Their city was destroyed and plunged beneath the lake, and they cannot venture more than a mile from the lake or be wracked with pain and madness as their original form and spirit attempts to reassert itself.
The Kopru will attempt to enslave any who venture out onto the lakes waters, or any foolish enough to start a settlement nearby.
The lake is about a days ride north of Woodhaven and is teeming with wildlife cultivated by the Kopru.
As hateful forced minion worshippers of Athrú, the Kopru discovered the means to pass their curse onto humanoids, creating Meenlocks (MMII p146). They use the meenlocks to carry out menial tasks within the Stillwater area. The Meenlocks curse is less restrictive, they can travel up to 10 miles from their masters. They live in labyrinthine lairs dug deep beneath the forests nearby.
These tunnels pass rich deposits of various precious metals, once mined by the DéDannan.
There are several Mongrel folk (FF p125) villages near the lake. These are descendants of all local races who came too close to the lake and were affected by it's curse. They can leave the lake as they please but are reluctant to do so, feeling more 'comfortable' near it. The Kopru regard them as worthless, but other races raid their villages occasionally. They are therefore cowardly and wary of strangers.

Feythorn Forest

This forest is a beautiful blend of emerald trees, populated with fey folk from the Storm Coast. The timid mischievous creatures of the fey world take refuge here along with will elves and other motley woodland creatures. All are watched over by ferocious cohorts of Thorn warriors (MMIII p172).

Fochlachan Tomb

Well hidden in the mounds of the lower Stormshield Hills, this tomb has been untouched for centuries. It is the Tomb of a long dead legendary DéDannan Bard called Setanta Fochlachan.
It contains a baric puzzle lock that require the various elements of The Song to be matched to the gods. Read the book of creation or knowledge religion DC 25 per song.

Main Chamber Octagonal, Sarcophagi Panels, Entrance Chapel

The Fochlachan Tomb is guarded by a spell trap illusory puzzle set by the church.
There are seven rows of three squares.
Each must be filled. As each row is completed the next one activates.
Charon Cycles Shale
Combat Balance Magic
Body Spirit Mind
Cogadh Croí Draíocht
Axes Bows Staves
Water Heart Wind
Metal Wood Paper
Sex Love Lust

The prince of Schliss, the Alhoon and a lizardfolk illithid vassal have managed to create a Voidmind, Undead DéDannan Ogre from the body of one of Setanta's Choir Of The Dead. They can plane shift the creature to safety if necessary. They can also activate their own abilities through it.

Mithral Plate of Easy Movement +2
Movement 30. Socketed.
Mithral Chain Shirt of Chimes +1
This chiming armour gives the wearer a +10 bonus on perform checks.
When wearing the Chime Shirt, Ethan may use bardic music abilities as a bard equal to his character level.
When he wears the armour the Flail will become a thundering weapon (+1d6 sonic).
Mithral Spiked Shield +1 (socketed)
These items were Setanta's.
The DéDannan made many items as 'socketed'. This means that socket gems can be placed in them to provide additional magical powers.