The Peering Eye

Mome, Arch-Duke Montague I

Archduke of Bigany
Second Admiral of The Bigany Navy
Bearer of The Mome Crown

“Never play cards with that silver tongued devil!”, Krumnor Forc.

Montague is the head of the Mome noble house in Bigany. Initial impressions of Montague Mome are always of a vacuous foppish dandy with the retention capacity of a sieve. He appears shallow, easily distracted and afflicted with verbal diahorrea of overwhelming irrelevancy.

Beneath this public veil lies a man of intensely serious focus. Montague manages the affairs of his family, his noble house, and his businesses with supreme efficiency. He is the kings foremost advisor and the chief liaison between The Church of The Moons and The Crown. Rumour has it that he is a worshipper of Stiuradh and has ties to the inquisition.

Montague Mome in either guise is a formidable negotiator. Merchants and nobles alike complain of his silver tongue and beguiling ways. He is a consummate actor, a compelling orator and is renowned for his mastery of logic and rhetoric.

However it is Montague’s his ability to read people and situations that is his most formidable asset. Nothing fools Montague Mome. No lie or feint, no subterfuge or disguise and no exquisitely crafted bluff has been able to deceive him since he became head of the Mome house.

When Montague was a boy he was subjected to rigorous testing for psionic aptitude by the then king, Edgar Kinnett XII. While he was far too flamboyant to be trained as a monk and too physically weak to be a psychic warrior, his natural psychic ability to powerfully project his emotions made him an ideal candidate for training as an Ardent. As a result he spent several years under the tutorship of Troy Kinnett. Once his studies were complete he joined the Bigany Navy for a three year tour where he rose swiftly through the ranks and won several naval honours. Both his considerable connections and equally considerable ability as a naval officer were rewarded with a captain’s commission within two years of his joining the Navy.

In the early years of his reign over the Mome house, there were many rumours alleging his direct involvement in a plethora of exciting clandestine activities using various rakish disguises. He was linked with a few adventuring bands and even some minor criminals. Nothing of course was ever substantiated. It is said that this Mome wild streak, which he indulged as a younger man, is what motivates him to tolerate if not strongly encourage the outrageous Mome parties that have recently become famous for the faux-derring-do of the nobles involved

Today, Montague is one of the most influential nobles of the Kingdom of Bigany. He subtly influences and imposes the kings will. He has been a key advisor to the last three kings and has had their confidence. While Montague is not above weaving the affairs of state from his mansion in the city and at court, he is also utterly loyal to the crown and king. The skill-bonding imposed upon him by the crown decades ago has never needed to be tested. Montague Mome is one of the few nobles who is given free reign to enter both the Church of The Moons and the Bigany Citadel.

Kinnett, Arch-Duke Telemecus

Human Male, Telepath 15, Aristocrat 1.
Bearer of The Kinnett Crown
Skill bonded to The Crown

Vec, Arch-Duchess Donna Daniella

Human Female, Rogue 5, Bard 5, Aristocrat 3, Asn 1
Bearer of The Vec Crown

Forc, Arch-Duke Krumnor

Human Male, Fighter 14, Aristocrat 2
Bearer of The Forc Crown
Knight Marshall of Bigany

Torc, Arch-Duchess Zodac

Human Female, Sorcerer 13, Aristocrat 3, Cleric (Aer) 1
Bearer of The Torc Crown

Zodac is absent minded and unfocused. She is often seen stroking her snow cat familiar and staring off into the distance. Whether she is vacuous or whether she is watching distant events using magic, she pays little apparent attention to her surroundings.

Much to the chagrin of many Bigany nobles, Arch-Duchess Torc rarely attends important functions within the realm. She spends most of her time in her tower which can only be accessed from a portal within the Torc Mansion in Branchhill.

Silonius the Sage

Flavius Silonius
Male Human Expert 2, Aristocrat 1, Adept 1

Silonius can usually be found in one of the upmarket establishments in the Temple Quarter or occasionally in one of the market squares. He is well known and does little to hide himself. He can answer any question of Lore, but even if not questioned, he will reveal various items of gossip and rumours in passing. They are all untrue, as Silonius is sort of a sham, albeit a well respected one.

Fitz Morris, Knight Commander Bart

The General
Human Male Fighter 8, Aristocrat 4
Knight Commander of The Knights of Bigany

Smartwright, Michael

Expert 4
Used to identify Dragon items taken from Orcs in Highvale

Torc, Ebillio

Expert 5 (Sage)
Expert on Torland
Used to identify Torlandish gear found in Highvale.

Evergreen, Earl Cromwell I

Master of House Evergreen
Earl of Evergreen

Cromwell Evergreen I, an efficient and energetic businessman, is the young rising star of the Mome allied merchant houses of The Kingdom of Bigany. He has steadily increased the considerable fortunes of the Evergreen Shipping Company along with those of his house since being made Master of the House ten years ago.

Cromwell is the son of Remington Evergreen III and daughter of Austen Evergreen (born Austen Onasis). It is worth noting that Cromwell was not given his father’s name as was expected. This points to the strength of Austen’s influence over the Evergreen family at the time. Rumour has it that Cromwell was not named after an obscure Onasis relative of Austen’s as she claimed, but after Cromwell Sutherland Trump IV, with whom she had a love affair before her arranged marriage to Remington. More dedicated and courageous gossipmongers suggest knowingly (with raised eyebrows no less) that the love affair was consummated frequently, energetically and wildly. Some go as far as to imply that her son was conceived before her marriage and that Cromwell Trump spurned her affections once he realised she was carrying his illegitimate progeny.

Cromwell’s success in running the Evergreen fleet has been in greatly enhanced by the assistance of his factor and childhood friend Angelico Di Botero. Cromwell and Angelico were tutored together between the ages of eight and sixteen by one of Bigany’s the most prized educators, Lady Delilah Gythinbarian Torc.

Xinomen Ellrohariad

"It is I, Xinomen The Magnificent!"

He is a classic looking Torc wizard with violent purple robes, slightly singed, festooned with gold stars, slightly melted, topped with a huge collar, slightly chewed and a shock of red frizzy hair and matching beard, also slightly singed.
While Xinomen is nominally the head of the House Ellrohariad, a house with a long illustrious association with the Elves of Elledrin, he is subtly but firmly left out of every single aspect of running it affairs.
This is not surprising as he is appallingly fond of taking outrageous risks. Many consider Xinomen to be completely insane. They are probably right. Others consider him to be a raving lunatic, who should be locked up for his own safety and the safety of anyone within several miles of him.
Xinomen's reputation is well deserved. His fiasco with The Tower of Aer is a now taught by the Church of Draiocht as a perfect example of how not to handle magical containmment fields.
The infighting between the other scions of House Ellrohariad, is one of the main reasons that he has not been replaced. That coupled with the fact that he allows competent underlings to do their jobs and the fact the he is a frighteningly dangerous arcane master when he is angry.

Bigany Nobility Feudal Tree

King Edgar Kinnett I (Seat Bigany City, The Kingdom of Bigany)

         Crown: ArchDuke Edgar Kinnett (Seat Bigany City)

                   Crown: Duke Edgar Kinnett (Seat Bigany City, The Heartlands Grand Duchy)

         Kinnett: ArchDuke Telecmus Kinnett (Seat Bigany City)

                   Kinnett: Duke Telemecus Kinnett XVI (Seat Redbrick Bridge, Province of Talkus)

                   Kinnett: Duchess Helen Kinnett VI (Seat Bakely, The Golden Duchy)

                   Kinnett: Earl Altarius Kinnett III (Seat Eaglesbluff Castle, Duchy of Cartulus) – (Father under the Inquisition)

                   Kinnett: Duchess Regan Kinnett (Seat Nardheim, Duchy of West Elleria)

         Mome: Arch Duke Montague Mome (Seat Bigany City)

                   Mome: Duke Montague Mome (Seat Biganford, Province of Momentus)

                            Mome: Lord Maaji Halmonde Mome (Seat Highvale, Barony of Highvale)

                   Mome: Duke Carrington Mome II (Seat Stormhaven City, Duchy of Stormhaven) – (Father assassinated by Silan)

                            Mome: Count Carrington Mome II (Seat Stormhaven, County of Deepford)

                            Mome: Count Worthington Evergreen X (Seat Bywater, County of Farmfield)

                            Mome: Count Eglington Onasis (Seat Durban, Count of Lakewold)

                            Mome: Count Wayland Swift II (Seat Karst, County of Swiftshire)

                            Mome: Count Montgomery Trask III (Seat Sweetwater, Count of Downton)

                   Mome: Duke Ailsbury Mome (Seat Sothville, Duchy of Southlake)

         Forc: ArcDuke Krumnor Forc (Seat Bigany City)

                   Forc: Duke Krumnor Forc (Seat Lakeport, Duchy of Westlake)

                   Forc: Duke Valerin Forc (Seat Crucible, Province of Forticus)

                   Forc: Duke Saracen Forc (Seat Tillow, Duchy of Tillow)

                            Forc: Baron Tristan Forc I (Seat Doune Castle, Barony of Doune)

                   Forc: Duchess Issa Forc (Seat Fort Merchant, Duchy of Swords)

         Vec: ArchDuchess Donna Daniella Vec (Seat Vercelone, Provincio Del Vecchio)

                   Vec: Duchess Donna Daniella Vec (Seat Vercelone, Provincio Del Vecchio)

                            Vec: Baroness Almudena Vec (Seat Orino)

                   Vec: Duke Arturo Vec (Seat Vecberg, Duchy of Vecberg)

                   Vec: Duke Salieri Vec (Seat Scutumi, Provincio Di Scerni)

         Torc: ArchDuchess Zodac Torc (Seat Bigany City)

                  Torc: Duchess Zodac Torc (Seat Branchill, Duchy of Branchill)

                            Torc: Countess Zodac Torc (Seat Branchill, County of Branchill)

                           Torc: Baron Ermiaz Dijkstrian (Seat Prancing Boar, Dijkstria)

                   Torc: Duke Hezekiah Torc V (Seat Abraked, Principality of Ezokar) – (Father executed for treason by King Edgar)

                  Torc: Duke Brusiekial Torc (Seat Cleaveberg, Duchy of Peaks) – (His only son is cursed to never rule)

Baroness Prunella Beltorc

Female Torc Human Wizard

The gorgeous Prunella Torc was born Prunella Vec a minor noble from The Duchy of Vecberg before she married her husband Baron Melkior Beltorc a minor noble from neighbouring Duchy of Peaks. After her marriage she rapidly rose to popularity in the Ducal Court and became fast friends with Duchess Cybillah Torc.

Prunella is an intelligent and ambitious woman. Not only did she develop strong ties to the Ducal family but she also studied the arcane arts with great passion and surprising speed. Some whispered that the speed with which she acquired her knowledge was unnatural.

While accomplishing these feats, she also managed to find the time to raise serval children. Matiss, Manjella, Solomon, Inanna and Caleb.

Recently Prunella has become obsessed with a great magical project high in the mountains. She is attempting to raise an ancient ruined tower, though no one can understand why. This endeavour will costs hundreds of thousands of gold pieces and take many years to complete. It would be far easier to build a new one. For this reason the tower has been called Prunella’s Folly by many in the kingdom.