The Peering Eye


Colony Largest Town (+3)
Location: Dark bridge at the Dark river where Baphen and Green Rivers meet.
Founded: 15 years ago.
GP Limit: 3,000gp
Ready Cash: 1,305,000gp

Population: 4,351 (79% 3437 Human, 05% 218 Lizardfolk, 04% 174 Orc, 04% 174 Halfling, 02% 87 Dwarf, 02% 87 Elf, 02% 87 Gnoll, 01% 44 Half-Elf, 01% 44 Half-Orc)

Town Guard: Male and female human War1 (100).
Bigany Army Garrison: Male and female human War1 (200) Bigany Army

Mayor: Sir Ulthuu Poten I Count Darkbridge (Human Male Aristocrat 2 Fighter 12)
Chief Constable: Massimo Vec (Human Male Warrior 11).
High Cleric: Arch Vedic Serena Mome Mistress of Balance (Human Female Cleric 8 (Cycles))

Authority Figures

Sir Ulthuu Poten
Mayor: Sir Ulthuu Poten I Count Darkbridge (Human Male Aristocrat 2 Fighter 12)
He is loyal to his cousin Suluuk, for the moment. They were both knights in Bigany and adventured together when founding Stormwatch. He has a rebellious nature though and would be happy to declare Darkbridge a city state. He would also happily support Stormwatch’s independence from Bigany. Ulthuu loves to tell stories and to talk and would put a Bard to shame. Bards are always welcome in his keep. Ulthuu can be found in many of the taverns throughout the city. He travels in disguise in the shadier areas but goes publicly to the Tipsy Fish. There are always several knights and bodyguards with him (1xF5, 2xF2, 4xW1) but these are merely to keep the riff raff away. Although he is now in his fifties his is still a fearsome knight.

Massimo Vec
Chief Constable: Massimo Vec (Human Male Warrior 11).
A violent man, he drinks with the lowlife of Darkbridge in a wretched hive of scum and villainy called the wet thug The tavern is run by The Picayune and allows Massimo to talk directly to the underworld. Massimo is a fervent believer in the new Colony and in the rule of Bigany. His uncouth and viciously violent nature has earned him the fear and respect of The Dark but there is little love lost between himself and the Lord Mayor. Only his proven abilities keep him in his position. His men are more loyal to him than to the Mayor.

Vedic Serena Mome
High Cleric: Arch Vedic Serena Mome Mistress of Balance (Human Female Cleric 8 (Cycles))
Serena is a trusting cleric who likes to believe the best of everyone. This has left her church in a position of weakness in the town. The High Reave of Stormwatch is considering replacing her if he can find a more political cleric to take her place. She is also extremely lonely and would be happy to return to her family in Bigany and the bustle of The Great Temple. She has received dreams of Var-Jen Tim Tanner and is eager to promote his standing within the church.

Notable NPCs

Zengarion Torc
Zengarion Torc is an experienced merchant wizard with particular expertise in investments in fledgling enterprises. He is an affable middle aged man who is straight talking and tends to stop wafflers in their tracks. He enjoys having more information about his visitors than they expect in order to keep them off balance during negotiations. To Zengarion every conversation is a negotiation.

Royce Mome
Royce Mome is a shrewd businessman who is willing to join in any venture that he believes will benefit him.
He doesn’t want to be involved in anything illegal or immoral or fattening.
His morality is based on the church so he is fairly flexible on that.
He is willing to buy darkwood, applewood, apples, cider, brandy and baphen produce from Oz at standard rates.
He will arrange shipping from Woodhaven if required but that will reduce the price to 60%.

Roberto Vec
This big fat greasy man, with his famous huge walrus moustache, is the largest land based merchant in Darkbridge and tends to throw his weight around in the caravan area. The majority of caravans trading along the rivers and the coast are his.

The Dark Horn
(aka Roderick Beggars) Tiefling Male Rogue 11
The Dark is the head of the Darkbridge Thieves guild. He is also Todd Stuffitt’s half brother. He wants him dead. He has an understanding with the current chief constable that the level of crime will be kept to an acceptable limit and as non-violent a possible. A low level stooge is sacrificed regularly and publicly punished by the law.

The Picayune
The Picayune (Human Female Rogue 5) is the proprietor of The Wet Thug Tavern and he can be used to contact the thieves guild.
The Picayune will also trade in stolen merchandise.

The Masons
Lord Ezechial Torc – Master Mason of the Darkbridge House (Human Expert 11)
Jeremy Stone Splitter, Iron-hand Stone Splitter – Journeyman Mason (Human Expert 6 and Dwarven Expert 5)
Martina Mason, Richard Mason, Eglington Mome – Apprentice Mason (Human Expert 1)
Sir Tromnor Forc, Sara Teran – Apprentice Mason (Human Expert 1/ Fighter 2 and Elf Expert 1/ Wizard 1).

Jeremy Stonesplitter
Jeremy Stonesplitter is was raised by his adopted family in a Dwarven Stronghold at the foot of the Icydeath Mountains. He has many of the traits of dwarven stone crafters but also has the quick witted nature of his human heritage. He is tired of Darkbridge believing that he has “seen it all” and he wants a new challenge. He also has an inferiority complex about his stone working abilities and needs to prove himself. The challenge of designing and building his own Moon Temple is very appealing.

The Knights of Winter
Sir Barristan Martin “The Red Death” Human Male Fighter 5
Sir William Blacktower “The Red Sword” Human Male Fighter 4
Sir Bellicose Torc “The Slayer” Human Male Fighter 4
Sir Donatello Donnadoni “The Tickled Pickle” Human Male Fighter 3
Sir Worthington Mome “The Bitch” Human Male Fighter 3

Geneis Kendyramin
Geneis is an attractive young halfling Bard.
She is talented but spends all of her gold on her amazing outfits and so is always broke.
She spins a mean yarn and her voice is worthy of the golden light of the Applewood Orchard.
She carries a rusty rapier in a jewelled scabbard that is completely at odds with her dazzling appearance.
She claims to fall in love with “Ozzy” as soon as she meets him and dotes on every word he says.
As far as Todd can tell she’s only acting, as you’d expect from a Bard, but she has nonetheless become quite fond of Oz.

Zebidee Waterwood
Zebidee Waterwood a loud and boastful Gnome river captain who commands the “Dancing Gnome”.
Zebidee used to ship arms and armour for the Torlandish army, but because of this the Bigany army and the Earl don’t like to put too much business his way.
He will buy second hand weapons that are in good condition from Oz for 75% of standard price instead of 50%.

The Bastions

A 15-foot-high stockade fence surrounds the isolated wilderness town. 40-foot-high stone bastions guard the four gates and serve as the barracks for the town’s militia. The Bastions contain storerooms, living quarters, a small jails, and a training rooms.
Town Guard, male and female human War1 (100): CR 1/2; Medium humanoid (human); HD 1d8+3; hp 7 each; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13; BAB +1; Grp +2; Atk/Full Atk +3 or +1/+1 melee (1d6+1/19-20, shortsword) or +2 ranged (1d8/19-20, dagger); AL N; SV Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +0; Str 13, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10.
Languages: Common.
Skills and Feats: Climb +5, Handle Animal +4, Ride +5; Toughness, Two Weapon Fighting
Possessions: Shortsword x2, 2 daggers, studded leather armour

The Docks

Royce Mome controls most of the standard trading along the river and charges 10% more than Bigany rates.
There are several other traders operating small sailboats, longships and galleys along the river.
These are rowed most of the time but some skilful pilots can manage sails on occasion.

The Bridge

A massive 1000 foot bridge made of black marble with gold veins through it spans the four rivers here. It was created sing a wish spell after the original Torlandish occupation, during the colonisation by the current mayor who used a ring of wishes. He can cause the bridge to become insubstantial if he desires.

The Tipsy Fish

The Tipsy Fish Inn
A well reputed Inn frequented by the richer merchants and some nobility. The Mayor Count Ulthuu drinks here quite frequently so many Bards and Darkbridge nobles attend, in order to curry favour with him.

The Tipsy Fish Brewery
There is quite a successful micro-brewery under the Tipsy fish which brews Tipsy Fish Ale, ferments Tipsy Fish Wine and distils Tipsy Fish Whiskey. They would probably be happy to brew Tipsy Fish Cider if approached with applewood apples. Tipsy Fish Wine and Whiskey are currently demanding high prices in Bigany City and Torland. The Master Brewer (Human Expert 2) is Troy Annapolis a lesser scion of the Kinnett great house. He came to seek his fortune in Darkbridge an has done well. He knows Joe of Kell from The Drunken Valroi. Troy cares only about two things. Troy Annapolis and The Tipsy Fish Brewery in that order. He is also quite clumsy and has spilt and smashed his way through a small fortune of equipment and merchandise. The owner of the Inn moved his distillery into a deep sub-basement soon after it opened due to the regular of explosions.

The Wet Thug Tavern

This is a dangerous portside dive, full of violent criminals and surprisingly it is frequented by the Chief Constable of Darkbridge Massimo Vec. The Tavern is dirty, damp and noisy. But the drink is cheap. Gambling continues day and night in The Wet Thug and often erupts into violence as participants are accused of cheating. The accusations are true as often than not and are often settled on the end of a blade. Massimo and the Inn’s proprietor as equally uninterested in these fracas. As long as any damage is paid for and any losers are not ‘innocent citizens’ of Darkbridge they do not get involved.
Any visitors to The Wet Thug are likely to be pick pocketed, mugged or cheated unless they can persuade (Diplomacy DC25) or intimidate (Intimidate DC 15) the clientele. Bard’s of low reputation play here but receive little more than spare change.
The Picayune (Human Female Rogue 5) is the proprietor of this Tavern and he can be used to contact the thieves guild. The Picayune will also trade in stolen merchandise. There is a back door (underground and hidden) into various secret chambers in the building and one of these leads to the dockside. This allows people and items to be moved in and out unobserved.

The Twisted Priest Inn

This is a well kept, cheap and clean Inn made of local stone and built recently by the Darkbridge Masons. While there are a few small rooms on offer the taproom is very large and boasts four massive open fires. Most knights and soldiers of the town gather here for relaxation and gambling, so it is fairly safe for law abiding citizens. Newcomers are often viewed with suspicion, especially non-humans, lizardfolk and those of obvious Torlandish Extraction.
The proprietor is Wayland Onasis (Human Warrior 5) a retired sea captain of the Mome Merchant fleet. He is proud of his tavern and his connections in both the local military and with the local merchants. He is a guarded individual who will not divulge anything unless he sees it will profit him. Wayland Onasis is more wealthy than his clientele should make him.

The Hungry Horse Inn

This small quiet and unassuming Inn is neither busy nor well known. It is located near the stables and merchant caravan pens and most visitors prefer to be closer to the centre of Darkbridge if they can. There is almost always room available and both the law and the underworld view it as unimportant. Most residents of Darkbridge will not have heard of it.
Xavier Zengarion is a failed Barber and a failed wizard and is well on the way to becoming a failed Innkeeper. He believes that his low prices, excellent service and dedication to his work will eventually bring him fame and riches. Unless someone lends him a hand his Inn is doomed. Meanwhile though he cheerfully goes about his quiet business, expecting the best. His current business strategy is “With a name like the hungry horse surely knight and merchants will want to stay overnight?”.
Visitors to Darkbridge who want to avoid attention would do well to stay in this Inn.

Zengarion Torc’s Mansion

This enormous mansion sits in the wealthiest quarter of Darkbridge near the noble and merchant houses. It is an imposing building built in the elegant style of the Darkbridge masons with the finest local and ironstone blocks. The interior is spacious and grand with polished marble floor and darkwood panelling. The main halls and wide stairs are decorated in an ostentatious but simple baroque style. Gold Leaf abounds. During business hours visitors are greeted by Jason Factor who will show them to a waiting area while he ascertains his master’s availability.
The stairs and corridors are lined with portraits of great members of the Torc family. Notable portraits include, Ezechial Torc the Master Mason of Darkbridge, Zengarion Torc and Zaccheus Torc the High Oghrim of Shale. Interestingly a portrait of Tain MacLir the creator of the chain gate is proudly displayed with MacLir shown as an all powerful mage, with a Torc likeness, rather than as a deluded megalomaniac.
Zengarion’s office is designed to be impressive and it succeeds. The light from the tall windows behind Zengarion’s desk shines brilliantly on the polished marble floor. The massive windows boast a view of Darkbridge Town as well as the dark bridge itself.